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“Glad To See Your Booty Didn’t Get Big”: Dad Of Injured MSU Cheerleader Congratulates Daughter On Fit Booty In Possible Greatest Facebook Post Ever

Area Cool Dad Charles Young congratulated daughter Taylor on her “booty,” in what many experts are saying is quite possibly the funniest “Dad Moment” in Facebook history.

Last night, Taylor, a cheerleader for the Michigan State Spartans, took a scary fall during halftime in a game against Florida State. There were a tense few moments as Taylor was tended to by medical personnel, and the nasty-looking spill has gotten national media attention.

Taylor, however, would turn out to be just fine; she was removed from the game on a stretcher and was brought to the hospital for some tests, where everything looked “good” according to mom, Joanne.

Everything looked good from dad’s perspective, as well. With his daughter safe, his wife settled, and the nation watching, Charles Young saddled up to the Facebook to tell friends and family… just how proud he was of his daughter.



  • Randy’s older bro

    In Michigan they don’t like girls with big butts? Now wonder their 10s are California 5s.

  • Into

    In CA guys like guys,   Michigan zeros

  • Randy’s older bro

    In CA, guys like guys? Yes, there are homosexuals in California. How astute of you!

    Not sure what “Michigan zeros”  means unless you mean the obvious.

  • Sir Mix-a-Lot

    I beg to differ.

  • Anna

    This is wrong in so many ways:

    (A) He wouldn’t like his own daughter anymore if she gained weight?? NO ONE would?? Really?? Many an eating disorder has been nurtured by comments like these.

    (B) He posts a photo of his daughter lying on the court in pain from an injury, and draws attention not to the accident….but to her butt? She might be embarrassed by the exposure of the photo to begin with, and to have your dad focusing on your butt is even more humiliating. Not to mention unseemly.

    (C) Speaking of unseemly, the male writer cheers on the dad in his appreciation of his daughter’s butt: “Looking good!”

    If women can be sexually objectified even when they’ve just been injured in an accident, even by their own fathers, our culture is really in trouble.

  • Lighten Up

    Anna, get over yourself! Stop being such a pucker butt… She was FINE and her Dad is funny!

  • Jay

    You also don’t know the family and therefore have no room to comment on how use joking as a health way of communicating. It appears that none of the family members lash out at him for his comment. It appears that this is normal behavior that they don’t take seriously and is just how they bond. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=552352742 Amy Hancock

    Family is family. Every family is different. If coping with the fact that she had the nasty fall with humor is how he deals, then so be it. Alot of folks crack jokes in the time of crisis in their families. Either out of nervousness or fear. Most certainly, he was poking fun at his daughter once he knew she was ok. Some folks do that. How many people poke fun at their friends who fall flat on their faces, injuring themselves? They help their buddy up but then they raz them for being such a goof once they know he’s ok. Leave them be. Its how they deal.

  • http://twitter.com/torpedoted69 Ted Wagoner

    I was watching the game,,was so worried,,I’m sure nothing on the scale of her parents,,was so glad she was ok,,and thought what her dad did and said after knowing she was ok was damn funny,, he and his daughter have a great relationship,,Anna,you need to lighten up,,a lot,,

  • Shame Shame

    So….. Why would dad be only thinking of his daughter’s butt?  Totally wrong.  Like, child welfare wrong.  I think he has some issues.

  • ryan

    shame shut up youre an idiot 

  • http://twitter.com/gl3nnx gl3nnx

    Any updates from Taylor Young?

  • Know your facts…

    If you knew the family you would understand their sense of humor and the jokes between them. He cares about his children more than you know. He always tries to use humor to make them feel better, and it works! You have no idea how this family is and how they deal with situations. Therefore, you have no room to comment and say what is wrong and right!!

  • Anna needs humor in her life!

    Obviously no one in the family is offended or cares about his comment. He uses humor to deal with situations. All of his children know that and they all love him more than anything! You have no reason to comment and say that his post is wrong. Yeah, that may be your opinion but you DO NOT know the family. They all joke around and have inside jokes that you would NEVER understand, and that is totally fine. So next time, lighten up and find the humor in the situation. Be thankful that he knows how to deal with things and make his children feel better with the humor and great relationships they have!!!!!

  • panda

    Yep. She Twittered that on recommendation from her dad, she was going to fast during December to offset the weight of the plate they had to put in her spine. 

  • Amber Fostervold

    I think its horrid, yes I understand people have inside jokes, but I highly doubt she appreciates being the girl who’s dad only cares about her not being fat, and not the injury…He didn’t even wait till she got out of the hospital, maybe after she was out make the joke not before…

  • K Shannon16

    i think its funny! my dad would prob do the same thing!

  • Little in the Middle

    Thank you.  Sir Mix-a-Lot was my first thought in response to this.

  • Btrain1109

    Wow, now that is funny…I can’t wait to show Tay…she is so witty.  When I dropped her off at school her freshman year she was walking away with the cheerleaders…I told her, try not to get a big a*#…everyone laughed.  In stride she turned and said, Try not to be a big a*@.  Sorry Hun..I did it again.  We been gettin’ each other since and I can’t even compete.  As soon as we saw her smile and give the thumbs up..we jumped in the car…when I came across that pic and saw the posts about it  I wasn’t happy, but we don’t deal with stuff  like normal people..I finally got to talk to her on the phone and was so relieved ..well the rest is history..sometimes I forget the whole world is watching.  So I apologize if I offended anyone, but now all the terrible posts are about me..so it is perfect..Hate is an old word so laugh and love those who hate you most…hate me if you want, I love ya anyway

  • LaughteristhebestMedicine

    Love ya and dont even know ya!! My family lightens up all situations with humor and not sure why everyone has to be so serious all the time…keep up the good work!!

  • Trim Butt

    If he’d set his privacy settings right none of us would know about this. Must be a slow news day for news hounds having to search Facebook pages for stories!!!! That aside, lighten up people, it was a joke amongst friends and if more fathers and mothers cared about the size of their kids’ butts there wouldn’t be such a obesity problem!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    For Dads sake, thank God she didn’t fall on her chest.

  • Thors944

    Anna, you need a good slap on the buttocks!

  • Thors944

    I’m reaching down grabbing my crotch…. you offended??

  • Darr247

    Did you look at the picture above?

  • Youngc

    At the time I thought it was…ooops

  • Anonymous

    I think we all can understand how the dad was trying to make light of a momentarily scary situation – it just feels kind of yucky that his is played up as a cute comment. It’s not actually that cool or funny because the subtext is he would love her less and so would everyone else if she gained weight. Is it really a good thing for Dad to be looking at daughter’s butt and proclaiming it  acceptable or not? Yeah, sure, I don’t know this family but I know enough families like this with the always-joking dad and it’s still kinda creepy, judgmental and paternalistic. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LDO6LIQBI2JQ4Q5MWLWBKGKSJY bensanity

    You say “only” but you’re using the word wrong. Here’s the proper usage: Amber only saw this picture and cast judgment on an awesome father she’s never met. Here’s another proper usage: The dad only commented on the size of her butt (perfect IMO) after seeing an AP photo of it. 

    Don’t jump to conclusions.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LDO6LIQBI2JQ4Q5MWLWBKGKSJY bensanity

    God forbid a father be paternalistic.

  • Anonymous

    Although it sounds cuddly and fragrant of pipe smoke and Old Spice…..
    Paternalistic: the policy or practice on the part of people in positions of authority of restricting the freedom and responsibilities of those subordinate to them in the subordinates’ supposed best interest.

  • Jbriggs

    “God forbid a father be paternalistic.”

    So, it’s ok for a father to be creepy as long as he isn’t paternalistic.

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