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NCAA FootballVideo

UPDATED: MILF Takes On Oklahoma Students Section With Jump From The Top Rope, Sweet Chin Music

UPDATE: This view comes from the other side of fight, right before it happened. From this angle, we’re pretty sure her clan was instigating, and at least, completely obnoxious football fans (we may have known that to begin with).

If you’re an Alabama fan, you’re probably stunned at how the 2013 season turned out. From historically unbeatable powerhouse to losers of the Sugar Bowl, we can imagine the kind of frustration you’re feeling…

But that doesn’t mean you’ve gotta slug back a dozen hurricanes on Bourbon street and go all Rey Mysterio on some trash-talking Oklahoma fans. Just watch — this woman created the most fitting final highlight possible for the Crimson Tide’s 2013 “failed” campaign.


  • Maus

    The guy in the red/gray shirt who pulls her off the kid she jumped got a seriously major handful of boob. Notice that she grabs his hand and pulls it away from her and holds it there.

    As an Okie twenty-something, I’m surprised that he didn’t try to slip her a twenty to jump on him again!

  • AliasJones

    If she were non-white, she’d have been arrested, charged with assault, and already sentenced by now.

  • Anonymous

    When the sh!t goes down, I want this lady on MY SIDE!

  • Anthony Murray

    Bullshit, stop with the racist crap.

  • Jay Steremy

    What a stupid twit. Throw that drunk stupid twitch in jail.

  • noALFan

    I moved to Alabama 15 years ago and the rabid redneck Alabama fans never cease to amaze me. Harvey Updike, that dude that put his junk on the LSU fan and this twit all need to get a grip. I hope the attacked guy presses charges.

  • Anonymous

    She was arrested and spent several hours in the slammer. Her two kids
    who were with her wound up in juve hall until some relative that was
    sober and could keep their legs closed for 5 minutes got them home.
    Several Sonner fans filed charges for aggravated assault
    which is a a felony in any state. That’s 1 to 20 and and your life has changed as she once knew it. No job No license no nothing.
    you start kicking with spiked leather boot heels on your not only going
    to jail but sugar daddy will be paying out thousands in lawyer fees and
    court costs. Wait til the dozen or so civil trials start with this
    worn out Ho.
    He ‘ll divorce the Bama pig. Next time stay back in the Hollar where y’all came from. Morons.

  • Michael Louro

    drunk white chicks – SMDH

  • Michael Louro

    honestly, I would have just knocked her the f*** out

  • steveiamnot

    I’d hit that. Talk about some crazy times!

  • Darren Patterson

    if she was black , she would have blamed it on whitey , so stfu biiiiiaaaatch

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