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NCAA FootballVideo

Mack Brown Loses His Mind In Front Of The World

You know that thing that more and more idiotic football players are doing where they drop the ball right before they cross the goal line for a touchdown, thereby actually fumbling? That happened to Kansas State last night against Texas, and the ensuing series of events led to Longhorns coach Mack Brown descending into insanity on live television.

First, the play in question, where you can clearly see this idiot for Kansas State drop the ball at the one. Come on, dummy. Score your touchdown and spike the ball like a normal person.


Rather than award Texas with the ball at the one or at the 20 after a touchback, the referees gave Kansas State the ball at the one yardline. As you might imagine, that’s when Mack Brown lost it, throwing an epic temper tantrum that not even members of the Longhorn team or staff would step in to interrupt. Definitely worth watching, via ABC:

My favorite moment? When Mack throws his headphones on the ground in disgust, only to immediately realize he needs them to do his job:

Mack's Headphones

[Business Insider]

  • http://twitter.com/RyanPatrick29 Ryan Poehls

    Is this your attempt to make up a story? I would be embarrassed to get paid for such a story. 99% of head coaches would have responded the same way after a blown call like that. This isn’t anything new from Mack Brown, he has 4 to 5 of these every year. This was at least the 4th time this year he has gotten upset over a blown call like this. If he didn’t get upset, that would have been a story.

  • Anonymous

    Which part did I make up? The part where Mack Brown threw a fit? The part where he threw his headset on the floor? Just because you don’t it funny to see an old man getting mad like a little kid doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  • Kevin

    You could write the same story about Bob Stoops weekly.

  • Anonymous

    I mean, we basically do have a story like this every week. Recent coaches whose temper tantrums have been showcased include Tommy Tuberville and Will Muschamp.

  • Beasel

    “Loses his MIND in front of the WORLD”. I doubt that the WORLD was watching, or cares. And, I don’t think he will be committed after “losing his MIND”. Exaggerated head line to get one to read an article about a common event. Crappy journalism! But, it did help fill the head line page.

  • Anonymous

    I meant all of that literally.

  • Spicewood

    Mack has been on edge for many years. I asked him a question on a live radio show regarding a UT recruting violation about 15 years ago and he hasen’t done a call in show since…..Your welcome

  • Mark

    Please do us all a favor and provide some useful information along with your anti-Mack rant; i.e., please explain the correct NCAA ruling on this type of screw up. Who gets the ball if it rolls out of the back of the end zone; who gets the ball if it rolls out of bounds? Was the call correct or not? Thanks

  • Anonymous

    When did this become an “anti-Mack rant”? I have no opinion of Mack Brown either way.

  • Anonymous

    This was NOTHING compared to a Muschamp booming.

  • Carl R Pruett

    You still did not answer question about what is “correct” NCAA ruling in this scenario, I.E., what refs should have ruled when player drops ball before breaking plane. Mack had legit complaint. It should have been ruled fumble and touchback instead of touchdown!

  • tax payer

    If you drop the football before you cross the goal line it has to be counted as a fumble, so if Texas recovered the Football it should have been place at the Longhorn 20 with a fist down. Who recovered the football because I didn’t see the whole game? If a Kansas State player recovered the football in the end zone then it had to be called a touchdown for them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hal.hall.798 Hal Hall

    Not helpful, Joe. I saw the game, I saw the rant, but couldn’t hear the commentary over the din in the restaurant. What we need to know is what was the basis for the refs’ ruling, and what was Mack’s argument with them, i.e., what football rule did each side think should have determined the result?

  • Dankicemann

    Guys leave the writer of this article alone. First of all, he exaggerated a little bit, that’s what writers are supposed to do. He should have written a little more on how ridiculous the blown call was, for professional referees to mess up that bad is really sad. But do you know how hard it is to write articles, even with sports? Maybe this wasn’t this guy’s best article I don’t know. But there was no misinformation in it that’s for sure. Wow…

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