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Holy Crap Look At Oregon’s Rose Bowl Uniforms

The Oregon Ducks have a history of interesting fashion choices.

Being so close to Nike’s headquarters (and sporting Nike’s vice president of innovation Tinker Hatfield as an alum) has made them something of a guinea pig for the Swoosh’s design ideas. During their run to the 2011 national championship game, they famously had 384 uniform choices at their disposal, and earlier this season they sported cartoon ducks on their sleeves in a game against Cal. So you figured they’d pull out all the stops for their Rose Bowl game against Wisconsin.

Welp, they did. The Ducks’ Rose Bowl outfit, which we’ve seen described as “Crazy Stormtrooper Uniforms,” features “16 different materials, all used with the goal of creating the lightest uniform possible, while improving protection, air flow and, overall, performance.” Our gut reaction: they look like something a Spider-Man villain would wear. We should note, those spindly things coming out the back in the first two photos are not part of the actual uniform (at least, we don’t think they are).

[Nike Blog via Big Lead]

  • Anonymous

    “Holy Crap Look At Oregon’s Rose Bowl Uniforms”

    Holy moley, Dan Abrams is paying people to write this?

    As I’ve said before (and will have to again and again until things change), Sportsgrid is produced by a group of frustrated fratboys writing from a basement somewhere.

    Mr. Abrams, please hire a few adults. Soon. This site/idea has potential; but it won’t work if the people you hire have no talent.

  • Anonymous

    Dearest Steve,

    Until Dan replaces us with adults, maybe you’d like to visit a site that’s more up to your speed?



    Dan Fogarty
    Senior Editor, SportsGrid.com

  • Anonymous

    My dear Dan:
    Thanks for the heartfelt concern.

    As long as this site is publicly available and wishes people to visit it (ca-ching), I’ll continue my efforts to raise the level of writing here. If the writing is good, I’ll complement it; if it’s bad, it deserves criticism.

    The above is bad. Juvenile, immature, frat-boyish.

    As the saying goes, ’tis better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

    Thanks again, though, for the concern.

    Again, try to raise the level of writing and thinking. That should be your concern and not complaints from readers. Because, after all, you are trying to attract us and not keep us away.



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Valdez/1806887704 Steven Valdez

    damn i thought they gave you wings!

  • Anonymous


    We love all of our readers — they’re what make the site go, and interacting with all of them (including you!) is what makes this job fun. But please, if you’re going to call us dumb and young, don’t pull the “I’m just trying to improve the quality of thinking around here” card. Take it from an asshole: you were being an asshole. Embrace it!

    Thanks for reading (and criticizing),

    Dan Fogarty
    Senior Editor, SportsGrid.com

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the personal attack. It is the season of giving, isn’t it? I’d have preferred cash instead.

    I’ll note in my defense: my harsh criticism here has been on the writing ability or style of you and your staff. I didn’t and haven’t engaged in ad hominem attacks. I attacked your product and not you personally.

    The writing here is often lousy. As a journalist who offers his writing to the public you’ll just have to get a thicker skin and accept criticism. Or ignore it. That’s life for writers. It just is.

    I’ll also note that my wording is not anything worse than the criticism you and others here express at sports figures who perform poorly. Ridicule, name-calling, et cetera. Sauce for the goose…..

    As  I said above: It is passing strange how thin skinned journalists can be. They can criticize the performance of everyone else but if the spotlight is turned on them, well, it’s another thing.

    Anyway, ignore me or take it in stride. It’s the life of a journalist.



  • Anonymous


    We love your criticism, we hope you keep reading, and we hope you keep commenting. We also hope you liked the PC you got for Christmas.


    Happy Holidays!

    Dan Fogarty,
    Senor Editor, SportsGrid.com

    P.S. — I have no idea what “Sauce for the goose” means.

  • DD

    Phil Knight is an alum, just saying that might be more of the Nike connection.

  • Joe Spag

    Doesn’t Phil run the Oregon Athletic dept.?

  • Joe Spag

    Dan & Steve- stop bickering!  Dan, if you don;t like it, they is a plethora of news information sites available. Steve- don’t be so sensitive.  If you wish to utilize the new style of ESPN-ized writing, glib as it is, please accept some criticism. I find it funny, but tastes are individual.
    Both of you, be big boys, and deal with it…
    Thank you, that is all.

  • Joe Spag

    Sorry for the typos!

  • Thill 56

    no dan pretty sure your being the asshole. damn take the criticism  and grow up a little.

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  • MrEleganza

    I, too, spend time reading websites where I feel there are no “adults” working there and they seriously need to hire new writers.   Not only do I read such sites, but I helpfully leave comments letting them know rather than moving on with my life to things more worthy of my time.   I’m just magnanimous like that.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • JT

    steve, do you publicly criticize every business that is not up to your standards?  Perhaps you are a shareholder in the company and feel that your opinion is what will drive Sportsgrid to win a pulitzer prize for their articles.  What did you honestly except when you clicked on the article describing Oregon’s uniform?  Personally, I thought they were getting jet packs.

    Dan, you are an ass, but I love your responses.  I found the links entertaining…. which I believe is what this website/blog is geared towards.  

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