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NCAA Football

Bret Bielema’s Hot Wife Apparently Didn’t Know He Was Famous And Married Him For His Large Stomach Personality

Arkansas football coach Bret Bielema, formerly of Wisconsin, has a hot wife named Jen Bielema. (That wasn’t her name ’til after the marriage; don’t worry.)

You would think that she’s your standard “trophy wife,” meeting him at some bar, freaking out that he’s famous, and seducing him with her looks while he grunted and tried not to act too drunk.

According to the Arkansas game program, though, this was not the case. A big thanks to our friends at Busted Coverage, who were right on top of this.

In case you have trouble reading that, the gist is: They met in Vegas at a casino, Bret taught her how to play blackjack, they won money, stayed in touch, and she didn’t find out he was a football coach until four months later.

Although it sounds like they weren’t together when she found out he was famous. So, maybe we were right in the end.

Regardless, I don’t think we’ve introduced you to Jen. SportsGrid readers, meet Jen. Jen, SportsGrid readers.

[Busted Coverage]

Photos via Busted Coverage, FabWags, WholeHogSports

  • Ted Tidwell

    Funny how true love comes into focus when you look can look beyond the fat gut and man tits..and see wealth and fame.

  • Waldo Gronski

    the guy was a scarfopottomus at bars all around UW before he got married and it was getting a little long in the tooth for some. here is hoping he stays loyal now that he has been married.

  • Anonymous

    Most college coaches tend to be confident and charming (think recruiting). Makes sense because it goes with the job. Given that women find those traits attractive, it’s not surprising that many have attractive wives.

  • iabeachlvr .


  • Rob

    what the hell does this have to do with sports? middle of the season and you pieces of crap can’t find a decent topic to report on? pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    bret bielema is a college football coach

  • Amy

    You left out the part about how he claimed he was a history professor when he first met her.

  • Nick Garrison

    Find the site that compares Bielema to an OLD BUTTHEAD from Beavis and Butthead….just google it…ITS AMAZING!!!!

  • Nick Garrison
  • jimmy

    She is just another opportunistic, gold digging, bubble-headed, bleach blonde !

  • ArcanVmXII

    Red Flag. Obvious defensive lie is obvious. Soon as she’s bored she’ll be skipping out with half his worldly possessions in tow.

  • Nick Garrison

    She had NO IDEA he had a dime…it was his balding pumpkin size head and his ever expanding gut that drew her to him. Its good to know she isn’t a superficial moneygrubber who only latched on to Bielema the Hutt because he has some cash…

  • Sir Duke

    The shots with the glasses on remind me of Kelly Ripa. Congrats coach!

  • Sir Duke

    Oh and a fellow Tampon too…

  • Anonymous

    She’s thin and can wear a bikini.. that makes her hot? It doesn’t take much for some people, I suppose.

  • Joe Blow

    You say that is if tis a bad thing!

  • mavrick

    something to take back to Arkansas where sharing is caring

  • Anonymous

    she was at a celebrity charity tournament. as eye candy, or trolling?

  • tony

    He needs to drop the beers & pick up the dumb bells.

  • Anonymous

    Ain’t love grand?

  • Anonymous

    Really, four months before she asked, “So, what do you do for a living?” Typically that’s one of the first three questions.

  • Triathloncoach68

    She is very attractive. But if he was going just for looks he could have done much better. I doubt she could have found anyone richer and more famous. If he keeps winning while she gets older, she doesn’t look like she exercises, he could easily trade her in. He’s a better catch than her. No disrespect to her, but he has a lot going for himself. And I bet he could find a trainer and go on a diet. He’s not old.

  • Don Boogie

    She’s not hot, she’s just skinny and bleach blonde. But whatever, he’s happy because he gets to bang her and she’s happy because she doesn’t have to work. Everybody’s happy.

  • random thought

    I’m calling bs she didn’t know who he was until 4 months later. Theres no way a guy that looks like that gets a girl that hot unless he’s well know (famous), dropping loads of cash on her, or she has seriously low self-esteem.

  • Ken Armstrong

    I bet he doesn’t have sex with her. It’s a safety issue. He might have sickle cell and die.

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