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Nick Saban Berates Heather Cox During Halftime Interview For No Reason

Alabama walloped Michigan 41-14 last night in front of a national audience, but the game was essentially over by halftime, with the Crimson Tide leading 31-7 at the break. ESPN’s Heather Cox, the sideline reporter for the game, caught up with Alabama coach Nick Saban at halftime to lob a few softball questions at him, including one about Alabama’s running backs by committee setup. And then this happened.

Wait, what? Simmer down there, cowboy. Nobody’s criticizing your backs. Just slam that softball out of the park instead of catching the pitch with your bare hand and chucking it at Heather Cox’s face. Cox, rather defensively, muttered “it’s all good, coach,” shocked that her interview wasn’t the usual 30-second chorus of bland blathering.

But ya see? Nick Saban never gives up. He doesn’t care what the scoreboard is. He’s a stickler for detail, ALWAYS. There was play in the fourth quarter when Alabama was punting, but the special teams unit earned a delay of game penalty. Saban stomped out onto the field, screaming at his punt unit for the error. Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit dutifully peddled the great-coaches-do-that bullshit in their subsequent commentary because NICK SABAN IS THE GREATEST COACH EVER. Seriously, Saban, just stop. Everyone sees through your show for the camera.

h/t Ride The Pine

  • JAKE

    That’s BS. Saban gave her his answer and she is not qualified to deal with a positive answer that sums up her question.

  • Anonymous

    Referring to Bama’s running back rotation as “running backs by committee” was insulting; a “by committee” comment is almost always uses in a disparaging way, and Saban was right to throw it back in her face. It is absurd to have sideline airheads distract coaches in the middle of their work anyway. Cox got what she deserved.

  • Daniel

    Reporting these days has become a joke in itself for the most part much less what these sideline reporters are doing. These coaches have better things to do than field stupid questions from what has essentially become TMZ reporters on the way to the locker room (hence this very article being concidered news worthy).

  • Anonymous

    You got to love idiot reporters that cant do so they pretend to know what those that can, SHOULD do. The most ridiculous reporting on earth. They assume they know the correct answer before the question. They never do. Most coaches graciously go along with the obvious BS just to be nice for the camera. Saben is in the business of teaching men to play football and to win games, ALL games. Take your cameras somewhere else if you dont like his results. But when you ask a question that contains what you perceive to be the answer, you make a big mistake with real coaches.

  • uamdb1978

    Let’s sum up what Saban said to her. “I disagree with your assessment of my personal choices, and I see nothing wrong with the way I am coaching this team”. I am not sure how any of that constitutes “berates”. He never yelled at her, and never said anything negative to her.

    As far as his fussing at his players for making a mistake, that is what great coaches do. They want their players to be perfect every time. That is how championships are built. Maybe you should spend more time understanding sports and less time berating coaches for doing their jobs.

  • http://www.madcharles.com/ MadCharles

    This is the same leaders in sport news that shut up and covered up for access for 14 years PENN STATES child rape program. It’s the same group you can’t watch on TV because they ignore 3/4′s of the pro sport leagues and players.

  • NC

    This individual incident wasn’t a big deal —but Saban is an a@@ who NEEDS to be punished by the NCAA for cheating….when you have a rules violation NAMED after you —you should probably try to straighten up your attitude.

  • NC

    I watch with humor when his cheating goes awry…Barry Sanders for instance –He went to a private high school in Oklahoma to look at the facilities?? really? (and the facilities weren’t impressive enough to warrant this trip) –
    The funny thing is that Sanders didn’t commit to Alabama anyway!
    This is one time that cheaters didn’t prosper.

  • NC

    BTW, SHE didn’t say anything wrong…..if this were a man reporter, it wouldn’t even had been posted here…and the bashers that posted to this article would have kept quiet.

  • BossHawk

    Sure he’s a jerk! The “oversigning bastard” has found football heaven in the SEC where he can do whatever he likes to stockpile a cupboard of the best athletes known to man. He and Les Miles of LSU are living the good life right now. It will take a while but the rest of college football will catch up to these two jackasses and the conference that turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to any improprieties.

  • chrisroe77

    Saban recruited Barry Sanders at Alabama by having him go to a private school in OK? What are you talking about?

  • RTR

    Haters always gonna hate! Roll Tide :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/HawkCW4 Ed Durffee

    Those ridiculous 30 sec “look how much I know about your sport” sideline reporter gigs make me ill. I just cant watch them any more. Wait till the game is over and let real jocks ask the questions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.wright.9085790 Thomas Wright

    Dylan Murphy nuff said! What an idiot!

  • jim

    do you even know what the rule is??? its a rule about not recruiting in the Spring because he was out working all of the other coaches

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