While We’re On The Subject Of Crying And Sports, Watch This Video About A.J. McCarron And His Buddy A.J. Starr

  • Jake O'Donnell

Being disabled impacts almost every aspect of your existence, and perhaps none more than one’s social life. Unfortunately, something disabilities don’t impact is your ability to feel left-out. The need to belong. To have friends. That’s always there — which why it’s so hard to watch someone struggle making friends because they’re a little bit different.

A.J. Starr, a University of Alabama student who suffers from cerebral palsy, used to watch the U of A football team practice through a gap in a fence. Now, thanks to the former starting quarterback, Starr is not only an integral part of the Crimson Tide locker room, he’s finally got the close friend he deserves: A.J. McCarron.

Wow. Bring some kleenex.

As if the video above wasn’t heart wrenching enough for you, the two shared a moment after Bama’s surprising Sugar Bowl loss to Oklahoma. “Loved spending my last moment as a crimson tide player with my boy @astarr193 in the locker room after the game,” McCarron tweeted. Ahem, clean up on aisle “our eyes.” (Under no circumstances can you show this story to Dick Vermeil.)

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