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NCAA BasketballVideo

Video: Georgetown Basketball Team Brawls In China

The Georgetown basketball team played an exhibition this morning in Beijing against Bayi Rockets, one that ended in a brawl and the Hoyas being taken off the court.

SportsGrid has acquired video of the incident from a Chinese source:

Georgetown coach John Thompson IIIissued the following statement after the game:

Tonight, two great teams played a very competitive game that unfortunately ended after heated exchanges with both teams. We sincerely regret that this situation occurred. We remain grateful for the opportunity our student-athletes are having to engage in a sport they love here in China, while strengthening their understanding of a nation we respect and admire at Georgetown University.

UPDATE: We have synced the video above to the new video posted by WJLA:

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  • Anonymous

    So a scramble for a loose ball turns into the entire Chinese team coming out to wail on a Gtown player? Classy, China. Classy.

  • Anonymous

    So a scramble for a loose ball turns into the entire Chinese team coming out to wail on a Gtown player? Classy, China. Classy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stalking Steve Clarke II

    hahahaha chinese pro team. theres more people at high school basketball games

  • BEAM

    I watched it a few times but dont see anyone from either team getting “wailed on”. Hell it looks more like an indoor track meet. Maybe a shuttle run competition. Weirdest “brawl” I’ve seen lol.

  • http://twitter.com/hagrin hagrin

    You obviously missed the Gtown player on the baseline get clocked from behind, go down and then take 3 ground and pound punches before the guy gets pushed off. Whomever that was from Gtown definitely got roughed up. 

  • Anonymous

    Start around the 22 second mark. There’s a player in blue being chased by 3 guys in white jerseys and when he goes to the ground,one guy on the Chinese team stays on top of him and keeps throwing punches while he’s on the ground.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5JF3QS2CEUEJYDMB56IRHGIJXM J

    wish i could have seen what was going on under that watermark but i have been told it may have been a fight

  • Anonymous

    Years ago the high schools in DC could not have basketball games for they were too lethal.
    It’s okay to play ping pong with China since it is a non-contact sport.
    Maybe its better if we stay away from team contact sports.

  • Ronin

    Pathetic. The Chinese are just getting more and more belligerent and it’s showing across all facets of life.

  • Observer

    Say nothing of the 4th Chinese PLA player coming in with a chair.  And by the way, just to be clear about what we’re dealing with, PLA stands for People’s Liberation Army… this team is comprised of professional players from the Chinese military.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YLQRDGU52O3JIS52YT3RJ3N2XI Nolonger AT 6 and 11

    I just lost all respect for the Chinese. It has been reported Georgetown was getting mugged all game but few fouls were called against the Chinese team 11 to be exact while 28 fouls were called against Georgetown. It’s been reported one lady begged the police to break it up but they did move nor did they provide security for Grorgetown as they boarded their bus. One radio host says  China was looking to fight and since Georgetown is from Washington DC maybe they felt they were beating America. The score was tied at 63 when John Tompson III pulled his team with 9 minutes left. The players the fans and the Chinese police…no respect for you.

  • Ajwright71

    Third-world savages

  • Brink87

    thats what happen when they try to promote basketball and wrestling at the same game. lol

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MPOXN425U65HQFLPS5M6QK3RSI Lumbergh

    Typical chinese hacks. Resorting to picking up chairs and throwing them like sissies. I dont recall any chairs being thrown when the Japanese treated the city of Nanking like their own personal whorehouse 70 years ago. That new (haha) aircraft carriers must have made them tough.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MPQ5EM5W4PGAGBE2MAJYSQXZFY Neal

    This incident probably was planned from the beginning. The PLA is one of the most xenophobic entities in China and their leadership for many years have taken a very hostile attitude toward any rapprochement with the US.   This was probably provoked by the PLA to embarrass the VP prior to his upcoming visit to Beijing.  Believe me, the Chinese police, whether local or federal, would never intervene with a PLA op.


  • Mikeydook

    I love football.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shawn-Jordan/100000117861347 Shawn Jordan

    Disgraceful on both sides, coaches on both sides should have made it clear that this is an exhibition game. Nothing was at stake, just a friendly game. But no, it was allowed to reach a point where control was lost and now only shame remains.

  • Wth

    What does Nanking have to do with a basketball “game”?  PLA propagandist…

  • guest

    if you didn’t see the guy that got the loses ball get wailed on your a complete idiot you asshole and your probably Chinese

  • AK

    that was one of the ugliest posts i have ever seen. you can be pissed, but now that’s just disrespectful and disgraceful…

  • AK

    that was one of the ugliest posts i have ever seen. you can be pissed, but now that’s just disrespectful and disgraceful…

  • AK

    yes fouls are disproportionately called against away teams in china – look at Duke’s game yesterday and today. however, this got out of hand. to claim that they were looking to fight seems like a stretch and to equate one game to losing “all respect for the Chinese) seems ridiculous as well…

  • AK

    yes fouls are disproportionately called against away teams in china – look at Duke’s game yesterday and today. however, this got out of hand. to claim that they were looking to fight seems like a stretch and to equate one game to losing “all respect for the Chinese) seems ridiculous as well…

  • Jlp465

    Looks like the Georgetown players got a beat down.

  • Chode

    Ridiculous, why are we even playing games with the Chinese?

  • Anonymous

    I like how everyone conviently misses the part where the Georgetown player threw the first punch after he passed the ball.

  • Kahoyte

    There goes my travel plans to China.

  • Georgia Gal

    These are 18, 19, and 21-year-olds, and they are visitors to another country. How terrible to be treated that way and have no one come to your defense. Shameful, China! Looks like the “ugly” label can now be slapped on them.

  • Anonymous

    Those skinny Chinese better be glad they weren’t playing against Charles Barkley and Kermit Washington, home court advantage or not. Wonder how soon that Chinese team will be invited to play in a western country? But i will say this, Thompson has some serious discipline imposed on his guys. You know everyone of the G’Town players, all built like linebackers, could have and seriously wanted to, kick some MF’n butt.

  • Anonymous

    Those skinny Chinese better be glad they weren’t playing against Charles Barkley and Kermit Washington, home court advantage or not. Wonder how soon that Chinese team will be invited to play in a western country? But i will say this, Thompson has some serious discipline imposed on his guys. You know everyone of the G’Town players, all built like linebackers, could have and seriously wanted to, kick some MF’n butt.

  • Berzerker3009

    It was fun watching Georgetown B-Ball thugs get their asses kicked…bet they aren’t used to that ;^)

  • Gomezcorp

    You’re absolutely right about the PLA.  They’re some scary throwbacks to the Cold War and they are begging to take us on.  Thank God for the Indians…

  • Rzwilling

    “Try to kick some MF’n butt” and… get killed?  Did you see the Chinese spectators’ reactions?  Do you think the police would have held them back if this escalated further?  In this situation, the right thing to do is to leave as quickly as possible and with your chin up.

  • http://twitter.com/Man_on_da_Moon_ Quincy Moon

    Wasnt a ‘punch’. It was more of a push. If you look, the Chinese player threw his arms into the gtown player after he passed the ball. So he reacted to that. 

  • Gbankston

    just pathetic….why do we pretend to be friends?

  • Gbankston

    chinese out to prove a point…they own us…literally…..game probably only background for some begging for money by some business or our government!

  • DC

    maybe an idiot like Lumbergh on the G-town team said something similar and caused the fight to break out. There’s no need for this kind of shiet throwing Lumbergh, try to show some class. 

  • Boo

    You guys are obviously mssing the chinese player who gets his shit rocked near the camera. 

  • robert schied

    the people in the stands were also throughing stuff, lets boam this country, and beat the shit out of all americans that buy chinise and japaniese cars, there would be more jobs in this country.

  • miso

    the chinese have a disgusting culture, which comes out as having disgusting people. what a disgrace….

  • Redcatmop

    I admit, “we” got the worst of that one, but they had crazy numbers.  3 on 1 when the kid caught the beatdown behind the left basket.  Another Gtown player jumped in and knocked the chinese guy off of him.  Another Gtown player straight mashed some dude in his face closer to the camera.  but we lost face and left with tails between.  Still, they had the numbers by far.  White shirts everywhere.

  • Metusmetu

    I got a kick watching the Chinese cops run for cover!!  Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!

  • Webster


  • Redcatmop

    not me.  I seen that shit!

  • Redcatmop

    dude it was more like 7 or 8 punches before the Gtown’s teammate jumps in and knocks the guy off.  THAT dude is gonna be sore tomorrow.  he caught mad blows to his head and back.

  • Redcatmop

    LOLOL @big Chinese #6, holding out his hands as if to try and keep the peace!!! shit is mad funny, yo!!

  • Mathgeek2

    this is horrible. Like China knows were gonna kick there ass in basketball why even try and start. the only way they could be on our level is to get dirty like this. little does china know come the olympics the us is gonna go hard all 48 mins rather then letting up. they asked for it and now they will get what they deserve. USA!

  • Redcatmop

    you listen to the fans in the stands, probably heard the Mandarin word for n*gger about 20 times!

  • Redcatmop

    no, they aren’t used to 3 on 1 odds and by older, profession military guys.  PLA stands for People’s Liberation Army.  

  • Duane130

    I hope our NBA guys don’t go overseas to give the chinese any reason to enjoy basketball. This chinese “professional” team is a disgrace. They are even part of the chinese army and they can’t display any discipline. Looked like those bench players were just waiting for the right opportunity to jump in and brawl.

  • Redcatmop

    at the FIRST sign of trouble, about 8 Chinese dudes ran off the bench, including a member of the coaching staff!!  that’s having an MF’s back!

  • http://www.manfromatlan.blogspot.com manfromatlan

    India’s gonna invade China? Or open another call center and take away CHINESE jobs? :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BOOM27DBLMZQIJVK4BQLE7K5YA Nagurski

    The Chinese generally look down on foreigners, and are really racist against black people. Any trips that promote ‘friendship’ with these people are futile. Wait until we get to face off with them again on a battlefield.

  • DebsSweet

    BEAM wasn’t watching the same video that we were!

  • dbmartin

    The aggressive GU player that was blocked roughly, slugged the tall blocker first, then ran and fell.
    Maybe a basketball group from DC is not the most appropriate international relations representative. 

  • David Ray

    Looks like the Sissies from GTown got their fannies handed to them.

  • Supt97esu

    These chinks cant win on the court, so they start a fight, look like animals so the game is stopped and no loss is incurred. Way to go China, your as classy as a bag filled with shit.  Takes a bunch of you animals to take on 1 player, guess you are the dumb ones playing ball instead of being into electronics.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WF4RD7P7WMZUWHWYRW6UWOHGF4 Bruce

    That looked like football to me!  The Chinese team has a reputation for this type of dirty play and on top of it they were getting their butts kicked.  Don’t see any reason to call out the Georgetown coach! He tolerated that mess too long if anything. 

  • guest

    you’re an idiot

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edward-Allen/100000381146159 Edward Allen

    China is no friend of America, they are our enemy and we had better understand this. This video shows the true colors of these slanty eyed Chink bastards.

  • errRRr!

    well, beside playing basketballs they also can fight!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WF4RD7P7WMZUWHWYRW6UWOHGF4 Bruce

    I love when your patriotism shows! You are a glaring example of what makes America great! I am mad as an American seeing our people treated like dirt in a foreign country! 

  • Wayne

    Idiot. Learn to spell. Plus, most of our goods come out of those countries or are at least ran by companies with Asian ownership. It’s not just Asian cars that Americans buy… it’s everything. Computers, TV’s, video game consoles, etc… 

    I bet you own a lot more Asian products than you think. 

  • Wayne

    Right…that’s why we depend on them so much. Yes. Let’s let a fight during an athletic event where the adrenaline is pumping be proof the whole country is our Enemy. Please don’t reproduce. 

  • Mvaldez449

    p… on the chinese. Let them make all the basketballs they like and since we wont buy anymore from the thieving Chinese, they can keep all the basketballs they like! How is that for starters!

  • Sinuay

    Dude, the race thing is old..Every time something happens where a black person takes a beating, its racist…Did you watch the whole game, do you even know what lead up to the fight happening.  I think im right about this, Old man Thompson rarely if ever started a white player on his squad…Was he racist or a bigot. Just looking at something at times doesn’t always give you the big picture….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BDFJMWHI4MCBXNI76KYWMHAXLU Recon Marine

    Stick them in a hockey and lets see what they got…lol

  • nina

    its sad  what the china did to that young man. all cause  their win

  • nina

    i agree 

  • Knybee

    The way many american players play, like thugs, who knows what was happening in the game before this happened. It would be nice, in the interest of fairness, not to put the blame on the chinese when we know how our game has become filled with those who, if they can’t beat you with their skills, they beat you up.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNAQCSZ55W7JU335BBADGCD4JE PeterM

    I think GU was surprised that China would fight back so viciously. Check out that ground pound at 00:22

  • nina

    wow  you keep think is old cause its still going on in staten island .and places around the world  .how wound you know or you black and your black let me guess she may be white. no disrespect but you not in our shoe

  • Guest

    It’s the “JUNIOR” national team…you moron

  • Jake

    JT3 discusses the brawl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dNOJsAqGZw

  • nina

    chinese  people  need to be a shame its just a game  fighting their black brothers  is a disgrace

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BOOM27DBLMZQIJVK4BQLE7K5YA Nagurski

    No, I didn’t see the game, but I did spend a long night in a dining hall in China trying to avoid being killed by rocks thrown by a bunch of super-angry Chinese guys who flipped out when African exchange students dared to dance with Chinese girls. All the glass in the place was smashed. Cops stood around and did nothing. I don’t think you’re right about this, but it’s just based on my personal experience.

  • Sean Sarto

    Though it is a generalization: The Chinese take the biblical verse, “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone” as their cue to start chucking rocks…So they throw their stones and they miss by hundreds of miles because their eyesight is so poor……Then they either get their ass kicked and chuckle about their misfortune..or they invite their target to sit down with them for dinner and laugh it off.

    Yes, the Chinese are scared. Scared as the Negroes of the south were..So they are becomming more aggressive, to “prove” how brave they are……That is why they try to exploit any advantage they can. They were playing dirty..and I cannot fault the Georgetown player’s for their actions…It was cowardly of the Chinese…They know the rules of the game but they are prone to trying to make themsleves look good….or strong….and definitely are intent on trying to make a point to the American negroes…It is also a military strategm to gather intel…The Chinese fail to understand it is the same with the US…Now, we have evidence they are provocative in their diplomacy with the intentions of warfare.That is a cowardly mistake for the Chinese.  There is a very ingrained ego-driven, self-esteem issue in Chinese culture called “mianzi” (face-saving)…Without it they have no hierarchy..and hierarchy is the way they prove themsleves worthy to one another. It wil be something they will HAVE to undermine if they are to join the global community. The US has developed a culture far -beyond “mianzi”.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_X7WHUGGPQA5YK6FE5OPEFZYCHE david

    where’s Teddy Roosevelt when we need him? he would have sent the marines faster’n you could say spit!

  • Anonymous


  • Sean Sarto

    The Georgetown players are not military trained..If they get an unfair game they will react as basketball players ought to react. So, if the Chinese are going to exploit soft diplomacy in such a way as to be provocative i nplaying dirty when it is their advantage to do so….Then I think the Georgetown players should cancel the goodwill tour. The PLA can play our miltary teams the next time or we will send a full miltary escort with all our future soft diplomacy efforts in China. It  is obvious that the Chinese populace wanted to see this battle as the video shows the crowd  harassing and disparaging the Georgetown players when leaving the court.





  • mucktenboog

    Actually it is a “professional” team comprised of military personnel.  It was Duke that played the U-23 team.

  • Anonymous


    did you expect them to bow?

  • Mac

    Nina, when you start speaking English and not some hybrid BS, I’ll take you seriously.  Until then, take an English text book out and stay away from any further posts, it is embarrasing.  Additionally, if the “not in our shoe” comment is another means of getting a government handout, it isn’t working.  I’m not buying you the other shoe.

  • Ohmus

    Got to love douches like you who feel it is their job  to critique everyone. Get a job!!
    Let those zipperheads come play here, I can’t wait.

  • mucktenboog

    The chinese translation for the N-word is “hei gua.” i have studied mandarin for a few years and I am sure I heard it at least 3 or 4 times.  the policeman did nothing and i am upset that no government official has said anything about this except for a lower state department spokesman who called it an “unfortunate incident.”  I want these boys on the next plane out of there and an acknowledgement/ apology from their government. never going to happen though, they own us and they know it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DocBeasley Kuni Beasley

    What most people don’t realize is that games in China are determined politically.  Party members or children of party members are officially not guarded tightly and allowed to have the run of the court.  Funding and patronage to teams are based on how well the party favors the team… and it opponents.  Opponents who play well – read: let the party elite score and win - are rewarded with patronage.  Winners are predetermined based on the political decision, not the effort on the court.  Evidently a party member or a member’s son was involved in the ball scramble.  When the US player acted like US players normally do – go after the ball-it threatened the Chinese team, who cleared the bench to protect its party member and its patronage.  Got to remember, in a people’s republic where everyone is equal, some people are more equal that others. 

  • Sean Sarto

    Yeah, because they weren’t prepped for having to take on the entire stadium. That is the kind of situation they had waltzed into…And it would have digressed into if the Africans started laying out the  Chinese boys…..The Africans think the Chinese are on their side because they have cultivated that naivetee for the last 2 decades…So they didn’t know what to do..They were “goodwill” ambassadors in a hive of ill-senitments. 

  • Sean Sarto

    The diplomat who set this game up should have his ass reamed….Those PLA boys are not in the same mind-set as a NCAA team. They were playing their enemy. And those people in the crowd see it the same way..Those cops aren’t going to stop it, even if they wanted to…They know that so they laugh it off…This could have turned real ugly and it would be sickening to have to hear the press paper it over as an “unfortunate incident”…Like it was “merely” a North Korean aggression. 

  • mucktenboog

    yeah that “unfortunate incident” bull really irks me

  • John Dosta

     Americans wouldnt need a 3 on 1 advantage to kick thier a##.  That was the China military team??HAHAHA… stick to ping pong

  • Vanessa Dewey

    They were saying “hei ren” which means black people. Same as we use in the states.

  • Vanessa Dewey

    Mianzi means “face” Chinese do not like to lose face. It’s something they are very passionate about. When my husband fights in MMA competitions in China, we’ll see that they
    will stop the fight if a little bit of blood comes out of a foreigner
    but if a Chinese’s person’s face is a dripping bloody mess, the fight
    will continue uninterrupted. Chinese refs will always favor the Chinese fighter. It’s just how it is and how it always will be. They cannot lose “face”

  • Vanessa Dewey

    Geez, racist prick. People like you should be neutered.

  • Vanessa Dewey

    It’s hei gui (pronounced “hay gway” and it means “black devil” or “black ghost.” And I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear that.

  • Susteg

    In general the Chinese are a bunch of pussies, trying to overcompensate. This is just another example.

  • Afyna

    Thugs? These are college students, idiot!!!

  • Jamest


  • Jamest

    you are a racist 

  • Jamest

    fuck you robert shit, oop i spoll you fooking name wong

  • MAG

    Finally, someone who makes English soccer fans look civilized.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UBRQHTNGWUYSH564RB5QSFHBP4 Mad Animal

    actually as far as racism is concerned, white americans make the Chinese look like angels. here’s the recent news coverage of a group of white males beating and running over a black man with a truck. they did yell “white power.”


  • CJ

    “Nina, when you start speaking English and not some hybrid
    BS, I’ll take you seriously.  Until then, take an English text book [do you mean textbook?] out
    and stay away from any further posts, it is embarrasing. [comma splice and misspelled word in this sentence]  Additionally,
    if the “not in our shoe” comment is another means of getting a
    government handout, it isn’t working.  I’m not buying you the other

    What’s that they say about glass houses?

  • Glenn57377

    Look at the clip…….then watch it three or four more times.  Georgetown came up with the ball in the scramble.  When the ball was passed by Georgetown, the Chinese player fouled him bigtime….during the pass.  A game is no longer a game when someone is beating on you and the refs do nothing.  There comes a time when you have to be a man.  The Georgetown player took a swing due to the violent foul.  The Chinese players, team, coaches, fans and security were a disgrace.  The Chinese may not see it, but the world will see their behavior as an indication of their society……..which will not be positive. 

  • BReal

    no white guy at Gtown are any good

  • IHateChinks

    I hope they BEAT THE CRAP out of the f**kin chinks in the next game.  It’s PAY BACK TIME!

  • Downbrown74

    I’m glad G-Town got their faces smashed. Probably running their ghetto mouths like usual. 

  • guest

    you’re an idiot.  the chinese love nba and basketball in general.  why do you think kobe and chris paul are dying to play there for the lockout?  because  fans adore them there, along with a shitload of money.  had this been a brawl in the US, you’d see more than water bottles thrown from the stands.

  • sam

    yes, because a handful of chinese people are racist, everyone in their country is racist… it’s like visiting the south and assuming all americans are hillbillies.  keep your isolated personal experiences to yourself.

  • sam

    ah, you’re from Pennsylvania.  Explains why your brain and smaller than normal people’s.  It’s science, don’t deny it.

  • sam

    then why don’t you join the army and fight for us

  • sam

    please don’t open your mouth ever.  not even to breathe.

  • Phongsolaught

    Racist remarks like this set our country back a century or so. Also, 10-12 players “all built like linebackers” stands no chance against a whole arena of Chinese. Lastly, does it go unnoticed that Georgetown had 58 fouls and China had only 17, this is what happens when Asians stand up for themselves. China will soon be the strongest force in the world if not already, you guys thought Spanish was tough right? Just wait.

  • theyrejustshoes

    Those kids shouldn’t have been talking $h!t.

  • Bballdunkmonkey

    To be fair, tall Chinese guy who ran up to the black guy after he got the loose ball definitely roughed him up, but even though there was a lot of body contact, I think he was still trying to make a play on the ball.  He wasn’t trying to fight cause the Chinese guy turned after the black guy got the pass off.  The problem was that the Chinese referee was stupid not to call the foul at that moment and the black guy retaliated and took a swing (or a shove)… too far to tell, the referee was dumb once again and didn’t jump in when that happened and let the two Chinese guys gang up on that poor black guy which of course started the brawl.

    If the black guy took a swing at the Chinese guy, then he probably deserves it, but if it was just a shove, then the Chinese have no class for fighting at a sporting event.  They need gain some class.  

  • quest8222

    Georgetown B-ball thugs??  Are you stuck in the 80′s?  Alonzo Mourning? Mutombo? Ewing? John Thompson? Four of the best embassadors the game has had in recent memory?  Are you aware of all the charitible contributions Mourning and Mutombo have made to their respective communities? It’s pretty much what they are KNOWN for.  Teams were intimidated back in the day because they played hard-nosed tough basketball and they were labeled “thugs” because of the ethnic background of their team and coach.  They were never that on the whole.  It’s pretty clear what you really mean by your comment. . . your lazy assessment of who they are lead you to believe these kids deserved to get mobbed.   Prejudice, defined.

  • Poetic_outlaw

    that’s the dumbest idea i’ve read so far! LOL 90%  of what you own was made in china, maybe who knows, even your mama was “made” in china! HAHAHA

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IRP7SCSXF4AIC77L2N7BR3PQCQ GK


  • Poetic_outlaw

    the chinks gave us a beatdown. they really know their kung fu. Noodles are better than corn bread! LOL

  • Psycho


    You obviously did not watch the tape! The so called “Pussies” kicked the shit out of the Georgetown players! If we ever go back let’s hope we send a tougher team then the Georgetown team! Seems as though the Georgetown team was just standing around while the Chinese team was kicking the shit out of a couple of the Georgetown players!  If you can’t fight don’t start it!

  • Anonymous

    Wow..the Chinese fans and players were really unappealing host to the Georgetown team.  A lot of Chinese people seem to be quite fond of the good old style of USA racism.  Yeah it’s true.  I noticed that some of the posters mentioned this.  Yes I was a bit surprised to hear of this and see it  practiced towards various African people.  

    But you Chinese apologist out there go ahead and believe these people are fun loving egalitarians.  One day when all of America is eating rice with chopsticks because we can’t afford even hamburger it will be too late.  STOP going to Wal Mart and buying all of this countries trade imbalance.  Stop it now.  Don’t give them your money.  The high cost of cheap products.  It’s cheap for a reason.

  • Jack

    Chinese refs have been banned from the game by FIBA (the International Basketball Federation). The Chinese team is notoriously violent. Several countries bar their teams from playing the Chinese because they are so violent. The players are military, so you have to suppose that they know how to take orders. If they were ordered to play a clean game, they’d play a clean game. . . . Sounds like a lousy coach or some kind of team culture that glorifies violent play or “we have a _right_ to win” attitude. Could be a racist-supremecist attitude. . . could be a lot of things. But their record is going to look like crap when nobody in the world will play them.

  • John

    these disgusting chinese, we should let japanese to conquer their filthy race again,
    they fight many times in china such as with teams of brasil , spain and many other teams, just filthy race

  • someguy

    Whoever thinks that a bunch of young adolescents playing basketball has anything to do with the representation of the Chinese people as a whole are sorely mistaken. The regular Chinese citizen has nothing to do with China’s foreign policy and just want to live their lives trouble-free.
    Keep your hate to the idiots who decided to throw a punch over a simple game.
    There are racists and bigots all over the world of all sorts of races and ideas. Don’t be so naive to think we live in a land of unicorns and rainbows. 
    Everybody is prejudice until we know each other personally.

  • someguy

    My name is John. I hate Chinese people because I saw punches thrown a basketball game. Shoot me.

  • Asian

    Well, this is one of tons of reasons that I hate Chinese. I’m Asian and even angry and feel embrassed if someone think/call me Chinese.

    I saw someone’s post saying Chinese are racist by giving an example of some black men dancing with Chinese girls. I disagree and think Chinese guys fetl impotent in that situation.

  • sid

    A handful? Seriously? You must live in a bubble. And no, I’m not African American. I’m a white woman who lives in the real world and has seen for myself just like Nagurski. But you keep thinking it’s a “handful”. Good luck with that.  

  • sid

    A handful? Seriously? You must live in a bubble. And no, I’m not African American. I’m a white woman who lives in the real world and has seen for myself just like Nagurski. But you keep thinking it’s a “handful”. Good luck with that.  

  • Mark

    Chinese people are like that everywhere. Some, extremely rare amount of them are ok people, but majority are futile. Get into a conversation, they’re like Snap, Crackle, and Pop and see how hard they’ll furiously go against you. They’re taught not to debate, not to argue, but how to Win even when its very nasty, and its their default way of dealing with things.

  • http://www.pinoytvchannels.info Pinoy Tv Channels

    tsk tsk!

  • http://www.pinoytvchannels.info Pinoy Tv Channels


  • Belgian_beer

    Corporate espionage; hacker attacks; chinese pianist playing a song where the lyrics are that the US is a dog; this basketball beating up of US college student players by Chinese army – what exactly does china want?  

  • Titus

    People are not prejudice and hate Chinese just because of this single game. They experienced many times. We are German and we hate Chinese, too. Chinese people are not welcome in all over the world!

  • neil

    Sorry i’m a chinese ,i can’t understand your completely,but i think my chinese team should say sorry to the Gtown player.And both sides have a responsibility,butthat looking at present still is chinese player bigger.so sorry to every one

  • theone

    loll nice one.. but i don’t think india would make a mistake to attack china… first of all it will screw their economy and put it back 10-20years…. second, they are kind enough to attack anyone first, take example of pakistan, india knows they harbour terrorists even though they are not attacking them, plus they never attack first…. third, china has far better army and weaponry than india so baddd for india again

  • wontspeakspanish

    slanty eyed bastards….let them play over here so we can  even things up!

  • Coach Ransom

    It is sad to see kids of any country locked in a fight behind competing.

  • Catcat

    It’s sad to see a game turn into simple violence and thuggery.   It’s sad to see that most of the players and people associated with the teams didn’t have enough sense to run up and stop what started as a small thing. 

  • G2g

    chinese players are idiots they don’t respect the spirit of the sport all chinese are dead hungry…

  • Spambam69

    well if it ever get to the point of seeing them on the battle field get ready for 4 on 1….. 

  • Clarity

    Go to the TMZ.com site and view the version of the video there. It seems easier to follow to me. You can clearly see the beginning with several white shirts and one black shirt moving to the left after the ball. The black shirt comes up with it and turns to move back to the right. Up until then it’s all about moving the ball (at least during these on-video moments of the game), but then there is a hard body block or foul and the ball moves to the right. First one then a second white shirt moves back to the left toward the black shirt, and given that the ball is now to your right, they have no business moving back that way except to engage in aggression against the black shirt – which they begin to do. A rush of white shirts follows toward the black shirt, who is clearly being very ganged-up on. Of course there is no way of knowing what preceded this segment of time on the video, but this does begin with game play and move to aggression, and with the white shirts providing the first deliberate non-game targeting of an opposing player.  

  • Bort

    Yes, lets stick them in a hockey. 

  • Ronin

    Yeah, this kind of war wouldn’t be the two of them alone. You realize that, right?

  • Mspe1960

    What?  “Keep your isolated personal experiences to yourself”? WTF does that mean?  Isn’t a message board all about posting personal experiences?  You seem to want to silence opposing viewpoints.  How patheitic.

  • Mspe1960

    thank you for that insight.

  • In the Know

    I think not…there’s nothing “junior” about this team…this is the ADULT ARMY TEAM…and “moron” right back at you – MORON!

  • Chinese Killer

    China and its PLA suck dicks.

  • Josephblue

    You are simply an idiot, what does this have to do with Thompson starting a white
    player.   You play the best person.  Their are a lot of white coaches that do not
    start white players. Get yourself a life, time has changed.

  • Josephblue Blue

    Where does the shame lay on, not Georgetown.  These are college kids, not military
    individuals.  I felt that maybe this was planned by the Chinese Military to knock the
    visit of Vice President Biden.  Why was  their no police to stop this situation in its
    tracks.  I agreed with someone earlier, what  was the reason for the bad officiating and
    the lopsided fouls 75 against Georgetown -25 against the Chinese Army Team. 

  • Josephblue Blue

    You are very naive.  This has nothing to do with Asians standing up for themselves.
    You are talking about military  individuals playing college kids.  As a host country,
    Georgetown was their guest.  With guest you act as if they where your guest,  not like
    some hooligans.  What would happen if that same Chinese  military  team played our Pro teams in New York City- what would you think  if our pro basketball player beat the hell
    out of this army military group-that would looked very bad.  Pus, we had the fans throwing
    bottles and chairs at the Chinese Players, would that mean we are the strongest force
    in the world.  You need to go back to school and learn a little more.  

  • guest

    The tide slowly rises, I live in Hawaii and watch everyday as the Chinese teach their children to be racist. Watched in horror when an old grandpa type Chinese guy with his grandchild in pool.  Black lady gets in pool, the grandpa figure says something in a cut manner, the child turns and spits in the pool towards the black lady.  Many indents like that every day and not just against black people. China’s heart is full of hate towards all outside the Wall.

  • Josephblue Blue7

    I hope you went to college, you don’t sound very educated.  No one got their asses
    kicked,  I have seen people get their asses kicked.  But, you need to examine yourself-
    for your feeling of wanting people to get their asses kicked, boy do you have a problem,
    that maybe Dr. Field can help you.

  • The Truth

    I think the point everyone is missing is the fact that other nations no longer  respect the USA. Our debt caused by the current administration has made us a laughing stock. Never before have foreign officials shown the current amount of dis-respect towards American, our policies, and our President. It’s not about basketball people….

  • 397558255


  • 397558255

    你们的国家宣传的中国就和流氓一样 其实中国不是这样的 你们来过中国吗?只看一些谎言的宣传你们能了解中国吗?

  • Anonymous

    One more reason to hate Georgetown. 

  • Mikegio55

    What !!! The Usual American Sports.  You can take em out of the jungle, but you just can’t  take the jungle out of them.  I’m happy.  Niggers got a good ass whipping.  Just what they deserve.

  • Mikegio55

    You must be blind.  One guy was getting the shit beat out of him.

  • Mikegio55

    That’s right.  Gtown got what was coming to them

  • Mikegio55

    You better hope we don’t….shit for brains !! The Chinese would slaughter us.
    Probably do this country good to get a good ass kicking.  Just like the Gtowners. :)

  • Mikegio55

    Don’t like China or the way they do things, don’t go there.  Gtown got what they deserved.  A good ass kicking.  They can take their fucking ghetto ball right back to America !

  • Mikegio55

    Thank-you !

  • Mikegio55

    Wrong.  American sports is a disgrace.  I am so happy we finally got the ass kicking we’ve deserved for so long.

  • Mikegio55

    Yeah sure.  You evidently have never been to a foreign country.  The only MF’n butt being kicked would be that of Gtown.  Got it.

  • Mikegio55

    Gotta love it !! :)

  • Mikegio55

    Then don’t go there.  Furthermore,  most of the NBA is comprised of thugs, criminals, and ex-cons.  Gtown got just what they deserved.

  • Mikegio55

    Oh, you mean a college student can’t be a thug ?  Jeez…… talk about idiots.

  • Mikegio55

    Exactly.  I for one am very happy what the Gtowners got.  They can stay right here in America and do all the brawling they would like.  That is what you see at just about every American sports match.  Isn’t it ?

  • Mikegio55

    That my friend is one of the fundamental problems in this day.  Not enough people get a good ass kicking.  There’s nothing better for your education than a little attitude adjustment.  I would venture to guess that you probably could use one.

  • Mikegio55

    Yeah, let’s boam the country.  Jeez…….no wonder America is in the shitter !!

  • Mikegio55

    If you see them on the battlefield you had better be prepared for 1000 to 1 odds !!!!

  • D22

    im so sick of rae thing. There was a fight get over it

  • Lowell6

    It amazes me that there are so many idiots (from both sides) on this forum…simply shows how many bigots and morons exit in everyday life!!   

  • Burtonjc19m

    Quincy you are absolutely right.  The kid did not throw a punch.  It also appears that another chinese player took exception to the push and ignited the fight.  A foul should have been called as soon as the Chinese player ran into the Georgetown Player.  The whistle would have controlled the situation, but 75 fouls on Georgetown makes me assume that Georgetown was playing aggressively.  However, if anyone has played according to the International rules, you will realize that although the US teams are aggressive, the international refs tend to even out the talent by calling more fouls on the US TEAMS.   

  • Burtonjc19m

    you are an idiot

  • Reallythough?

    Look, one day you will be forced to realize that there is nothing special about you, or anyone else.  We’re all human and we’re all going to die one day.  You can pretend to be a tough guy today and on this website, but your words tell all who see them that you are afraid, which is okay, but don’t pretend.  No one is cool for fighting during a basketball game, and to suggest that a whole arena of Chinese people would hurt a college basketball team is repulsive, look at yourself in the mirror and apologize.  If you don’t get it then you need to start asking yourself a lot of questions.  You’re alive today because someone loved your snot nosed self enough to treat you like a human being.  This team did not oppress you or anyone else, they just were playing basketball.  Ethnocentric remarks like, “you guys thought Spanish was tough right?” are racist remarks, so why are you trying to take the high road?  Its all very disappointing and I hope that one day you have enough confidence and courage to start to realize it.  The Georgetown Hoyas are a college basketball team comprised of a handful of KIDS that are, for better or worse, attempting to go to school and live out their dreams. 

  • Xenophobic

    Face it, the chinks kicked the chimps butts. End of.

  • Sdeeventspromoter

    Of Course especially when they are black, right?

  • Sdeeventspromoter

    you obviously dont know shit about basketball, if you are calling georgetown b ball players thugs…name one that is a thug and explain why?? Other thn the fact that they are mostly black, I have no understanding why you would say that.

  • Mindyreaves22

    How many Chinese you actually know in reality? If you believe in they’re racist against black people then you believe in stereotype, which is stupid!

  • You don’t know

    Well, black guys in the U.S are pissed when they see black girls go with White guys too.  American cops don’t do nothing but are rasict against blacks too!

  • Don’t BS

    Use your grammar properly! ” a handful of Chinese people are?” wow! The subject is A ..not People, so the verb should be is! ?You need to go back to Elementary school for some lessons! I’m Chinese, but im not racist! There you go! I prove you wrong! Get yo ass home!

  • Mindy

    Open your eyes! They are not the ones started the fight! No respect for you!

  • guest

     really? cause China has such a loooong history of invading anything western European. Dude, the fear that Americans have for a country that is always yelling peace is laughable.

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