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NCAA Football

There Is Actually A Solid Chance That The Nick Saban To Texas Rumors Are True

Nick Saban Texas

There have been recent rumors that Nick Saban could leave Alabama for Texas after this season, when there’s a good chance Mack Brown will be fired. Your first reaction would be to laugh at the possibility of Saban leaving a team that won the National Championship last year, is favored to win it all this year, and is built to contend for the foreseeable future.

Then you realize he has nothing more to prove at Alabama, that Austin is thousands of times better than Tuscaloosa, and that Texas has trucks full of million-dollar bills. He could be the first $10 million coach. This is complete speculation, but it’s not farfetched.

But the rumors were just based on the above conjecture, until this reportedly happened.

It appears that the “Nick Saban to Texas” rumor is both legitimate and gaining traction. As first reported by Inside Texas and then confirmed by ESPN radio, Nick Saban’s wife, Terry, was in Austin two weeks ago house hunting with her daughter-in-law.

The report supposedly comes from someone “unquestioned” credibility, and was “confirmed” by ESPN radio.

The original report on Inside Texas gives more details about Terry Saban’s trip to Austin, including realtor information, ties with that agent to the athletic department, shady real estate dealings in Alabama, and Saban’s relationship with Texas athletic department employees who likely helped set up the meeting.

It sounds legit. But, Mrs. Saban claimed that she only wanted a “vacation home.”

Austin isn’t your typical “vacation home” area, but it’s nice, so that’s not completely ridiculous. And it’s really weird she’d go now, when it would clearly get found out and be a distraction to the Crimson Tide. I’m not really sure what to make of this. It sounds like Nick Saban had a brain-fart and let his wife explore houses while he pondered the offer, but Nick Saban’s brain seals gas like an airtight anus.

Maybe the Sabans are just messing with us all. I, for one, am damn confused.

[Burnt Orange Nation]

  • paul

    You are “damned confused” because you are willingly being played.

  • fm


  • BaldBarian

    This could happen, but.. about as likely as Obama turning into a true American Christian Patriot meaning about .0007 chance.

  • Anonymous

    They really are stupid reporters. It is just to fan the flames of fan ignorance. What a waste of time

  • Anonymous

    Up yours. Take the politics to rush Limbaugh. You sound like a complete fool.

  • Derrick Purdy

    I have doubts about Nick Saban leaving Alabama. However, it is possible. Let’s face it, what challenge is left to face at Alabama except to keep the players motivated game after game. At the end of the day, who cares? But going to a new school and rebuilding it from the ground up is not something any coach should turn their backs on. The bottom line is Nick Saban is a proven winner. Texas may be able to land the best coach in all of college football but if they are unwilling to hand over the reins of the football program to Saban then they should keep Mack Brown. Some “experts” have said that Saban might not be able to recruit Texas prospects and that should be one reason Texas shouldn’t make him an offer. But then the so-called “experts” had no reason to believe that Saban would have better luck at LSU or Alabama. And lest the “experts” forget: Texas borders Louisiana so recruiting in that state would not be difficult.

  • BaldBarian

    Rush said “Saban ain’t coming”

  • Inflames

    Wait a minute…Saban leaving for more money? Mr. Integrity?? It just seems so ludicrous o_0

  • paul

    Since when does “leaving for more money” indicate a lack of integrity? Let’s put it in a way you might understand. if McDonald’s offered you a nickel more an hour to clean their toilets, wouldn’t you leave Hardee’s in a heartbeat?

  • Inflames

    Wait theres a joke in here somewhere…no dont tell me princess let me find it on my own.

    Speaking of working for nickles …how is your mom these days?

  • observant tide

    That was funny.

  • thisperson

    Good journalistic efforts here. Because “Austin is thousands of times better than Tuscaloosa” sounds like it’s something this author not only pulled out of his ass, but also is more pure speculation.

    Nice try though asswipe.

  • tpsalesq3

    I don’t think anyone outside of Tuscaloosa would argue that Austin is one of the coolest cities in the country. You are delusional my friend.

  • Kenneth Brown

    I am a Alabama fan but if Nick wants to go to Texas I say go!

  • Jackbutler5555

    The surprise for me is that UA didn’t match the Texas offer. On 60 minutes, the President of the University recited some amazing numbers in his description of Saban’s impact on fund raising. Saban just wants a bigger piece of the action.

    In any case, if Saban goes, the Tide should recruit a great coach with young kids in school. It’s hard to move when you know the lives of your kids will be disrupted.

  • Anonymous

    Creating leverage for more moolah at Bama. Scare the Tide a bit, make them willing to beg, not that he has any reason to think they wouldn’t. Why would 62-year-old Saban leave a superb program for a failed one? And for a city that believes there are “million dollar bills”?

  • Anonymous

    Austin is definitely “cooler”, but that’s in no way a starred journalistic piece. The fact that Alabama recruits future 1st round picks to sit quietly on the bench for years proves that it’s simply a superior program. As far as I remember, Saban is a football coach, not a collector of “Keep Austin Weird” magnets, so I’ll let you decide which descriptor is more relevant

  • Anonymous

    It might be worth noting that I have lived in both Tuscaloosa and Austin. Can anyone touting the superiority of Austin in a journalistically vapid piece on football programs say the same? I didn’t think kids enrolled in Cornell for the gorges.. Just saying.

  • Anonymous

    Bald is spot on

  • Anonymous

    You are a moron go back through the teams he is leaving for every year he will coach only a few years anyway i read that sexton quote too pathetic journalism austin is a shithole now also texas is an inferior program historically

  • Anonymous

    You must be the smartest guy in the room.

  • Jamie

    Ok so what is the difference in Saban saying he won’t leave Bama then doing so any different then him saying he won’t leave LSU then does to go to NFL after saying that he has done all he could and wanted to do on the college level then after 2 seasons goes back to college.

  • Glenn Condrey

    Memphis fans asked the same thing years ago when Calipari was ‘considering’ Kentucky.
    He had the overall #1 class coming in at Memphis…and was considered a lock for the national championship.
    You cannot always just look at the surface of something…there are always undercurrents to every story.
    In Memphis ‘s case…it was the fact that John was about to be investigated by the NCAA as his reason for getting out of dodge.
    Memphis offered a lot more money than Kentucky did (and even a cushy VP job at Fed Ex when he decided to retire here).

  • Deb

    Just remember that Nick kept saying he was not leaving Miami, then bolted.

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