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North Alabama Player Booted From Team For Racist Obama Tweet

NBC pre-empted last night’s Sunday Night Football matchup between the Patriots and 49ers with coverage of President Obama’s speech at the prayer vigil for victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting. That led to Bradley Patterson, an “uninvited walk-on long snapper” for the North Alabama football team, to write a tragically misguided and hateful tweet that will follow him around for a very long time.

Patterson was summarily removed from the team, a fact which was later confirmed by the school’s athletic director. He quickly deleted his account. As The Big Lead notes, the AL.com article noting Patterson’s transgression really stuck it to him by describing him as an “uninvited walk-on long snapper.”

[AL.com, Big Lead]

  • jim

    And Frum writes about the effects of pot on our youth? How did this mutant idiot get into college? He’ll probably be read about next in the news.

  • Tequila

    However if he had said “Damn I love that nigger” he would be hailed as a civil rights icon, right?

  • deebogreen

    What is your point? He didnt say that. It is so easy to hide behind an internet posting.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Wallace/100004205761897 James Wallace

    Ho Hum Another Alabama bigot. Surprise surprise. Maybe if he lived in a state with education . . . But no.

    Please, please secede!

  • Anonymous

    I had my suspicions then clicked Tequila’s post history. Liberals, liberals, liberals, liberals, Darn I got banned from twitter (LOL!!!!) liberals liberalllssssssss.

    The comment appears to be an attempt at……………….. something? lol

  • Anonymous

    I *think* it’s meant to be a “BUT BLACK PEOPLE CAN SAY IT THAT’S UNFAIR” whine, but I could be wrong.

  • Tequila

    Didn’t really check the race of the individual, however for clarification please see: Jamie Foxx, CeeLo Green, Whoopi Goldberg, [insert favorite rap artist here] et. al,. Just pointing out the double standard that exists.

  • Anonymous

    I mean, yeah, in a perfect world there’d be no racial slurs in existence, but given that the word in question DOES exist, I see that particular double standard as being pretty damn understandable.

  • jason

    Tequila: What is it like waking up ever morning and seeing a d-bag in the mirror where most people see a human?

  • Jason


  • http://twitter.com/Merton43 Jack H

    But, had he been black and said something akin to that about GW. Instant Hero.

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