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Alabama Mom Who Frog-Splashed A Bunch Of Oklahoma Frat Boys Reveals ‘I Wasn’t Intoxicated’

Her name is Michelle Pritchett, she’s a photographer from Sweet Water, Alabama, mother of three, and she claims she wasn’t drunk when she channeled Jeff Hardy on some college students at the Superdome on Thursday. She says they were taunting her.

And her 16-year-old son. (Extra Mustard found the opposite to be true, which is just as likely.)

Because the audio has been dubbed with The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army,” the now viral YouTube video (1.7 million views and counting) does not validate or refute her claims. But football fan logic suggests she’s almost certainly telling the truth.

Sort of.

[Yellowhammer] “Everyone’s making me look like such a bad guy,” Pritchett said. “What I did was probably not the thing to do. But they were taunting us. They began by going after me. But then they crossed the line and started taunting my 16-year-old son.”

Without casting aspersions on people’s character, the Oklahoma fans should have left her son out of it (and her, to be honest, it’s a freakin’ mom), and she should have stayed on the turnbuckle instead of Frog Splashing some kids. Ok? No one looks good here — and we can imagine that everyone involved is a little embarrassed.

[Yellowhammer] “I’m embarrassed. I love The Tide and I apologize to all the players and to Coach Saban and to the entire fan base. I’m sorry. Coach Saban’s going to say ‘those crazy fans don’t know how to act.”

Well he’d kind of be right but that’s besides the point. The point is you’re remorseful and realize the error of your ways (even if it was the highlight of every college football fan’s Friday). Hopefully we can all move on learn from this, so that in the futur…

“And I wasn’t intoxicated either. I want people to know that. I’d had a couple of drinks, but I was not intoxicated.”

Ahem. Yes, we understand that — though it’s probably more likely than not that your were above some sort of legal/logical limit if you admit you had been, in fact, drinking. Once again, not the point, but we can call that “Lesson Learned 1a,” ok? It’s a wash. Truce.

[News 9 OKLA] “She was hammered. Absolutely hammered,” said [Alabama student Michael] Connolly.

Guys, once again, not the point. We understand that mistakes were made bu…

“I hate to say it, but I’d do it again if I had to. I’m not going to let anyone go after my son.”

Ugh. Never mind.

  • anth2os

    You forgot the part where she said, “Roll Tide”. @anth2os

  • Anonymous

    Please let this piece of trash do jail time.

  • yeah sure

    sports grid obviously hasn’t seen the second video. her excuses are lies. she was intoxicated, and her son was the instigator.

  • Seahawk

    If you are going to act like an idiot, and have the opportunity to blame that behavior on alcohol, take it.

  • Clarice

    Awesome its a game now – alabama mom knockout

  • MikeMouz


  • Dr rod

    Could have used her on the field

  • wheebill

    I was a cop for 25 years. EVERY drunk I ever dealt with said they had “a couple” and NONE of them thought the alcohol affected their behavior. trust me, She was ass drunk. Watch the video, her son acted with total class and dignity. Michelle, you stay classy!

  • mxyzptlk

    Please tell me she was an Alabama alumnus or has some sort of connection to the University of Alabama. I never understood how small town folks who never even went to college will be obsessed with some local school’s sports team.

  • jon wisby

    Tell that story when you go to court, maybe we can add some time for perjury.

  • bgm15901

    There are some interesting photos and a video of this woman before she attacked. Might not support her “I wasn’t drunk” defense.

  • mezeus

    Sounds like a real mommy’s
    boy’s mommy

  • mezeus

    Don’t you just know who the alpha dog is in that family. I bet her husband is totally ‘pussy’ whipped.

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