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NCAA BasketballThey Said What?

U Mad, Bro? People Sure Are Pissed At High School Kid Andrew Wiggins For Committing To Kansas

Andrew Wiggins is a 6’8” small forward from Canada. He was tagged as the number one overall recruit for 2013, coming out of Huntington Prep School in West Virginia. He’s considered the difference between a national title and an early-round exit in the NCAA tournament.

Top schools like Kentucky, Florida State and UNC all lusted after the kid — in an appropriate, basketball-oriented way — but Wiggins could only choose one place to pursue a degree chill for one year before heading to the NBA. He chose perennial powerhouse Kansas. So fans of other programs — who moments before had probably been praying for Wiggins’ presence at their school — turned on the young man.

These courageous keyboard warriors went right up to Wiggins’ virtual face and gave him a piece of their minds. Virtually.

Here’s the best example of the mentality many of these people had:

Cool. Thanks for you opinions, Twitter users. (You look totally insane and hysterical and ridiculous and out of touch and idiotic when you do this, by the way.)

If you’re wondering why people care so much, here’s the dude’s highlight reel:

[Run The Floor]

Photo via Getty

  • david lee

    This poor kid no matter where he chose to attend college, the real ass backwards of the world would have come forward, Hang in there kid, Jealousy is funny thing in life. Ignore that crap win the NCAA title shove it in there faces. North Carolina that dude is living in the past he’s not coaching

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=693722322 Vanessa Galpin

    Just awful comments. Would not have mattered. I am sure he has family and a great support system in place to keep him grounded..

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenny.lyons.56 Kenny Lyons

    Unreal comments. Human beings these days. Probably all living in their mothers basement

  • Anonymous

    I like the one calling him a bitch because he chose the powerhouse Kansas instead of becoming a legend at plucky upstart…UNC?

  • Adrian Orelien

    Andrew i only got three words for u “hater are motivators ” Dont listen you made the right decision for u and your family not for other people. Keep doing what your doing.

  • Pdub

    Andrew I hope if you read these tweets you were just laughing at how ridiculously shallow stupid people can be. I understand that you are not enamored by the media, I suppose the above is an example of why. Know that before you even set foot on the floor in Allen you now have a family of thousands who will support you and cheer you on to be the best you can be for every day you are at KU. So screw those losers, WELCOME TO KANSAS!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.boothe.9 James Boothe

    Guess what didn’t happen to Julius Randle when he chose Kentucky over Kansas? Guess what didn’t happen to ANYBODY who chose another school over Kansas? UNC and UK fans: you should be extremely ashamed and that’s coming from a fanbase that DOESN’T have these “one or two crazies” that make death threats and racist comments when a child doesn’t choose our alma mater. No excuses, scumbags.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.pierce.395454 Jim Pierce

    Congrats Andrew for making a difficult choice. No matter your decision someone will not be happy. Enjoy yourself, and hopefully America will be hearing more about you in the future. P.S. You have No one to answer to except yourself and your family. Gppd Luck!

  • Nick Schulte

    I am sure KU fans have sent out their share of hate, do not act like your sh*t don’t stink, all programs have idiots. I came here to see how ashamed I should be for tweets fellow UK fans sent to Wiggins after I read the horrible stuff IU fans were sending to Lyles. And quite honestly, none of those tweets specify themselves as coming from a UK fan, not saying they aren’t and that there are not some UK fans down in the gutters with others, but given the talent UK pulled in this year, Wiggins would only have been a cherry on top, so I would guess a lot of the hate would have come from UNC and FSU because those schools needed him more. I personally hope Wiggins leads Kansas to the National Championship Game… and loses to Randle and UK.

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