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Here’s Every New College Football Uniform You’ll Be Seeing This Year

The start of this college football season will be greeted with a slew of new uniforms. From Utah State to Michigan, many teams will be rolling out some kind of new look this year, even if its just for a single game. Michigan, for instance, will be wearing their new duds for one game — and one game only — when they take on Alabama in Dallas.

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Some team are even getting very slight aesthetic changes: a new helmet here, a new stripe there. Texas is even getting redesigned practice jerseys. (Hey, if you practice well, you play well.)

Of course, all of these new uniforms come on the heels of Nike rolling out its Pro Combat design series just one year ago. Nike continues to provide new looks for college teams, but Adidas and Under Armour also are responsible for some of these fresh looks.

A huge, gigantic h/t to Uni Watch, a fantastic site you should all visit.

  • Anonymous

    Hey commenters—since pretty much every team in the country is adding new jerseys, I’m sure I missed some. Let me know about any glaring omissions here, and I’ll be sure to throw them in.

  • Larry

    Never heard of the school Nerbraska

  • Anonymous

    Having a good laugh at the expense of the Wyo Cowboy fans I know.

  • Matt

    Where is 

  • Djkolbe

    Wyoming might lose their viewer with that atrocity of a uniform.

  • Anonymous

    Like Michigans new uniforms not as ugly or dated as the old ones

  • Anonymous

    Look like the cowboys in Brokeback Moutain

  • http://www.butlermaps.com/ Arianna

    Some team are even getting very slight aesthetic changes: a new
    helmet here, a new stripe there. Texas is even getting redesigned
    practice jerseys. (Hey, if you practice well, you play well.)

  • Anonymous

    Michigan v Ohio State.

  • Gopherfan12

    I hope some other Nike team adopts Oregon’s old wings. I liked those. Air Force maybe?

  • Gopherfan12

    Just an observation: Who cares about App State?

  • Derrick James


  • Tony2mp

    Missouri and Rutgers are my favs. Love the Tiger. I’m an Auburn fan. I wish we would get a new uni

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carl-Philip-Von-Alfredsen/1766031968 Carl-Philip Von Alfredsen

    Maryland one looks awesome xD

  • Anonymous

    Notre Dame has new ones too. They are only wearing them for the Chicago game and they are reminiscent of Michigan’s jerseys with regard to the color scheme.

  • Evan Sporer

    Correct. But the Notre Dame jerseys were released at a later date/after this story was published.

  • MasivAtack

    Is the wisconsin uni a unitard?

  • Jake30

    Damn michigan state doesn’t get any this year? Last years were pretty sick

  • Anonymous

    They left out Oregon…theirs are looking mighty fresh this year

  • OSUtommy

    Is Ohio State getting one this year? I have to agree with Jake30 though…MSU had an awesome uniform last season.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why they change for one game and go back to the previous ones. Stick with the new or old. Schools is wasting a lot of money to make a new uni for one game. I think the new unis look cool, but whats the point of doing this?

  • scbama

    I just threw-up on my PC!

  • Brandon Holladay

    Nah there picture of Oregons in there too… But NIke has over 300 combinations for the ducks. Their team and NIke has some kind of deal to always have different uniforms and helmets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bigbamadawg Mike Hudson

    these uniforms look cool and all but they arent helpng these teams win championships now are they? Roll Tide!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/prophetjldavis Johnny Davis

    that is too funny man….lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/prophetjldavis Johnny Davis

    that is too funny man….lol

  • chillem

    wheres wazzu new unis??

  • Jon

    I like a lot of them. The gray is actually very nice by NIKE.

    Adias has a lot of work to do…

  • TwoThingism

    i like the uniforms. But nothing can beat Tradition of the Burnt Orange and white. I’m in favor that they do away with the name on the front of the jersey. Everyone knows when they come into town.

  • Willie

    The Alabama Crimson tide may be an elite team, but their helmet is reallllllly boring. No panache at all…Why don’t they use their graphics design department to come up with something a bit more exciting? Tide????

  • Colin

    Wisconsin’s looks like a rip-off of Michigan’s “Under-the-Lights” uni’s from last year. Pretty sure the number is in the same spot too.

  • Holdon McGroin

    Uniform designs by iPad and the script kiddies. Looks like the art department flits of a lot of schools are “taking the field”. “Oh Bwuce, you wook sooooo manwy”.

  • Old school fan

    Nothing wrong with the Alabama uniforms. Traditional look for a traditional power.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carl.m.kelso Carl Micheal Kelso

    What a waste of money. Instead of providing teams (like Oregon) with a different 4 or more uniforms for every player each year, the team backers (like the Oregon alum who is a co-founder of Nike) could provide extra scholarships to put a lot more students through school. What ever happened to having two uniforms (one home and one away) and using them for several years? American wastefulness at its best!

  • mooseee

    Oregon still remains the best-dressed college team in the country. Check ‘em out. It’s something new and different every week. What about those chrome helmets?

  • mooseee

    You have a valid point but I believe the variety of uniforms help bring unity and pride to students. Perhaps students are intrigued by and interested in checking out the school, and possibly enrolling? And oh, by the way, new enrollments in Oregon’s colleges (like U of O) right now are breaking all records.

  • Barry MaCaukiner

    Where’s the 2012 alternate uniforms for Ohio State??

  • scbama

    I think the truth is Maryland was kicked out of the ACC with those uniforms!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.thomas.7587 John Thomas

    I’ve seen Texas play, obviously they don’t practice very well either.

  • Anonymous

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  • http://www.facebook.com/carol.painter.790 Carol Painter

    You need them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carol.painter.790 Carol Painter


  • Anonymous

    only one oregon uniform this report is obviously flawed.

  • .

    sounds like an improvement.

  • igor

    you’re a unitard.

  • Mary G. Robinson

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