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Lending Waka Flocka Flame His Championship Ring Wasn’t The Only Mistake A.J. McCarron Made This Weekend

Crimson Tide quarterback and thus Head Bro To Rule All Bros A.J. McCarron had himself quite a weekend. How did we know that, considering we don’t often party with SEC quarterbacks? Well, the social media-sphere was kind enough to deliver evidence for us. In fact, McCarron himself delivered some of the choicest material, including a demonstration of what a rapper will do with your NCAA Championship ring and a hat with the worst acronym ever.

The weekend of April 12-14 was shaping up to be a typical bro-fest for our fearless bro leader, as he attended a fraternity party thrown by fraternity brothers who also double as “sum cool dudes”:

What made McCarron’s night so memorable? Those Betas couldn’t have been that cool, that they warranted a shoutout on Twitter. Perhaps it was the arrival of headache-inducing crap rapper Wake Flocka Flame, who somehow got his hand middle finger on McCarron’s championship hardware:

Ah, mad respect to your championship achievement, my dude. Here, let me use that ring to flip off the camera while you pretend to be a rockstar. Cool? Cool.

The fun continued as McCarron donned a beanie from Mr. Flame’s tour, which is called “Do Right U Gain Success,” or DRUGS, which definitely doesn’t have any other meanings besides connoting doing right and achieving success. (If you can believe it, this isn’t the first music act to attempt forcing such an acronym.) The photo has since disappeared from his Twitter page.

He topped all this off by showing out in the beanie with some of the local talent. Katherine Webb, where are you? (Oh, there you are.)

Indeed, between letting someone disrespect his championship hardware, shouting out his new favorite frat house, wearing a hat that says DRUGS and congregating with beautiful women on social media for all the world to see, Señor Bro had one of the bro-iest weekends we’ve seen in awhile.

How did he start the next week?

Guess the joke is on us.

[Busted Coverage]

  • Matthew Noblin

    Give me a break… you must really not like Alabama. So what… a young guy was out living it up and having some fun. Get a real job instead af bashing some kid with your jealousy. Loser…

  • SunshineState

    What a waste of space…..like I’m sure he’s the only college kid that likes to party. Get a grip Tuscaloosa is nothing but a college town with college parties. You sound like a hater at this point.

  • Heelsntidefan

    I can’t tell if you are hating on the fact that he went to a party, or if it is because he was hanging out with a rapper. Either way, I agree with the other two, quit being an ahole to the kid.

  • TexasLongHorn

    I’ve seen Manziel do much worse and he’s a “Heisman Trophy Winner”

  • Jbird

    Hmmm… Eric realizes that this is not exactly outrageous right? It’s a college party, not bible study…

  • Anonymous

    The point of this article is: He is an ambassador student athlete to the University of Alabama and having his Championship ring donned by a crap rapper flippin’ the bird and wearing a beanie that says Drugs.. Well these things aren’t good press for AJ McCarron or the University. Regardless of what you dults think – He needs to be called out on it! Sometimes BS like this IS NOT OK!!! Why is that so hard for most people these days to understand. It is not like he’s just some average frat boy or student – otherwise no one would give a rat’s azz about it.

  • redskins

    i understand your point but this is not a big deal at all. maybe if he was doing drugs or something ridiculous. but this is so minor who cares?


    come on AJ you should keep your ring off the finger of this dude . HE has not pride just trying to be to cool and guess what it’s not it’s dis-respect to you and your accomplishments and to our team , looks bad on you AJ beware of what you do it will always get attention . get a grip actions speak louder than words , and I doubt we could understand anything this too cool dude said anyway , you are better than this. accept your leadership role and stay away from these kind off dis-respectful so call friends ,a real friend would not have shown such dis-respect to you and your accomplishments, not very becoming watch yourself DONT BE PULLED DOWN TO THIS LEVEL OF IGNORANCE.

  • atlbulldawg

    And 0 people care …shout out flocka

  • BamaRules777

    What an ignorant article. I can’t believe I just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading it. Hack Journalism at its finest.

  • Eric Goldschein

    Thank you for your unbiased opinion BamaRules777.

  • Eric Goldschein

    I’ll have to try it for myself sometime. Do you live there? Want to put me up? Perhaps I’ll get a photo with Wacka as well and then I’ll have to make fun of me.

  • http://twitter.com/somebodywatchin Some Body

    Thanks Captain Racist.

  • Nole

    He has three different shirts on in these three pictures. Obviously didn’t go home and change during the party. Nice smear campaign.

  • Eric Goldschein

    Please refer to the title. This all took place over the weekend.

  • Mr. Fuck Your Opinion.

    Im an Auburn native and fan but this is nothing…AJ ball out with the stars, honestly you deserve it, but #warEagle!

  • http://www.facebook.com/beefytips Jeffrey Killian

    AND… he sucked it up in the spring game. BUT, he wins (he’s 24-2 as the starter). And until he doesn’t, this is all just a good time for AJ. I think he has a pretty good chance:

  • Anonymous

    He posed for a picture with two girls. EVERY celebrity does that. I’m and Auburn fan and alum, but come on, man.

    The ring and the beenie were bad judgement, something so rare with A.J. that I will give him a break on it.

    War Eagle!

  • Anonymous

    Stating obvious facts is now “racist”?

  • Some Body

    What are these obvious facts you speak of?

  • Stop Hating

    Jesus chrsit, what the fuck is the big deal? . This writer is fucking terrible, let him have some fun.

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