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NCAA Football

Northwestern’s Jerseys For The Michigan Game Are The Most ‘MURICAN Jerseys Ever

Northwestern plays Michigan in two weeks in a Big Ten battle that was expected to have serious Legends division title implications, but in reality has virtually none.

Northwestern will wear these jerseys:

Northwestern Red White Blue Jerseys

And, according to Darren Rovell, the Wildcats will replace its players with a bunch of brothers from two enormous families named the Dutys and Courages “will replace player names with words including Duty & Courage.” Paul F. Duty is a quarterback from Columbus, Ohio who eschewed the Buckeyes for rival…

They’ll wear these cleats and socks, too. The color scheme appears to be some combination of blue, red and white.

What do you think: ridiculous, or ridiculously awesome?

h/t Darren Rovell

  • matthew

    How can anyone like this? Maybe it’s just the veteran in me, but the look of blood all over the uniform is distasteful at best. You somehow neglected to mention that the proceeds from the sale of these jerseys will go to Wounded Warrior. I won’t even get into WWP and where their money goes. But the fact that WWP is involved is enough for me to know what those red splashes are supposed to represent. Someone at all three – WWP, Northwestern, and Under Armour – needs to be fired over this.

  • Anonymous

    What’s ridiculous is a writer using the idiotic term, ‘murican’. What are you, 12?

  • Anonymous

    blood looking stuff is tasteless. is it native american blood from when they were slaughtered for this land?

  • glencoebud

    Courage? Did Dan Rather design these?

  • Jake

    Wow I’m as liberal as they come and think this is wrong. Obviously they legally have the right to wear something like this but that doesn’t make it ok. The American flag should be treated with much more respect. The flag should never be used like this.

  • Michael Niedzielski

    This is disgusting. It would be wonderful if the Players, to a man, said “NO!!” to this. And whoever it is at Northwestern should be forcibly evicted from their office, with extreme prejudice.

  • http://www.bestmastertailor.com/ Anthony Paranzino

    Are they Made in America?

  • hudhaifa3

    stop being a bitch…I’ve been to war…..What the hell does the blue splatter signify? blue blood?….let it go

  • hudhaifa3

    its fine when a nice looking whore wears it to the beach……i dont hear you complaining then

  • hudhaifa3

    talk to me when you served one day at war….i will respect you then

  • Anonymous


  • uh

    there are no blue splatters…

  • Justin Irvine

    Its not blood look closely it is a worn flag. the stars are faded through to the blue as well. I am an Army Infantry veteran and at first I started to lose it and then noticed that it is not blood but loss of the coloring in the flag. find the picture of the gloves and you can see it the clearest. it is not blood this is much ado about something that should not be the focus.. under armour would not offend on this level on purpose they do still have government contracts…

  • Justin Irvine

    There are blue spatters look at the gloves and the close up of the right shoulder.

  • Michael Niedzielski

    I am full of respect for our flag, and think that this is just wrong. I have always and will always respect our vets. That is not the issue here. It is those disgusting uniforms, sir/maam

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