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NCAA Football

Maryland’s New Football Uniforms Are Certainly … Bold

Maryland football coach Randy Edsall strikes us as a traditionalist. There are All those new rules he’s instituting with the Terps (especially the “no names on the back of the jerseys” thing). Testudo Times called him “a Coughlinesque hardass.” And he just looks like an old-school guy, doesn’t he?

And that’s why it surprised us to see that Maryland’s unveiling of new football uniforms yesterday prompted plenty of Oregon comparisons. If there’s one thing Oregon’s uniforms aren’t, it’s traditionalist, and these are undeniably in the same vein (even the helmets, which don’t have a logo or wording, are definitely different, as you’ll see below).

Of course, there’s an important group that tends to like bold uniform choices: players. Reportedly, Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson raved about the impact the uniforms would have on recruiting, and he’s probably not wrong: while these won’t make Maryland suddenly become the destination of choice for every top prospect in the country, they will ensure that a whole lot of people will be talking about Maryland, and will probably make the place look that much cooler to a lot of the kids they’re going after.

And truthfully…the more we look at them, the more we like some of the designs, too. Check ‘em out for yourself below.

Photos via Randy Edsall’s Twitter, Washington Post, Maryland’s official site, and Testudo Times

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PVLUOEPH3UWYLYJ5XTTNBNISQI Lee-Roy

    I guess they are going for chowder-vomit. 

    They look horrible. 

  • http://twitter.com/BrainMealCars Brian Mielcarz

    Nice sneakers guy in the suit.  Really?  Sneakers?  

  • Wbjr1103

    The NCAA needs to regulate what should and should not be on uniforms.  The NFL has regulations on uniforms (ex. no home or road helmet, and alternate uniforms when necessary). The turtle shell helmets with the Maryland state flag, unique as they may be, are still ugly, as are Oregon’s choice of uniforms.  The uniforms should have some type of regulations such as what can and can’t be on the uniform or helmet. Randy Edsall chose to have no player names on the uniforms, and the uniforms are OK, it’s the helmets I can’t stand. They should have either used the “Testudo M” logo, the “M with Maryland flag”, or “Testudo with M flying the Maryland flag”. In my opinion, Edsall will probably be in College Park 4-5 years tops.

  • Barbnjay

    Guy in the Suit could BUY and Sell your ass PLENTY of times LOL

  • OCTerp

    A regulator….Im sure you love our current Federal Govt Administration as well? NCAA HA!! And the new Unis are great…current, and relevent….just support the Terps and can the negativity.

  • Romoly22

    I’m sure these weren’t paid for with tuition money, right?…..right?

  • Anonymous

    Under Armour, actually. Maryland has a lucrative sponsorship deal with them.

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