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This Duke Fan Is The Reason You Can’t Stand Duke

The No. 3 Duke Blue Devils defeated Virginia Tech Tuesday night, 85-57. Fans at Cameron Indoor were treated to a pretty competitive game in the first half, but as you can tell, it got out of hand quickly for the Hokies. But while things were close, this particular fan wasn’t having any of it. You only live once, and this fan needs Duke to squeeze in as many victories as they can.

Some people wonder why every fanbase feels the need to rush the court when their team beats Duke. Even when the Blue Devils aren’t the toast of the NCAA, students from across the land, Duke rivals or not, feel the need to mob the court and express their unbridled joy.

It’s just that Duke makes it so easy. The pink “YOLO” hat. The indoor sunglasses. The bowtie. The complete absence of self-awareness. Come on Duke. Be better than that.

[via Reddit]

  • v

    I know it’s fun to make fun of Duke, but I know this guy and he is a die-hard fan, full of excitement and just showing his fandom. He’s a genuine and good person that would literally give you the shirt off his back. He’s also getting his PhD from a top institution, so, maybe you should think before you write like a jerk. Come on, be better than that.

  • Michael Fitzgerald

    He may be a very nice person but he exemplifies what people think Duke fans are like (d bags) so it’s a totally reasonable criticism.

    In spite of what you may have heard, books do in fact get judged by their covers’.

  • TZ

    This is the d-baggiest comment I’ve ever read right here.

  • Tim M.

    The only reason this even matters is because he’s a Duke fan. Period. If this guy were wearing UF colors or Michigan colors & gear, no one would even care. He’s not a “d-bag” for wanting to wear a bow-tie and sunglasses to a game b/c thousands of fans do this every week at other schools! And the YOLO hat, though a tad much, is just his own personal self-expression. Are you really going to take time out of your day to speak negatively about someone you don’t know just to point out a hat? This is ridiculous. This kid is one of the nicest, coolest guys I know and the above comment is totally out of line. People will find any reason to hate Duke – SportsGrid should know better than to single out a fan who’s done nothing wrong.

  • P

    The whole game of being a Cameron Crazie is to up the ante on dressing loud and cheering louder. He knows exactly how ridiculous he looks, and couldn’t care less how you judge him. Although you’ve managed to get a screen capture of him with a rather pensive look, I assure you that he is a supernova of energy and enthusiasm for Duke Basketball every single game.

  • James

    Man, so that’s what future doctors from Duke look like? Glad I went to Georgia Tech, because looking at him momentarily makes me want to cry.

  • M

    Not to mention the fact that Duke’s student section decided to chant…”Where’s your grandma?” while a NC State player whom had just lost his grandma was taking free throws. Now that my friends is class…(sarcasm)

  • Sambo

    You don’t think he may be wearing that to be ironic? A corny white guy wearing a YOLO hat = ironic.

  • PhilDeezy

    I love Duke!

  • Phildeezydog

    I love Duke!!!

  • R

    I don’t love Duke fans either, but there’s nothing inherently offensive about what he’s wearing. If you don’t like bow ties, don’t wear them. If you want to epitomize a fan you don’t like, pick someone who is actually being a jerk rather than someone who is just watching a game in clothes you don’t like.

  • GTHC

    One of the biggest Duke fans I know. Thanks for rocking CR! <3

  • xavier

    I think this misses the point. We (and yes, I was also in the student section last night) get all dressed/painted/costumed/etc up for games intentionally to look kind of ridiculous. This includes wearing pink frat-style hats and bow ties. We do anything and everything to get the other team to look or listen to us.

    If we can get the other team to think about something other than basketball for just a second, we have done our job. We have people dressed in bananas or stormtrooper costumes. Say what you want, we get in the heads of opponents more than any other venue in the country – undefeated 3 of last 4 years at home.

  • R

    Was it this guy who was chanting? Hmm…

  • Scott Aycock

    Yeah, this says a lot, but I don’t even know what “Yolo” is? Anyway, who cares? Every fanbase has idiots. Duke has more douches, but State has more racists and Maryland has more people with anger management issues!

  • Scott Aycock


  • P

    True, that was pretty tasteless, and the small number of students who actually chanted that were reprimanded heavily. This guy was not among that subgroup, whose actions may actually warrant the “douchey” label, and whose behavior is thankfully representative of neither the Duke student body, nor even the vast majority of the Cameron Crazies.

  • jkkee

    Sarcasm is one adjective another might be (no class) just a crock of S!@#!!

  • JheriCurl

    So you’re attention whores?

  • JheriCurl

    Wearing your hate cockeyed like that makes you a doofus though.

  • xavier

    Yes! Well, not quite. We do everything humanly/legally possible to get the attention of the unfortunate team without Duke on the jersey. We couldn’t care less about what the viewing audience thinks

  • http://twitter.com/charleswilsonj1 charles wilson jr

    All teams have fans that are jerks.

  • Anonymous

    It’s college. Besides, in a world full of reality TV prima donnas, golfers quitting midstream, Revis holding out after just holding out, a US firm selling our drone technology to the UAE and Lance (“what the fuck did I just say, Lance?”- Sgt. Lincoln Osris)…if this guy gets you worked up…you aren’t paying attention to the larger world (enter Co. Frank Fitz voice) “going straight to hell.”


    “We cannot live our lives in explanation.” – Emerson

  • Duke07

    Difference in a Duke fan?
    He’s watching the game and knows everything going on.
    Say what you will about crazies, but we know more about our team, your team, and the game. Period.
    As a current med student at Wake, I can tell you all students sit in the rafters and don’t know anything other than to cheer when the ref hands it to someone wearing white.
    I can’t even imagine the level of ignorance and inattention in the dean dome.
    What would have been a really embarrassing picture is someone on their phone or taking pictures (like you see at other schools).

    Sorry haters. We really are smarter and more informed. Basketball is no exception.

  • TrueBlue

    Oh please, I watched/listened to the replay several times, and while a few students started it, the whole end zone was chanting it by the second free throw. I find it hilarious that Duke apologists at first refused to acknowledge it even happened, and continue to claim only a few participated. Anyone with ears knows the truth. I’m no State fan, but agree 100% that WAS a cheap shot…

  • CG

    Really necessary to take the cheap shot at Carolina there? UNC fans know a thing or two about basketball as well…..plus, you can fit more then a 100 people in the Dean Dome. Really need to build a new arena at Duke. Cameron indoor is one of the worst places I’ve ever seen a game at!

  • xavier

    From someone there, in the front of the student’s section… this was not the cheer at the State game. Nobody there even knew about that. The kid looks 16 and is super short – that gave us PLENTY to work with all game! I understand why you would think that, because the cheer we did (and you heard) had the exact same rhythm. Cheers that the whole student section say are either part of a rotation or are communicated via white board. In this case, it was via white board (there is photo proof of this). Vulgar or off-color cheers are rare but are quickly stopped when they happen. Depending on what you listen for in the clip, you hear something different. Some people might have said it, impossible to know for sure.

    Not sure why this is relevant here. I guess if you really hate something, just about anything you see/hear tends to justify your hate.

  • Duke

    The funniest thing about this is that this guy is a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering at Duke. He is a legend on campus and basically equivalent to a real life Barney Stinson. #Thisguyiswaysmarterthanyouare

  • Juan

    Who says Duke isn’t the “Toast of the NCAA.” They will be #2 this monday.

  • Anonymous

    More importantly, he is being himself, which is more than we can say about most critics.

    “For nonconformity the world whips you with its displeasure.” – Emerson

  • Anonymous

    You know, I don’t think the “we are smarter than you” card is your best argument.

    That’s like me saying, “I made $250,000 in a single day last month”…and, as such, therefore I am better than you… because you are a student making no money. I don’t see either as being right and true.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the Dookies! Always competing. Always first class!

  • Christian Kucab

    Not to sound like a d-bag, but I went to Duke and I think this generation of Crazies is a joke. You’re all so desperate to be dubbed the next “Speedo Guy” or “Viking Guy” that you spend more time worrying about your costume than creating a loud, intimidating environment. You’re there to help the team, not to be part of the show.

    Just my 2 cents. I know it doesn’t matter; you’re still going to put on a banana costume for the next game and get excited (“Yes!”) when someone calls you an attention-whore…

  • Christian Kucab

    OK, the “we know more about our team AND your team, so deal with it!” comment was ridiculous, but so is criticizing Cameron. A) I doubt you’ve ever been to a game there, and B) Sports Illustrated ranked it in the top 5 on their list of the 20 best sporting venues in the US. (Not that I even need to say this, but the Dean Dome, which is typically filled with what Sam Cassell called a “wine-and-cheese crowd,” didn’t make the list.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barbara-Hodges/100000863918892 Barbara Hodges

    LOVE Duke!

  • TrueBlue

    And if you don’t want to hear something that’s there, you won’t. Anyone who listens to the video and is not biased will clearly hear the whole section pick up the chant, and clearly hear it is the ‘Grandma’ chant, not some other chant the apologists claim it was. Folks, check it out yourself – it’s online. And play it through a good sound system – I heard to it on my DVR and theater system, and it was indisputable.

  • TrueBlue

    Check out:


    The video on this page has been conveniently ‘blacked out’ due to copyright claims by Raycom. But it has this quote:

    “A Duke fan in the stands confirmed and identifies the people who chanted about Lewis’ grandmother on a Duke Fan Site Blog.
    From Duke fan/student Joseph Henry:
    ‘I’m honestly ashamed to say I’m a Duke student. I’m lost grad, and I was stunned to hear this hurtful and wildly inappropriate chant. Amazing what will be spun as “appropriate” after they royally screw up. I was @ the game, section 19, row 3, and the crowd was not only chanting, but also spreading the word, to chant ‘how’s your grandmother’. Not 1,2,3 but 4 separate people specifically told me his grandmother died as the reason for the chant.
    Classless students who are ‘mightier than thou’ have ruined any good the CC wee did.’
    Duke has denied the incident has occurred.”

  • xavier

    I’m sorry that you were mistaken. I did check it out online. I listened for “how’s your grandma” and I heard it. Then I listened for “past your bedtime” and I heard that too. Being literally a few feet away from Tyler Lewis in that video, I can you tell which cheer was audible at the game. Maybe the tv feed had microphones near some idiots. There is plenty of anti-duke propaganda out there that is 100% true, but this just isn’t.

  • xavier

    Ugh it continues. There is no Joseph Henry. It was a comment on a message board which amounts to evidence these days?? lol nice. Section 19 isn’t a student section (only 17 (undergrads), 18 and 20 (grads) are student sections.

  • TrueBlue

    Keep saying it often enough, and loud enough and maybe it will become true. Not. Just hilarious…

  • John

    I always feel like an idiot for asking these pop-culture questions, especially since I’m apparently the only one who’s too old to get it, but what does YOLO mean? You Or …?

  • Anonymous

    You Only Live Once.

  • JT

    Hey Jordan, have you ever considered that you and the media are getting played? Duke kids know you’re going to write about them, take their picture, etc, so they do outlandish stuff to stand out. You guys fall for it every time. As a Duke fan and former Cameron Crazy, it’s pretty amusing to watch.

  • peneloppe

    Hey Jordan Rabinowitz…………..A little jealous, maybe???????????
    Do you lack the personality this fan has???????
    Awesome to have such a heart and passion to be oblivious to envious PPL like you!!!!!!!!!!

  • peneloppe

    And U are such an A hole Michael!!!! Your comments just exemplifies it SSSSSSSSOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! TYpical D. BAG that judges everything by THE COVER!!!!!

  • peneloppe

    Xavier, some PPL are just plain envious and cannot stand the fact that Duke is such a good team and has, as well, good hearted fans!
    Let them revolt in their own envy!!!!!

  • AndyBoo

    I think his hat is suuupper cute! Which urban outfitters did he get it at? Southpoint probably…

    Anyhow, I think his hat stands for You Only Lose Once….which is what Duke has done this year- ergo is an apropos hat to wear. Albeit the side ways makes me wonder about the sexual orientation of the hat itself.

    Keep it real my fellow homies– YOLO (you often lose orangutans)

  • Jason

    I think it’s hilarious that one group of people who just sit on their asses and watch other people compete in a sport are arguing that they’re better… than another group of people that just sit and watch other people compete. Unbelievable.

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