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Les Miles Disses A High School Kid In Front Of A Cheering Crowd

The recruitment of star Columbus, In. quarterback Gunner Kiel was one of the most unpredictable of the class of 2012. First, the five-star prospect shocked everyone and committed to Indiana. Then, he de-committed and opted for LSU. Then, suddenly, he was enrolled at Notre Dame. These multiple changes of heart were a good thing for Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly. They were not such a good thing for LSU coach Les Miles. And in speaking to a crowd yesterday, Miles wasn’t exactly shy about that:

We know Miles marches to the beat of his own drum, but…really? We posted yesterday on a Virginia Tech assistant’s mini-meltdown upon learning a previously-committed prospect was heading to Miami, but to have a head coach dissing a recruit like this – not a good look.

Again, yeah: recruiting is stressful, and it’s only natural to get upset when you put a ton of work into landing guy and then you don’t. But…the kids are the ones with their futures most at stake here. Plus, Miles didn’t seem to have much of an issue with Kiel’s waffling when he was the one to benefit. And this is a smaller issue, but “didn’t have the chest”? It’s supposed to be a crack at the kid’s heart, we guess (again, pretty bush league), but it comes off like Miles thinks Kiel has insufficient moobs for the LSU quarterbacking job.

Getting LSU fans pumped up is Miles’ job. But there has to be a way to do it – like, say, talking about the 21 players who did commit – without trash-talking a high schooler who was undoubtedly being pulled in about 20 different directions. And if you really have to make a reference to it, couldn’t you be a little more sly about it? Sure, coaches probably do stuff like this all the time, but that doesn’t make it any less of a low blow. We generally like Miles around here, and it’s a little disappointing to see him partake in the kinds of shots we’d have sooner expected from Lane Kiffin at Tennessee.

  • Www

    If there’s a story in any way sports related that let’s Glenn Davis be a pompous, self righteous, douche bag, you know he will be all over it.  Go fuck yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I will, thanks!

  • LSU Pride?

    Glenn Davis didn’t need to write a word.  I just heard about Mile’s comments, and this was the first place that popped up on Google with the video — which speaks volumes by itself.  If there’s any douche bag in this story  — it’s Les Miles.   There was not reason to call out the high school guy, have some class Miles.  

  • Dcowboys3826

    I was so happy the day he enrolled. He might be starting out of the gate and if he’s the passing threat he’s supposed to be then we have a shot at having a good team.

  • HitlerHair

    Kiffin would jab Coaches, not players.  Apples and Oranges, douche.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NE2OQ3BZCYRJYHRLYETBBJ4FVI Mimi

    Oh! single, my dear, to be sure! A single man of large fortune; four or five thousand a year. What a fine thing for our girls! wish you looking for true love! > Súg a r c Ù p i d.c’0′m<–

  • Bayou Bengal

    This is kid is not in High School anymore and will be hearing much worse in the near future. The kid needs to nut up and play some ball plus don’t want him at LSU at QB if he can’t make a decision.

  • Lndingram

    Yeah well Les all we can get for the majority here in the SEC is Illiterate African Americans who want to get by on the system not use their brains  and you are one of the biggest offenders he just  got smart and did want to put up with the thuggs here in the SEC really if tested I bet 75 % of the thuggs in the SEC could not pass a high school test much less a true unmanipulated college exam and at least ND told a recruite he was not welcome because of comments he said on twitter you probably called he and offered him a full ride including a car and 5k amonth or maybe that was another black QB in the SEC who had a stolen Comp and got caught cheating on a test. Oh yeah thats right you just had a played who could play how many games in the season beacause he got arrested and then really sucked up the game when it counted.  Les it starts with coach and well your comments say it all low class and give me da niggggs and I am happy. So Les FFFFFFFFFF OFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • craig

    With the way Miles handled Jarred Lee, no highly ranked QB prospect should pick LSU.

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