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NCAA FootballWeird But True

Mother Goes AWOL, Hides Son’s Chance At Free Education At Choice School, Because She Wants Him To Be Closer To Home

I hate National Signing Day, for obvious reasons. And the reasons keep mounting. Today, an elite running back prospect, Alex Collins, was 100% set on signing with Arkansas. But his mom, apparently much less mature than her teenage son, “confiscated the papers and took off and ran with them.” Collins needs her signature for the commitment to be official, but he doesn’t know where he is.

His mom apparently wants him to be closer to home.

Yahoo!’s Dan Wetzel says Collins will get his way eventually, but this is just sad.

If Bobby Petrino were still coaching there, this would all make sense. I would put my son in a blender before letting him be influenced by Bobby Petrino. But since this isn’t the case, Collins’ mom just seems like she needs her own reality show. Come home, mom!

Image via

[USA Today]

  • james

    you are an idiot. miami has a better academic rating and would be a great school for him to go to. AND!!! parents SHOULD have the most pull on their children’s choice of school. who is going to give him financial support? if anything he is being immature. You lack abstract thought and need a lesson in minding your own business. you know nothing of this situation stop pretending to be a reporter.

  • poop

    your dumb. parents should decide where their children go to college. stop writing and definitely stop reporting. go get a job that you can handle, maybe you should be a trashman?

  • Slim

    idiot????? your an idiot for calling him that. Arkansas is still a good school. This kid has to do what is best for him. Get off your couch and stop hating on this young man.

  • Yessir108

    The article is wrong anyways…Collins is 18 and doesn’t need his mom’s signature.

  • Your Daddy!

    I think you are just butt hurt miami fans. Alex doesn’t even live with his mother, so maybe you should get facts before you start acting like you are a reporter…..tool bags!

  • Anonymous

    Nope – they need a parent/guardian signature unless they’re 21. http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/content.asp?SID=880&CID=638484

  • james’ daddy

    I never post on these things, but I just decided I had to waste a few minutes of my work day in the hopes that ol james here reads it. Ehhhh, you are pretty much the numbnuts here stud. You may want to go ahead and remove your post in case someone you know reads it and says…”Abstract Thought?..wait, wasn’t that one of little jamie’s ‘daily phrases’ he learned in school this week? Wow, I didn’t know he was a half-wit.”

    Alex Collins, this “child” you call him, is actually an adult. He is 18 years of age and doesn’t need any parental approval or signature to choose the college of his choice(reported incorrectly in above story). This young man actually tried to protect his mom at first (and in the process knowingly embarrass himself) by saying that HE is the one that needed more time, attempting to let her save face a little. Do you think that this is an act of an immature young man…and do you think that a fully grown adult STEALING legal documents and “running away from home” is an act of maturity? Get real.

    Next…his parents should have the most pull? Yes, in a perfect world, ALL parents would lead and guide their children in a loving, yet challenging atmosphere that lends itself to a trusting parent-child relationship. Of course this only happens when parents prove to their children that in the end, they selflessly want their children to make their own choices and be happy. In these cases, and there are many of them, children will look to their parents first and foremost for guidance. But YOUR STATEMENT is predicted on a belief that all parents are like this. Do you believe this? (If so, I definitely would like to talk with you about some land to buy east of the east coast) Obviously, this is not the case. Now, I know nothing about what type of parent she was and is…she could be great, I don’t know…but I would make a strong guess that you have not the faintest clue either.

    My other strong guess is that you are a die hard Hurricane fan allowing your distaste for losing a good recruit cloud your… “abstract thought”, or lack thereof. If you are not a crybaby Hurricane fan, then you REALLY have no excuse for YOUR rash to judgement rebuttal.

    P.S. I am not a reporter either. Obviously, you are not. Have a great…and more informed…day.

  • Anonymous

    Again, I should note here that you have to be 21 for the requirement of a parent/legal guardian signature to be waived, not 18. http://www.ncaa.org/wps/wcm/connect/85bbf0004e0dc6ec94fef41ad6fc8b25/NLI+Guide+2012-13.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=85bbf0004e0dc6ec94fef41ad6fc8b25

  • Anonymous

    “Who is going to give him financial support?”

    The college that is awarding him a full scholarship.

  • Eric White

    Really? You’re being serious? If you’re a Miami grad, I’m just going to assume they are overrated academically. If not, shut up, you have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re probably just repeating something you saw on TV anyway. Tell me Jimmy, what can you tell me about what’s going on that I can’t find in an article online. Obviously, it also needs to be verifiable, otherwise it’s useless. I’m sure you can’t. Remember, it’s hard to take the moral high ground when you have no legs to stand on, so to speak.

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