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NCAA Football

A Map Of The Country, Broken Down By College Football Fandom, Will Help You Not Get Beaten Up

Click to enlarge.

College football allegiances, particularly in the Southeast, have very specific boundaries. Like, very specific — travel too far south in Florida wearing Gator blue, and you might find yourself surrounded by Hurricanes fans. And if you offer up a “Roll Tide” too far east in Alabama, you’ll get a sideways glance from all of the Tigers around — and then you’ll probably get your car keyed up. Yes, America takes its football allegiances, and the domains of those allegiances, very seriously.

Now, thanks to a CFB Redditor, those domains are more clearly defined (of course, it’s not totally definitive — we’re sure there are a few fan states that are slightly skewed). It kind of makes you feel for those teeny, tiny outposts lost in the middle of Texas Longhorn country, doesn’t it?


  • http://www.stateofthefourthestate.com Dave Levy

    New England does not cheer for Boston College. It cheers for the Red Sox and Patriots. Half the city of Newton wishes that Alumni Stadium was sucked into an abyss.

  • http://twitter.com/bcinterruption BC Interruption

    What’s college football? – Maine

  • Ryan

    College Football is the game where men play for pride, not money.  That’s why its so much more entertaining than Pro.  You can pick the winner of most pro games, even against the spread, far more times than not.  But college against the spread is one of the hardest bets there are.  They actually try for all 60 minutes and aren’t waiting on a check or trying to avoid injury the entire game.  That’s why most of the pro teams are made of Florida, Florida State, USC, Texas, Georgia, and a few midwestern college grads…b/c northerner schools don’t produce athletes.  You should get to know college players and schools b/c that’s who you are rooting for on Sundays you bozos.

  • Gray

    SO psyched my school somehow made it on here!!! ODU!!!! We’re the tiny blue speck in the bottom right hand corner of VA…Maryland is kinda pointing to us :-)  Thank you to whoever A) Knows our program exists and B) Saw fit to include it here! 

  • Jhbfan2001

    NCAA D1 FCS National Champions own both North and South Dakota!

  • Jhbfan2001

    The North Dakota State Bison that is…

  • Uscg4fun

    Hmmm, you seem to think that SD and ND only are fans of NDSU, i sense a lot of UND, USD, and SDSU fans will think your map is pretty lame!

  • KAMT

    NDSU Bison have Western MN in their pocket too…FYI ;)

  • TxRenegade

    Texas is dead wrong, DFW is split mainly between Tech, OU, and a small faction of TCU.  Houston is A&M territory as is everything about 50 miles east of Austin and south of DFW to the gulf including all of Houston, only excluding the town of waco.  El Paso also has a strong tech presence as does Midland/Odessa.

  • Gmwigdahl

    Like hell they do.  Go Sioux.

  • A-lloyd

    How the heck can NDSU also push into South Dakota? We have a team too, ask Washington, Iowa, and Iowa State basktball teams. Go Jacks.

  • NDSUfanatic

    northern colleges do produce athletes but not as much… reason is we are smaller populated than the southern states if you campare athletes to population i say its pretty damn even

  • Northerner

    Northern colleges don’t produce athletes? Ever heard of the University of Michigan? Or Ohio State? You made a  good point with your argument until you said an asinine thing like that.

  • Spelunker64

     Championships. This is a football map, not bball or hockey

  • Spelunker64

     Nobody cares about hockey

  • dizzle

    South Dakota is owned by Nebraska Cornhuskers and that’s coming from a Bison Alum who lives in Sioux Falls. It’s not even a question. Half the people in this state probably don’t even know where NDSU is located little alone what their team name is. 

  • Sming01

    its talking about college you moron

  • Sming01

     ndsu dominates the upper midwest. we own the goofers

  • Poopnozzle

    Yeah, that’s not true at all. SDSU and USD own South Dakota. They play next year again for the first time since they each moved up to D-I.

  • poopnozzle

    In college football, NDSU owns western Minnesota.

  • http://www.stateofthefourthestate.com Dave Levy

    Ah, that’s why I couldn’t find the Rhein Fire represented. Thanks!

  • ozzy1399

    I live in Alaska!!  Nice job F#ck sticks!!  Glad your geography only contains 49 states!!

  • RollHerd

    I will agree with you here (also Bison Alum), but a slight correction; SiouxFalls and Sioux City are both in the Nebraska area on this map (it goes to the top of Iowa)

  • Bridgetghoffman

    Half of North Dakota and all of South Dakota is insulted by this….

  • Riiiight

    That’s racist.

  • Qtnatty

    Does UND even have a logo to put on the map? The Whioux?

  • Davek_nd

    NDSU has a strong following within the city of Fargo but UND has a strong following throughout the entire state of North Dakota including Fargo. For NDSU to represent the Dakotas is a joke. They’re only the 2nd most popular school in North Dakota and have no following in South Dakota at all.

  • MontanaUnibomber

    As an NDSU alum, I don’t know how you can justify NDSU owning SOUTH DAKOTA…They hate us,  for Christ sake!  Hell, half of North Dakota hates NDSU.  Those states should be split evenly by NDSU, UND, SDSU, and USD.  I’m sure New England feels the same way about Boston fucking College.  Maine Bears, New Hampshire, UMass all have passionate followings in New England 

  • MontanaUnibomber

    Oh, I forgot to mention…Sioux Suck

  • MontanaUnibomber

    If  Oregon owns 90%  of that state, then U of Montana should own 90% of Montana.  Just sayin…

  • Fletcher

    I’m from Atlanta and I stood in line at Disney World behind a guy in an NDSU shirt. We chatted about the football team a little. I know very little about football in ND and SD, but NDSU is the only school I know anything about up there. I would say that their place on the map pretty fair. Sorry other rival schools (SDSU and USD).

  • Georgia Redneck

    What are you talking about?  Connecticut has more population than Mississippi.  Massachusetts has more population than Alabama and Arkansas combined!  You want to talk about New York?  You could lump all the southern states together and not get to 18 million.

  • jwb

    Wow, what a genius you are. You “stood in line” and are now an “expert” on the area? You can count the number of NDSU fans who live in SD on one hand. FYI, SDSU leads in the series since both moved up.

  • CalBison97


  • CalBison97

    Not the series of National Championships

  • CalBison97

    North Dakota State University Bison, we win DI championships ON THE FIELD!

  • basketball luvr

    is there one like this for college basketball?? that would be awesome

  • Chsbabyblondy16

    Woah woah woah.. Where is Sam Houston.. is that the little orange speck?!

  • Nittany Lions

    PENN STATE!!!!!

  • college kid

    so many dumb comments, i like the idea and its well represented, no one cares about the dakotas the real colleges are well done 

  • charlene

    Where can I purchase this map? iwrite4oc@gmail.com

  • Ryan

    People in the north east don’t care to much about college football

  • justafan

    Fort Myers, South Florida is Gator country…not Canes. Florida graduates roughly 5 times what the U does every year. The largest Gator alum association is in Broward County, FL.

  • justafan

    Also, Georgia Tech is in Atlanta……

  • Justafan

    It might be useful to look where Atlanta is on a Map. Not that there aren’t more UGA fans there…but no real explanation for why Georgia Tech gets a circle where it does. Looks like someone just guessed.

  • Hhbusyb

    Is there a way to buy one of these maps?

  • FortMyers

    I live in Fort Myers….we are a Gator City…no canes stuff in stores around here!

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