Roll Damn Accusations Of Child Solicitation: I Didn’t Try To Meet a 15 Year Old From Craigslist For Sex, Because I’m Impotent, Says Alabama Fan

  • Matt Rudnitsky

This is unbelievably sad and not sports related, but the guy is wearing an Alabama Crimson Tide shirt, and it happened in Mobile, and it’s such a ridiculous video that I can’t not show this to you. The context: former Mobile Mobile County commissioner Freeman Jockisch was charged with “one count of electronic solicitation of a child for sex and one count of traveling to meet a child for sex. He was arrested during an Internet crimes sex sting.” He agreed to meet a 15-year-old girl via Craigslist. He says he’s impotent and was just trying to help her.

Just watch the video, if you can handle really sad, insane things.


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