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NCAA Football

6 Theories As To Why Johnny Manziel Wrote/Removed This Tweet Last Night

College gets old. For some people faster than others. But at some point we hopefully realize it’s just like high school, which was just like middle school, which, well, was pretty juvenile (also, if you were there in 1999, middle school was pretty Juvenile as well). For someone like Johnny Manziel — who is a living college football legend — college is probably a razor sharp double-edged sword, complete with incredibly high highs (girls, fame, actual “highs”) and incredibly low lows (girls, fame, actual “highs”). Last night he tweeted about his frustration with undergraduate life, and his desire to escape the atypical experience he lives everyday, as a God.

He promptly took the post down, so there’s really no way to know what specifically prompted him to write it in the first place. But if his reasons are anything like why the rest of us get sick of college, we can speculate. Here are 6 theories as to why he’s so anxious to get the hell outta College Station:

6) He just read Nietzsche.

5) Johnny Manziel just wants to pay for a beer like a normal guy for once.

4) Is tired of playing Starcraft against the same three dudes in the commuter lounge every night.

3) Realized he’s the only guy on campus with his own action figure.

2) Campus PD busted him for riding his bike on the sidewalk again.

1) Excited to have over $100 million dollars.

Sensing the imminent backlash to such a painfully normal sentiment crazy college football fans would undoubtedly be crushed by, Johnny Football tweet this out to clarify.

H/T BleacherReport

  • geff

    His social immaturity makes me more displeased than his football accomplishments and I am a class of 65 loyal, supportive Aggie. I think of Phil Mickelson signing autographs in the dark on Saturday night after his round at the US Open. Walk in his shoes for a day–it might help.

  • disappearing act

    phil is 45….

    I think its known that he’s more mature. Not making excuses for JFF, just saying apples and very ripe apples.

  • rocky creek

    Rest, Ag! It’s not about you. Had you been paying attention, you would know that for autograph and picture-seekers, Johnny’s one of the most accommodating and courteous young men you’ll ever meet. He’s nice to a fault, which has made him a target for a lot of truly sorry-*ssed people out there. Sadly, he will become more “socially mature” when he develops a hard shell and can easily tell people “no”.

  • jim

    This article is total BS. school is inhibiting his ability to live the “celeb life”. He’ll crash and burn!!

  • joe58

    We need August to get here and play football so all will be Happy,Happy,Happy

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