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NBANCAA Basketball

Meet Adria: Youngest Gasol Brother, Redditor

Yes, in addition to Pau and Marc, there is a third Gasol brother, and he is on Reddit.

His name is Adria and he turned up in a thread on Reddit about the Gasol brothers, prompted to join the conversation after his name was brought up in conjunction with his two older, more athletic brothers. To Adria’s credit, he’s currently walking-on at UCLA right now, so he much have some athletic ability, though when you’re brothers are on Spain’s Olympic team while you can’t even get a scholarship to an American university, you are an easy target for trolls.

And as any of us might, especially at the ripe young age of 18, Adria joined the conversation to defend himself against those trolls, posting the following:

I’ve been a walk-on since August. I started playing seriously when I was 14, and I’ve been busting my ass to become the best. Idk who told you I’m not very good, but it’s true I have a lot to develop still. Mostly, I have to get more athletic, but it’s pretty hard to do when my body is still in the process of growing. It sucks, and I probably won’t get any playing time this year, but I’ll still fight and work to become the best I can be. I got offers from several schools, but I chose to come to UCLA for several reasons. Also, I’m 6’11 now, I was 6’10 when I got here.

To his credit, that’s a pretty well-mannered response. Not even one homophobic/racist insult hurled. And in case there is any doubt that this actual is Adria Gasol, he tweeted his Reddit account to confirm.

I don’t know about you all, but the existence of third, seemingly-normal Gasol brother makes me wonder if there is a third, normal Van Gundy brother that’s been kept under wraps all these years. The parallels between the elder Gasols and the Van Gundys are already creepy as-is. The oldest of the two sets of brothers, Pau and Jeff, are arguably the most successful, more fit, and more awkward-looking, while Marc and Stan are talented in their own right, while also fat. Is there a third, less-talented, but more traditionally-handsome Van Gundy brother to pair with Adria Gasol? Where has he been all these years?

We’ll continue to track this story as it develops.


  • Mike

    He’s not exactly completely normal if he’s 6’11.

  • Isaiah Quidilla

    Doesn’t matter if he’s not athletic. None of his brothers are athletic and are doing just fine. I would love to see how he plays.

  • Anonymous

    Well, comparatively normal, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Oh come on, Pau and Marc are pretty athletic. You can’t beast in the NBA without being pretty athletic. They aren’t Lebron James or anything, but it’s not like they’re Chief from “Cuckoo’s Nest” out there.

  • Bukkitz

    The people he matches up with every night are also 6’11″

  • frank

    what did their parents feed them? lol

  • William

    Jeff Van Gundy is younger than Stan…

  • Anonymous

    My fault, I thought Jeff was older. He certainly looks older.

  • DD

    Hope to see him in the NBA

  • Mike

    “..existence of third, seemingly-normal Gasol brother..”

    That was what I was referring to.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QVER7ECEH2FTUMIZ5GOJACVHY aaron b

    basketball is not all about athleticism. there are a lot of ballers out there who are freakishly athletic and yet they can’t even make it to the d-league. if this kid has decent basketball iq like his brothers and enhance his knowledge in the fundamentals of the game, then he has a good chance to make it to the nba someday. don’t be fooled by the highlights being shown in espn and the other networks. athleticism is just a tool to play basketball and not a prerequisite to be great at it. primary example: larry bird. critics say that he’s too slow, can’t run, can’t jump… and yet he just kept on winning at the highest level of competition.

  • Ezekiel

    Marc turned up in Memphis when Pau was playing for the Grizzlies and was a mediocre high school talent. Then upon graduation, he played in Spain for a few years and developed into a strong player. Now he’s an All-Star at 27.

    Also, there are virtually no similarities between Pau and Marc other than they are both good passers with a decent stroke (mid-range and free throws, neither shoots threes). Marc is a bulky body who likes to bang in the post and Pau is a face-up, finesse player. They also have completely different builds.

    As for the brother, I mean there’s a third Manning brother. This shouldn’t be that shocking. Did you know Michael Jordan has a brother? Barry Bonds has three brothers? Even Joe and Dom Dimaggio had another brother or two, Cal and Billy Ripken have another brother, etc. The Jacksons and Kardashians are aberrations, normally we don’t know the identities of every sibling in a family and they don’t always all have talent (or in the Kardashian’s case, lack thereof) in a particular field.

  • Chanz

    must have, not much have…

    Do sports writers even proofread anymore?

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