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Eminem, Brent Musberger, And Kirk Herbstreit Have The Most Awkward Conversation In History Of Live Television

Being a Michigan native, Eminem naturally likes Michigan football. Maybe. Ok, fine — he’s promoting his new album The Marshall Mathers LP 2. ESPN invited him up into the press box to chitchat with two people who live on the other end of universe: Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit. As if that wasn’t enough to make things awkward, Eminem is either intentionally acting high, he’s actually high, or he’s so burnt out from being high that he goes in and out of consciousness…

Because that pause in the beginning of the interview felt like it lasted FOREVER.

Ok, so we may never know what’s going on here, but given his history with drugs, as well as the fact that his new album is pretty much a story about addiction and “recovery,” one could assume that he wasn’t exactly fresh as a daisy going into this “interview,” if you catch my drift. He was recently quoted in Rolling Stone “that he was taking up to 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin pills a day” at the peak of his problem. Holy shit. Musberger and Herbstreit could get a contact high from just asking him dumb questions he doesn’t feel like answering.

For the record, we’re not saying Eminem was on drugs when he went on ESPN. We’re speculating that it’s a plausible justification for how awkward the whole thing was. Lord knows being on TV is nerve wracking. Maybe it was just butterflies in his stomach, and not 90 doses of prescription opioids. Right? What was the question?

Or he’s just messing with them for publicity. If that’s the case — well done, Marshall. Either way, ou’ll be able to buy the album here when it drops November 4th.

  • sebastian

    Maybe he really was just uncomfortable lol

  • Bon

    You clearly don’t understand humor. He’s clearly trolling.

  • YoursTruely

    Obviously, you don’t know what your talking about. Have you ever seen Eminem before this video? He’s acting, you have no sense of humor and it’s brilliant marketing.

  • Jackmo Jones

    Nah, dudes not high at all he may be a bit spaced out from a late night but he’s way too coherent to be on something at the time. I know drug people and he just doesn’t look it.

  • Dj

    Yea def not high… after the opening with him messing around with the guys he was actually quite engaging

  • Smarter than you

    Ok so if he was high from weed who cares, you’re ignorant to judge or poke fun at anyone for smoking weed when you yourself don’t know any truth or facts to it and also if he was taking pills how exactly are they going to get a contact high from that? Really the stupidity is unbelievable.. Go educate yourself

  • Anti-Religion

    HA, GAY!

  • CCUinMTL

    Do people really not realize that he was kidding around?! Watch the rest of the interview, he was totally fine. He was making a JOKE and drawing attention to himself by acting weird just before a clip of his video for a song called berserk. And it worked, perfectly! Look at how many people are talking about that interview this morning. Eminem must be sitting back chuckling – “dance puppets, dance!”

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this piece itself is satirical, because anyone who is even the least bit familiar with EMINEM’s work knows that he was joking around with these guys. There is no way Jake O’Donnell is THAT slow…..is there?

  • Jim Duggan

    He does say that “Eminem is either intentionally acting high, he’s actually high, or he’s so burnt out from being high that he goes in and out of consciousness…” That sounds tongue in cheek. Im pretty sure the point O’Donnell’s trying to make is that Eminem wasn’t taking the interview seriously.

  • wudup

    LOL what an entertainer. He knows what humor we all grew up on. Hes obviously a big fan of humor himself. I’m glad hes getting some spotlight for his new LP. Hes one of the last true entertainers alive. His songs are the soundtracks to thousands or millions of lives. You cannot beat an Eminem song on the radio cruising down the street in your car. If you stumble on an Eminem song on the radio I don’t care who you are that f&cjing song is staying on, volumes going up & your speed is gonna bounce 10 miles an hour till its over.

  • John McNulty

    Dude, you know nothing of “drug people.” I grew up in Dorchester, Eminem is clearly on drugs.

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