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NCAA Football

The Ole Miss Football Team Contains A Bunch Of Homophobic Losers

The Ole Miss football team apparently contains a bunch of homophobic losers.

Audience members, including roughly 20 Rebel football players, disrupted a production of “The Laramie Project” with homophobic slurs and other disruptions.

That sounds bad. Was it really that bad?

The UM theater department was showing a production of “The Laramie Project,” which is based on the 1999 murder of Matthew Shepard, an openly gay University of Wyoming student who was killed due to his sexual orientation. During the play, audience members engaged in “borderline hate speech.”

According to the play’s director and theater faculty member Rory Ledbetter, some audience members used derogatory slurs like “fag” and heckled both cast members and the characters they were portraying for their body types and sexual orientations. Ledbetter said the audience’s reactions included “borderline hate speech.”

That appears to be “borderline hate speech” in the same way the Rebels are “borderline National Title contenders.”

In addition to hurling homophobic slurs at cast members, the performance report stated that some in the audience were “taking pictures of cast members while making fun of them, talking on their cell phones, hollering at the females in the cast and talking to other audience members during the acts.”

All I know is that I’m confident that the Ole Miss theater department would have matched the Ole Miss football team’s offensive output at Alabama.

[SB Nation]

  • Bon

    SportsGrid is so intolerant of people who don’t believe in their liberal mindset. Although you and the rest of the media (I add you to the “media” list because the media is a joke anyways, but you barly make it) want to keep shoving your gay propaganda down our throats

  • Anonymous

    i will respond to this as succinctly as possible, just to see if you’re not as crazy as you sound.

    regardless of your political bent, how is it OK in any world to disrupt a hardworking theater group’s show by insulting them and ruining the show?

    not to mention “joking around” (though that’s a horrible phrase here, since it’s not even remotely funny), at a play about someone killing himself because he wasn’t accepted, ABOUT THE SAME THING THAT MADE HIM KILL HIMSELF.

    how calling out assholes for being assholes is “gay propaganda” or “intolerant,” i fail to grasp.

  • Ted Tidwell

    Shocker…freshman jocks, on athletic scholarships, to a division I football powerhouse behave like jerks. I am sure their brand of behavior is out of the ordinary, and only restricted toward said sexual orientation.

  • bobsmith007

    I think your analogy … “That appears to be “borderline hate speech” in the same way the Rebels are “borderline National Title contenders.” … is backward. It’s definitely hate speech, but Miss is not really even a “borderline National Title contender.”

  • A. Dizzle

    You lost them at succinctly.

  • Anonymous

    Ole Miss is a racist, anti-Semtic, homophobic, misogynistic cess pool. It always has been and its always will be. These same players, if they had been shown film of Jews and gays being tortured, gassed, and cremated, I am certain that they would laughed at the Holocaust as well. They are uncultured, unread, and pig ignorant. They will never change., But watch them get a job outside the South and say these things and get fired instantly. But they’ll stay in the south because, well, they don’t know how to act around decent people, who haven’t grown in awe of George Wallace, Lester Maddox, the KKK, and the Aryan Brotherhood. That’s Ole Miss and its President and sports faculty. Nothing will be done. Absolutely nothing. So, what will Ole Miss do now about the ‘Jewish problem’, as we’ve now seen what they do to the ‘gay problem’? Will they tell the Jews, Work will Make You Free?

  • Anonymous

    My guess is human being posters would like to shove something different down your throat.

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean Ole Miss Jews, blacks, and gays can be expected to tolerate hate and violence. I don’t think so. They should contact the Justice Dept. to identify and expel these KKK and Aryan Brotherhood sympathizers. Ole Miss is a gutter.

  • Bon

    Please give me proof, almighty one. Everybody is so quick to believe one persons story if it fits into their agenda (gay kid made fun of by football players, perfect storm).

    Post the vid and I might believe you. As a top tier sports reporter you can do that for me, right lol?

  • Deuce Gueze

    Just so you know Matt Rud, Matthew Shepherd was murdered, he did not kill himself. So…..guess you should probably check your facts before replying.

  • Deuce Geuze

    You are in need of some serious help. “Jew problem?” Really guy? Have you ever been to Ole Miss? You sit at your desk somewhere above the Mason-Dixon line and type stuff like that? I’m an african american alum that went to Ole Miss. Never once did I have any racial slurs flung my way. And to bring up the Jew problem? Sounds like someone is a little insecure about their religion and was picked on one too many times for it. Please stay a Yankee, we would not want you to get your feelings hurt by coming into our “cesspool”.

  • Anonymous

    ah man, it’s totally ok in that case

  • Seahawk

    I’m sure one of these idiots filmed it on their cell phone and we’ll see it soon. Sorry you’re a raging homophobe,

  • Arcady

    The problem is not homophobia, the recent release of information that Mr. Sheppard was a meth dealer and had previously been in contact both as a drug dealer and sex partner to one of the assailants brings up many questions about why the liberal media and gay activist groups failed to mention that in their agenda driven tirades about gays being hunted and murdered just for their sex orientation. Until both sides start getting the REAL facts in these media circus cases they will continue to skew stories to get the effects they want and damn the facts.

  • Bon

    I don’t hate gay people. I don’t like the agenda constantly being pushed by people. They want to be “just like regular people” but then they get called a “fag” and they cry about it. “Look at me! I’m special! He called me gay, which I actually am, but it hurt my feelings. Won’t you all give attention!”

  • Seahawk

    You’ll appreciate this, if you haven’t seen it before.
    Might answer a question or two for ya, starting about five minutes in.

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