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KC TV Sports Anchor Pretty Clearly Calls KU The ‘Gayhawks’, Now Claims He Didn’t Say It

First came the racist NFL sign at a Sonic Drive-In in nearby Belton, Missouri, and now this. His name is Jack Harry, and he’s had ongoing skirmishes with Kansas Jayhawks fans before (see below). But this time it’s serious: the Kansas City 41 Action News sports anchor apparently referred to the Jayhawks as the “Gayhawks” during a discussion on a recent sports segment, and there are calls for him to be fired over it.

Harry, though, says he’s innocent. He says he was misunderstood. (If you watch and listen to the video, that’s a hard claim to believe). And the NBC affiliate is sticking by him. See Harry’s response below.

You stay classy, Kansas City.

From 41 Action News KSHB-TV on its Facebook page:

While Jack Harry is opinionated, he knows the difference between legitimate sports discussion and unacceptable, uncalled for language. After speaking at length with Jack, we believe Jack when he tells us that is not what he said.

We stand by Jack and encourage him to speak his mind when it comes to sports in Kansas City and beyond.

  • julius irving

    Everyone except for their alumni calls them the gayhawks. Everyone in Kansas City Missouri (the city) calls them the gayhawks, Jack was exactly correct, they are overrated gayhawks. There is no story here.

  • Jarod


  • Alex

    By “everyone” you mean “3rd graders who still think it’s funny to call people gay,” right?

  • http://sportingnerds.com Sco Jo

    I’m from Kansas City. Went to Northwest Missouri State. I usually just go with “Jayhawks” or “KU”.

  • You Are Dumb

    The only people that i have ever seen the term gayhawks used was by the Westboro Baptist Church……

  • DM

    Why would such a stupid story (not a legitimate news story by the way, but just some made up story on social “media”) even be remotely dignified?  People hear what they want to hear. For those KU fans who already despise Jack Harry, it’s very clear he said “Gay hawk.” How is it even up for discussion? After all, it’s a well established fact that Harry is anti-KU, and must therefore be the devil himself. How could someone not just love that silly looking little bird? BUT to anyone else, it’s very clear that Harry said Kansas Jayhawks, then Frank Bowl said “who”, then Harry came right back very quickly and said Jayhawks again. Seriously – what an embarrassment that any reputable news source would feed into this garbage.

  • Anonymous

    One truism that every knows is this:Local ‘Big-Deal TeeVee Nooze’ hacks are the dumbest people walking the earth. Devoid of any ability to do anything else meaningful in their lives, they either hang on…and hang on…to their jobs until and beyond their rotund, silver-haired years, or they lob ‘discrimination lawsuits’ when terminated (“You unfairly stole the only job I know how to do, so I will SUE YOU!!!”). Local TV news hacks are among the most disliked people anywhere.

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