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Lou Holtz Blamed Stanford’s Loss To Utah On Midterms … Except That Stanford Isn’t In Midterms

If you live in the SF Bay Area, it’s not an unusual thing to hear: Stanford didn’t play well in one game or another because of midterms. It’s true that the academic load on The Farm can be rigorous, and can play a part in athletic performance. But when Lou Holtz makes the diagnosis that the Cardinal football team suffered its first loss of the seasons due to midterms, skepticism creeps in.

Holtz, on ESPN’s College Football Final, following Utah’s 27-21 win on Saturday:

“There’s no doubt that Stanford did not play well. But I know coming from an academic institution, this is a time for midterm exams,” Holtz explained. “Players are not focused, they don’t get to practice on time, they’re worn out, they’re tired, they don’t get much sleep, and you do not play very well. And that is exactly what it looked like to me with Stanford. I don’t know that for a fact, but that looked like a football team that was in midterms.”

Problem here. As Larry Brown Sports points out, Stanford isn’t in midterms. In fact, due to their quarter system, midterms there are at least three weeks away.

This past Friday was, however, the last day to drop a class. BONUS DERP: Utah is in midterms this week.

  • Anonymous

    He meant Utah’s midterms, LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Get rid of Holtz, he is old, senile and useless. Way past his time to be on TV

  • JR_PSU71

    The whole schtick with Holtz and May is tiresome and both should go. Their stupid arguments are for the sake of hearing themselves talk. And Holtz definitely should be put out to pasture; he can’t even make logical arguments anymore (not that he made that many in the past).

  • TBoonepickens

    No No, Chandler, “It looked like a football team that was in midterms”, see that again? “it LOOKED like a team”, once more, “LOOKED”. Here are some other words you might understand.. “I don’t know that for a fact” see? “fact” and “I don’t know” get it? Lou Holtz would have a better idea of what is bothering a college team than you guys.They are college kids, good teams lose games sometimes,you guys are so bound to your paper, weaker teams come up big. If he had said they looked like zombies, you’d be squawking about Halloween being three weeks away!

  • Bob Dumon

    Deputy Dawg blows another one. What a mushmouth dork…. Another classic Loser Holtz silly pronouncement….

  • Bob Dumon

    Nor can anyone even UNDERSTAND whatever he’s saying, much less make sense of any of it.

  • Jim Cimino

    Above everything else, do you think ESPN could pay for a decent set of dentures for old Lou? Don’t get close to him when he’s speaking and use a wet wipe on the equipment and furniture around him after he leaves.

  • Jim Cimino

    Oh, I forgot Mark May( have brain, someday ). Must have gotten him cheap because his opinion isn’t worth the TV time it takes for him to spew it out of his garbage hole.

  • Bob Dumon

    Somebody who actually LIKES Holtz’s work? Why? To each his/her own. Amazing…. Geesh….

  • KWtiger

    Holtz is the worst, most biased announcer out there. I try to turn the sound off when he comes on. “Coming from an academic institution” I know about midterms?? Good thing no other university out there has mid term exams? It was a slam at every other school out there as if no one but Notre Dame and Stanford ever have exams.

  • G. Johnston

    Holtz is trying to make an excuse for Stanford’s loss (he didn’t say that Stanford was overrated anyway – as they barely beat Washington 31-28 – and won based upon Shaw telling his players to drop down inn 4th qtr. to delay game). Lou is stretching the bad play (not mentioning Utah’s outstanding play) – Stanford is not in midterms til later in the month. Good luck Lou.

  • tigerjim

    Sorry Indians, you tried but just did not have the power to win.

  • Bill Codner

    Poor old Lou, just a doofus

  • John

    Lou Holtz has forgotten more about football than most will ever know. Problem is, he has forgotten too much. It’s time to go.

  • Frankie Hollywood

    Every year when College Football starts and I see Lou Holtz is STILL with ESPN, I email them and beg, for the love of God, get rid of this MORON. He’s old, biased, senile, and his spitting on everything is disgusting.


  • John

    I’m surprised that he still remembers his own name.

  • RobdudeUtes

    WOW, That’s the problem with these old guys that care more about the name than who is actually better. It will never be enough, In this case Utah had the momentum for the better part of the game and wins, an he just HAD TO pull some lame excuse out of his wrinkly a$$ without even confirming his BS first. I still think Stanford is the better team overall but to make up a stupid Midterm excuse is retarded..

  • sea jay rudy

    it doesn’t matter what Lou says. he’s the dean of the football coaches, so what if his timing is a little off. If you are able, compare his record at ND with all other records, while you, if you can, factor in the quality of competition Holtz faced there. So if it APPEARS to him that Stanford was in mid terms so what if mid terms are actually later. You don’t have anything better to do? Get a real career, do something, create something, rather than snipe from obscurity at those who have done well.

  • Midterms

    I graduated this year from a school on a quarter system. I think at these schools “midterms” is just a word used for any test. I had some classes that would have up to 4 “midterms.” Midterms could happen anywhere from week 2-10. I even had a midterm on the last day of class, while still having to take a final for that class the following week.

  • Bing Tsang

    It is time they put some people with a different perspective on the air. Just because Asian people are really smart, doesn’t mean we don’t know football. Maybe not many of us play it but we watch! Also how come nobody talks about who is dominating Texas Hold Em? Or how about LPGA?

  • Terry Seyler

    Lou Holtz looked tired, he was slurring his words and seemed confused… maybe he was coming off an all-nighter boning up for his mid-terms? I was at the game, next to the Stanford fan section- there were old, tired and confused fans there too.

  • RobdudeUtes

    Are you kidding me? let me get this straight.. sea jay rudy’s logic is…so what if what lou says is completely wrong, because he is the mighty Lou Holtz, an whoever questions whether what he is saying holds any truth at all..should get a real career…??
    I think your reasoning speaks for itself..

  • StanfordStudent

    Yo so I highly doubt that Stanford lost because of midterms; however, as a Stanford student who is currently in the library studying for my midterm tomorrow, I would like to clarify that there were a bunch of midterms last week and a bunch more this week too. Regardless, we shouldn’t have lost and we certainly did not lose exclusively because of midterm season.

  • Steve Garton

    Lou is likely right. It may not be mid terms yet but this is the time of
    the year when academics get rigorous in college, especially at the top
    academic schools. If they don’t start buckling down now, they will not
    do well on mid terms and end up on the road to being ineligible. As I
    recall, this is the time that warnings go out. Mid terms make up so much
    of the grades that if you fail mid terms, you are nearly certain not to
    pass the class. The SEC and some other conferences start visiting
    professors right about now and lining up tutors for their players with
    academic problems. Lou knows this coming from Notre Dame. He said “this
    is what it looked like” to him. The writer “Chandler” is foolish trying
    to make Lou look like he mis spoke and didn’t know what he was talking
    about! He

  • Steve Garton

    I can tell you didn’t attend a top level academic school and play sports. Ute.

  • Steve Garton

    He’s the only commentator that actually speaks for coaches, institutions and players. The rest are just popularity minded sports writers with only the favorite and followed teams in mind. Holtz hasn’t changed in 30 years and thats a good thing. Not a bad thing. He knows the game, coaches and students better than anyone on TV, and he’s widely respected. In this case, he is absolutely right and anyone coming from a top academic institution knows he’s right.

  • Anonymous

    So do you think Utah just waltzed into the PAC12 because it is an average academic school? You know, I know some of those hot shot Standford jock types and they didn’t make it big time in the game of life.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps Stanford should give up their athletic program if the jocks can’t cut the load. When was the last time you saw anyone at Standford get less than a B?

  • RobdudeUtes

    nice little “nose in the air” Jab there! how do you know that about me? or was that just a snooty “im better than you” statement? An how do you know how things are done at the University of Utah? you actually think if a Ute doesn’t make the grade, they still get to play..?? or I guess its just that you know that Midterms at the U are sooo easy! going to quite the extent to back up an excuse.. Cardinal

  • Mustafa

    Well said bro.

  • Lou

    Indians, I like that!

  • Terry Thomas

    Let’s see…that would be me…1965. Since then, i understand, not one student has gotten less than a B. But I agree, it’s embarrassing for my alma mater to be so damned good at big boy sports like football…we should leave that for the football factories. We should stick with winning the Sears Cup/Capital One women’s Division.

  • Steve Garton

    Nose in the air? From a WVU-SDSU-UCLA alum? I don’t think so. Actually, I LOVE IT when any Pac12 school loses to a Mountain West school! I have no bias, or a dog in the hunt. Though I do have a pretty good idea how midterms are at Utah. I also know how football players are handled at “our” academic level schools compared to the top-level academic schools. And there are exceptions. There are some top level schools that assist the players in skating through. Nearly all the other programs assist the players in getting through. The best you’ll get out of Standford as a player is a warning and a meeting with a coach and maybe the professor. Point is, Lou knows what he’s talking about. He didn’t say it was the reason they lost to Utah was because of midterms. He said it was a factor by saying “they looked like a team that was in midterms”. Thats all. Taking nothing away from Utah and not deserving the hammering he got here.

  • Steve Garton

    Thats not what I said. Not what Lou said. Game of life? Right. What percentage of Stanford is Asian? Is that reflected in the team? All groups of players are roughly the same at most big time football schools (including Utah). The academic standards are not. Some schools help the players, some schools skate the players, some schools schedule them to pass but never graduate. Point is. Stanford isn’t one of them. Look up the player grad rankings, pac12 and NCAA. Stanford is not the only California Pac12 school in the top 25. USC, OR, OR State are in the top 25 player Grad rates. Utah is not in the top 25 Best or the top 25 worst so I will have to guess they are somewhere around 55th-85th. Stanford was 9th in the last NCAA football player grad ranking.

  • Steve Garton

    Player demographics are the same everywhere in the NCAA. Some schools care about their player grad rates, others don’t. As I wrote above.. Utah is not in the top 25 Best or the top 25 worst so I will have to guess they are somewhere around 55th-85th. Stanford was 9th in the last NCAA football player grad ranking. Evidence that Lou does know what he’s
    talking about. As usual.

  • Anonymous

    Actually Lou was shooting off his mouth and suggesting that Standford lost because the “boys” were dealing with midterms. Actually we found out that Lou was blowing smoke up his own skirt. This isn’t the first time he has taken a cheap shot at Utah. He was outspoken about how Utah was going to be beaten by Alabama at the Sugar Bowl. Utah does have good graduation rates amongst the jocks in all sports and have many them showing well with academic honors. BTW, have you ever seen anyone fail out of Standford?

  • Steve Garton

    Thats not what Lou said at all. He only said they “looked like” a team that was “not focused” due to finals. He did not take anything away from Utah’s win in his statement. The group here took it out of context and stretched it that far. Just like Utah and every other major conference program, athletes at Stanford are not recruited for their academics. However, they do a much better job of making sure their athletes graduate, as other top academic programs do. Lou knows this and without taking anything from Utah’s win, this is what he said. And you’re right, Utah has a good grad rate I suppose, just not in the top 50 in the NCAA. Utah’s player grad rate is 64%. Stanford is 90%.

  • Steve Garton

    Don’t forget ping pong. Thats a NC in the bag.

  • Anonymous

    Now you are telling me the article we are commenting on is incorrect. Great, perhaps you could just reference where I can find the correction. Oh and I trust Standford’s jock graduation rate would be 100% but the other 10% went early into professional sports.

  • RobdudeUtes

    Fair enough, I see your points. Lou IS getting more heat for his comments than he should for what he meant by the statements.

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