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Controversy!NCAA BasketballPress Release

Marcus Smart Suspended Three Games For Pushing Fan. Fair, Or Some B.S.?

The Big 12 Conference announced today that Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart will be suspended for three games for shoving a Texas Tech fan during the Cowboys’ 65-61 basketball loss on Saturday. Too lenient? Too harsh? Depends on how one looks at it.

First, here are the requisite words from the Big 12, and from Smart:

“Mr. Smart’s actions were a clear violation of the Big 12 Conference’s Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct Policy,” said Commissioner Bob Bowlsby. “Such behavior has no place in athletics, and will not be tolerated. I appreciate the efforts of Oklahoma State University athletics director Mike Holder in addressing this matter, and believe this is an appropriate response to an inappropriate action.”

Smart apologized to fans, teammates, coaches and the university at a press conference.

“This is not how I condone myself,” Smart said. I let my emotions get the best of me. It’s a lesson I have to learn from.

“No finger pointing, this is all upon me. I feel like I let my teammates down.”

Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr allegedly yelled at Smart “Go back to Africa”, or “Go back to Africa, n*****”, according to various reports, triggering the altercation. If that’s true, wonders Forbes Magazine, then why is Smart being punished at all? And if not true, why only three games?

The Big 12 doesn’t seem like it’s sure what the truth is, and doesn’t seem very interested in finding out. So it’s splitting the difference and moving on. In their defense, no one at Oklahoma State is talking officially about what Orr said. If he did hurl a racial slur, I’d sure as hell speak up. This isn’t the NBA, where a professional is expected to shake these things off. This is (allegedly) an adult (allegedly) hurling a racist comment at a kid. So what are we teaching student-athletes? That it’s OK to sweep things like this under the rug and move on?

Some things just do not lend themselves to compromise, and educators should understand this.

Oh, and did we mention that Smart will next be eligible to play again on Feb. 22, when OSU meets … Texas Tech?

  • JerseyShoreGiant

    If the guy did call him a nigger it’s tough to be upset with Marcus but on the flip side he needs to be able to keep his emotions in check sometimes.

  • Bon

    He called him a piece of crap. Way to turn everything racial and black vs white (this website is good at that). Great job assuming false accusations and not using facts or sources to create a conflict. There’s a few reason racism still excist, and one of them is that people always play the race card to create a bigger media story and more views. It’s time to move on and stop making everything racist.

  • Michael Clark

    says the white man………..

  • Jennifer Allwine

    I don’t think anybody wants to turn it racial…you don’t think that dude is lying about what he said? Why would he feel bad for calling somebody a piece of crap when he has been heckling players for years? This is damage control for him.

  • Pistol_Pablo

    How do you know that’s all he called Smart? Because Orr said so? That’s enough for you to conclude he didn’t say anything racial in nature? None of us here know what was said so let’s stop acting authoritative on the matter. I hope there’s a recording of what was actually said.

  • Paula Brown-Jay

    Mr. Orr did use a racial slur which is very apparent by the University asking him to not attend any more games this season. Orr has publically apologized. Also the local radio announcer confirmed what Smart said. But, Smart should have been the bigger man and simply walked away.

  • Greg Johnson

    If the T.T. fan did indeed say something to the effect of go back to Africa N…… then he should have his ignorant inbreed ass beaten. If not,
    Smart should be suspended for more than 3 games, perhaps the rest of the season.

  • Greg Johnson

    Who gives a crap if Orr apologized? He ONLY did so because he got caught showing his true ignorance on tv. Does anyone think his “model citizen” would have even thought of apologizing had he not been caught ???

  • msf

    You don’t hit fans. Smart said he was called the n word. The fan says he called him a piece of crap. I can’t imagine the most well-known TT fan calling an opposing player that word. That seems extremely far-fetched to me. Given what evidence we know they have (which pretty much boils down to those directly involved and their own statements to what they saw) I’d say he absolutely deserved to be suspended.

  • Paula Brown-Jay

    I am not saying his apology makes it right. You might look at some of the other stories on other websites…other players from other schools have come forth to say Orr made the same comments to them.

  • Dapandico

    When caught throw the race card.

  • j

    There is a video where you can clearly hear Orr saying “piece of crap.”

    Not one journalist wants to believe it’s not racial. Ridiculous.

  • j

    Does the audio in this video sound like Orr said anything racial? Rumors get started way too easily.

  • Paula Brown-Jay

    Who said there was audio? A local Radio Broadcaster on the floor heard the conversation first hand. Concurred with Smart.

  • Ron Simmons

    If the fan did call him a derogatory name, he should be banned from attending future games from the Big 12 Conference. Older men should grow up, today’s kids are not Jackie Robinson. Those days are over.

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