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NCAA FootballVideo

Did Michigan Get Screwed On This Endzone Non-Catch? Controversy!

Michigan may have gotten jobbed against Iowa, folks. This Junior Hemingway catch was ruled incomplete, and many are crying foul. Actually, “crying foul” infers some sort of polite disagreement. People are really, really pissed.

To add insult to insult, there was may have been pass interference on the game’s final play, but it wasn’t called. Again: people aren’t happy. Final score: Iowa 24, Michigan 16.

[Video via CJ Fogler]

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1112927270 Ryan Young

    video say’s it all…… F#%@ the NCAA and their paid refs……. you’ve killed another american classic

  • college football fan

    Robbed TWICE. Hemingway caught the ball for a TD and pass interference on the last play! Terrible officiating. Cheated out of a TD

  • MBrittan

    not trying to stir up a hornet’s nest. But the referee got the call
    right at the end of the Michigan-Iowa game. My initial reaction was that
    he blew the call. I was curious so I looked it up. Here’s what I found
    in the NCAA rulebook: XI. Airborne receiver A85 grasps a forward pass and in the process of going to the ground, first contacts the ground with his left foot inbounds as he falls to the ground out of bounds. Immediately upon A85 hitting the ground out of bounds, the ball comes loose. RULING: Incomplete pass regardless of whether or not the ball hits the ground because the receiver is out of bounds. (page 164 of 197)
    http://www.fwfo.org/Files/2011Rules.pdf http://www.fwfo.org

  • http://twitter.com/gookygox Holly Christine

    Yeah, I’m sorry, Michigan fans but at no point does it look there is actual possession of the ball. I’m not surprised this call stood as called on the field.

  • Neil

    the ball didn’t come loose

  • Anonymous

    What a disappointing loss

  • Clevelaw

    This doesn’t talk about the other 2 pass interference penalties that should have been called that stopped Michigan drives.  I am not one for calling out refs as Michigan shouldn’t have let this Iowa team stay this close but losing a possible 21 points due to poor officiating is a tough obstacle to overcome.

  • Clevelaw

    The problem with your post is that the ball didn’t come loose.

  • Listentome

    dont be a moron it was a catch

  • todd

    Watch the reply his hand comes off the ball and then grabs is hand back on it.  inconclusive at best. 

  • Locster

    ball controlled knee in bounds, touchdown. refs whistle= crack pipe,, enough said.

  • Tankbikini
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patrick-Riley/100000581038856 Patrick Riley

    Thats strange in Iowa when we play football it normally covers the span of four 15 min quarters (only when the game goes into overtime does it exceed this). I was interested to find out that at Michigan the game is only two plays long. I was shocked, immediately I ran to my laptop, with the speed of 10,000 wolverines, to check to see if Michigan games were really that short. Was I confused? Was I seeing things? I couldn’t believe it, Michigan actually plays 15 min quarters! But… what..? That would…? Well that would mean that they would have had… Know clearly the wolverines just got screwed… I wouldn’t be able to imagine a situation in which they didn’t? But… I guess… Didn’t they have all game!!!! Blasphemy, heresy, treason… But after all this I realized your problem, you see Michigan losing as a paradox. We all hate paradoxes, so you use this to understand. I’m fine with that (I can only guess as to what you said after losing to MSU, was it: “We weren’t even trying” or “Robinson’s shoes were untied so it didn’t count”). Best of luck Fighting Blue Balled Babies and I assure you that one day the world will again hail to the antediluvian cretins.

  • CollegeFBFan

    As explained by retired NFL ref http://msn.foxsports.com/collegefootball/story/Mike-Pereira-Replay-does-job-in-Michigan-Iowa-game-110511 most Michigan fans can except the explanation, a few can’t.

  • James S Russell

    He grabs the ball with one hand, and as he is falling he grabs it with the other hand also. Both hands firmly on the ball as he hits the ground. You can see that from both sides of the two pictures they have of it. The ball never moves. As he rolls over one hand lets go and it’s still controlled by the other.  How is that losing control?
    As he fell to the ground the ball is not falling away from his chest. He’s in control.  In my mind, incontrovertible evidence. Touchdown. 
    Even after listening to the NFL ref referred to below.  

  • Tdriscoll97

    Of course the game is 4 full quarters of 15 minutes each. That being said, when any team plays a game there will be times in the game where they fail to convert. That does NOT excuse this call. Michigan put themselves in a position to tie late, made the play, and the call was blown… CLEARLY blown. 1 play does not a game make, but that does not let the officiating crew off the hook for that horrible sequence at the end.

  • Andrew

    False. If it was as simple as you put, both commentators wouldn’t have suggested TD to begin with…

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