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Controversy!Excessive CelebrationNCAA Basketball

UNC Fans Storm The Court After Beating Duke … OK, Or Bush League Move?

One of college basketball’s top rivalries — maybe the top — results in winning team’s fans invading the court. But, it’s a regular season game, and North Carolina is a traditional basketball powerhouse. Shouldn’t their fans act like they’ve been there before?

Well, it was No. 5 Duke, and the 74-66 win by the Tar Heels was their eighth in a row. But still …

Not only that, but the party continued out on Franklin Street: did someone just win the National Championship … or kill bin Laden again?

Here are some random opinions:

My official opinion (dodges brick): Storm the court if you must, but also be ready for the fallout for doing so. In a perfect basketball world, rushing the court should be reserved for the lowly underdog only. If Duke had beaten UNC tonight, their past 86 meetings vs. each other would have been 43-43. The Tar Heels have outscored the Blue Devils in those games, 6,638-6,632. Sorry, but that’s as even as it gets among two elite programs.

Here are teams who had a perfect right to rush the court:

* Hickory High in the final game in “Hoosiers”.

* Princeton beating UCLA in the 1996 NCAA Tournament.

* Camp Northstar beating Camp Mohawk in “Meatballs”.

* San Jose State beating anybody.

End of list.

Besides, just once won’t someone think of the custodial staff?

  • Will

    First of all, You don’t know anything about this rivalry, the all time series is 133-104 in favor of UNC. Second, who makes these ridiculous rules about storming the court?????? Let the college kids have fun without raining on their parade and a great win. Unc may be a historically great program but these kids are only there 4 years and want to enjoy themselves. You should do the same and have a little more fun and a lot less negativity .

  • trista niap

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  • Anonymous

    your uncle should make the final decision on the validity of the rushing.

  • Drew

    I get it why they rushed, it’s fun. This group of students has not seen much success against Duke the last 2 years. Snow postponed the game. I still can’t find it in me to justify the court storming. Act like you have been there before!

  • Joe

    He didn’t say all time. He said “past 86 meeting” aka 43+43=86. Read the article first. Also, it’s like in baseball, you don’t watch or showboat a home run. If you’re a top program, like UNC is, you never rush the court… ever. You don’t see Duke, MSU, Kansas, Kentucky, etc. storming the court for a reason. It says you don’t belong there and overachieved. You’re also putting the team you stormed on a pedestal. It’s not about negativity at all. It’s about relevance and professionalism.

  • B
  • Thomas

    Rick, your article screams ignorance. This is the biggest rivalry in college basketball. Storming the court and then Franklin street is routine every time we beat duke, no matter the ranking.

  • Steven

    Court storming should be reserved for bigger accomplishments than this for sure but lets not act like this hasnt happened in this rivalry before. From Duke’s own website:


  • Joe

    Exactly. Duke doesn’t storm the court. And Coack K is a Jedi.

  • Jake Barnes

    Yeah, right. Duke stormed the court in ’98 when Duke was #1 and UNC was #3. Go to end of game , 1:41 mark.


  • Jake Barnes

    It’s all about context, and these students wanted to release. For those who say act like you’ve been there, well most of those students haven’t. Duke stormed in ’98 against us when they were ranked #1! See end of game on YouTube:


  • Uli

    Duke has rushed the court after beating UNC MANY times. The last time I remember was 2005. Duke also stormed the court after beating Virginia Tech in 2006… while I tend to think storm the court if you want to… this is kind of embarrassing:

  • Andrew

    As a student who rushed the court, I think people need to understand how loud and hype (yes, I said hype) the Dean Dome was. Everyone on campus agrees that UNC is one of those schools that shouldn’t rush the court, but on that day against Duke, when we won after being down by 7 at half and while we were unranked and unsure about our season, nobody hesitated to run down onto the hardwood, and none of us questioned our decision to do so.

    People can get after us for storming. We don’t care. We did it, we stand by our decision to do it, and we would all do it again in a heartbeat if given the chance.

  • Steve

    These are college kids. COLLEGE KIDS! Let them have all the fun they want. Stop being so sour, and lets analyze basketball, not adolescent behavior.

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