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NCAA Football

Holy Crap, Lane Kiffin’s Been Fired

Trying to recall the last time a coach got fired between midnight at 5 a.m., and can’t come up with anything. Lane Kiffin officially lost his job at USC at 4:50 a.m. PST, and, well, it IS National Coffee Day, so I guess Pat Haden was up early anyway. Haden announced the embattled coach had been “relieved of his duties” with the football team following the Trojans’ 62-41 loss to Arizona State just hours before. So I guess 62 is the magic number that gets you canned in the wee hours.

According to multiple sources Haden fired Kiffin in an airport parking lot.

From USCTrojans.com:

Lane Kiffin has been relieved of his duties as USC’s head football coach, Trojan athletic director Pat Haden announced early today (Sept. 29).

Haden informed Kiffin of his termination upon the team charter’s arrival back in Los Angeles early Sunday morning following USC’s 62-41 loss at Arizona State.

Kiffin’s Trojans have lost 7 of their past 11 games. USC is 3-2 this year and has lost both of its Pac-12 games. His overall record in 4 years at USC is 28-15.

Haden will hold a press conference at USC on Sunday afternoon at a time and place to be announced.

Now, who do you want to be USC’s new coach?

  • Roll Tide

    This guy has left a trail of failure everywhere he has been. After the Raiders folly and the Vols disaster, Mike Garret should be in hiding for the next five years. At least Haden had the sense to meet him in the airport and sack him. The next team to hire Kiffen — cause there WILL be one — ought to have its head examined. This guy has the personality of a shark and the coaching ability of a 12 year old.

  • TheNJHammer

    I bet they go after sarkesian at UW or fitzgerald at NW. kiffin will land at a midmajor or school making the jump to FBS

  • VolTro

    Lane Kiffin has destroyed two of the most storied programs in college football. Their programs will recover slowly over a decade or so. He should never work in football again.

  • vaporware

    Won’t be gone for long
    -he’ll be coaching in the WNBA next season as
    Elaine Kiffin,
    once his requested sex change operation is complete

  • aTrojan2


  • aTrojan2

    Excellent assessment Tide; 12 y/o shark about sums it up. What an embarrassment these Kiffins have brought upon us. Lame will go the way of Paul who is without name Hackett and hide in the NFL booth now. He can keep his stupid laminated play chart to himself like Linus and his blanket.

  • MissingPeteCarroll

    Can anyone explain to me WHY it took so long!??!

  • jo bu

    4.8 million reasons … — that’s a lot of ticket price increases to hope you can make work out…

  • jb

    Okay — while he’s getting the blame for everything but the OJ murders and the Lindbergh baby abduction let’s at least review slightly —
    – Tell me a Raider coach in the last 5 years who’s done diddly — given what Al Davis was forcing down their throats. — heck even Chuckie got traded when he got too “big” for Al to handle.
    – Seems like the next Tennessee coach wasn’t any ball of fire either — didn’t they just fire him after just 2 years.
    – Go back and look closely — as a an SC offensive coordinator Kiffin was the hottest thing going — in fact I’d say he was glowing white hot — multiple Heisman winners, considered the best guy recruiting, etc, etc.

    – While Kiffin’s gone in the dumperoo over the last 10 games (with essentially 50 players vs every other teams 85), up until the middle of last year they had won 16 of the previous 19 games and started the year ranked #1 with a Heisman favorite in Barkley. Did one head coach really create the mess?
    Get real.

  • bj

    Sark’s not that stupid.. Not without there being essentially about another 6 year ironclad contract available in L.A. — and SC willing to pay his own buyout in Washington. Gee — that would be about 4.8 million to pay off Kiffin, Another 5-7 million on offer for Sark, and probably 3-4 million to Washington to let him go.

  • jo bu

    really missing Pete — your who screwed us and left us probabion– Carroll??

    Rethink things.

  • Bamatami

    Well, it could have been worse. They could have just handed him a parachute on the plane..

  • vaporware

    Remember When…….


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