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ESPN Announcer Whose Mic Was Accidentally Left On: “My God, These Are the Longest Games Ever”

ESPN announcers Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, and Jon Gruden are apparently a very chatty and broey bunch. That much we learned during a commercial break for Monday night’s Orange Bowl, when the three announcers’ microphones were left on during a commercial break.

When you watch a streaming sporting event on ESPN3.com, they don’t have conventional commercial breaks. Instead, when the television broadcast goes to a break, you’re left with what Slate classifies as “footage you normally wouldn’t” see or hear.

Here was the exchange between Tirico, Jaworski, and Gruden. Apparently, someone owes someone else lunch, and these games are just too damn long (which is something we can all agree with).

Here’s the transcript of the exchange:

(?): “You owe me dinner, bro.”
Tirico: “Yep, no problem.”
Gruden: “Go ahead Jaws, have another lozenge.”
Jaworski (celebratory): “God dang, I made it!”
Gruden: “My God, these are the longest games ever.”
Jaworski: “Holy cow.”
Tirico: “Wait ‘til Monday.”

[Slate via Deadspin]

  • sportsforbitches.com

    Jon can sit through a long game cause his giant camel balls become too sweaty and then the suit becomes uncomfortable. It is just too much for his balls.

  • Anonymous

    Why are the ESPN announcers for the Orange Bowl so obviously in favor of WV?

  • Anonymous

    Well, from the looks of it, Clemson’s team is also really pro-WVU. Maybe the announcers are just following their lead.

  • Dee Bradford

    Watch some of the Baylor-UCF game yesterday. There were 30 minutes of non stop commercials at half time. During exchanges of the ball, there were always 4-5 different commercials. The teams could have taken naps between ball exchanges. Worst broadcasting I have every seen. Terrible!

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