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RAGE: Florida’s Will Muschamp Goes On Profane Rant Against Officials (Video With Isolated Audio)

Here’s video with isolated field audio of Florida Gators coach Will Muschamp‘s profanity-laced rant against officials of his game against the Auburn Tigers Saturday night. The play that sparked his rant — a muffed punt the Gators felt should have been called as fair catch interference — is replayed in the clip as well.

Video from ESPN.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247755434 Jeffrey Willis

    Throw the flag once again screwed by refs that appear to help Auburn thats BS.

  • augolf1

    Oh, grow a pair, you whiny lizard. Grow freakin’ up….the guy wasn’t touched and his path to the ball wasn’t impeded. The return man couldn’t decide what to do  and it cost him…in fact, your punt returners were totally indecisive and plain scared of Clark’s rainmakers all night long. Want more proof? FIVE muffs. I guess they were interefered with the other four times, too.

  • ProgRock

    There were several noncalls against Fla. as well….the refs looked away so many times at Fla O line holding,that I thought they were scripted WWE officials..

  • down

    “Grow freakin’ up”- good one. I haven’t heard anyone try to say that he wasn’t touched. Rainey clearly called fair catch and was hit right after. It should have been called but it wasn’t. I don’t know what was going on those other times but both sides were playing like shit. The refs were missing quite a lot of things that should have been called, but that’s no excuse as no one was playing well regardless. Auburn looked like a team that doesn’t deserve to be ranked as much as Florida did.

  • The bait that ate the gator

    As a side note to all this….

    What’s the rule for WHEN a punt returner has to call for a fair catch?  The Auburn player was within 3 yards or less when the Florida player finally decided to wave his arm!  Shouldn’t you have to do that before then if you don’t want your clock cleaned???  Maybe that’s why the flag wasn’t thrown? 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LDO6LIQBI2JQ4Q5MWLWBKGKSJY bensanity

    “Be a man, throw the flag.” First time I’ve ever heard that statement and agreed with it.

  • augolf1

    That was pretty good. Here’s another one: “Be a man, call the fair catch before the coverage can smell your breath.”

  • Sec loves Alabama

    The refs helping a team from the state of alabama? I’m shocked I tell ya, shocked!

  • Sec loves Alabama

    Even worse was the refs and hometown clock operator screwing Florida out of 25 seconds late in the game when they made another (I know shocking) bad call against Florida. They call a routing deflected pass by the Florida QB a “fumble” and let Auburn recover it. The clock continues to tick. Then it’s reviewed and the idiot official has to come back and say after review it was an incomplete pass which was obvious to anyone watching in the first place. They then put the clock back to 6:33, but if you go back and review the play, the incomplete pass occurred at 6:58 seconds. Favoritism toward a team from the state of Alabama. Again I say I am shocked!

  • Teblows

    It was the right call. The “halo” around a player is 5 yards. The Florida player called for the fair catch when the Auburn player was within 3 or 4 yards…if waving for a fair catch like that was legal, the receiving team could easily get a cheap 5 yard penalty on EVERY punt, since the defender would be in the receiver’s “halo”. It was the Florida player’s fault for waiting until the very last second to wave.

  • Toller43

    Newsflash – there is no Halo rule in College football since 2003.  He muffed the punt.

  • Mwebbjones

    I’m an AU fan and I would have been pissed if I was on the other side of that call.  I don’t think it was clear cut either way, but I am surprised they didn’t call it.  UF’s punt returners were our MVP last night.  Thanks.  I believe that’s 4 out of the last 5 against UF.  

  • augolf1

    And that hurt Florida HOW?

  • Lerxst2112

    I see the Florida Extra Whining Chromosome is still alive and well in Lizard-land.

  • Matt Benge

    So True… McCaleb was already there when he called for the fair catch and He still didn’t look like he was sure he wanted to call it!

  • Matt Benge

    So True… McCaleb was already there when he called for the fair catch and He still didn’t look like he was sure he wanted to call it!

  • here

    fromm the NCAA’s rules on FR-92:must be given an unimpeded opportunity to
    catch the kick (A.R. 6-3-1-III, A.R. 6-4-1-V and A.R. 6-4-1-X).

  • Gatorzzz

    Should have been the Gator’s ball whether a penalty was called or not because the ball actually hit the Auburn player first.

  • Mhoward7

    Seriously, where is the screencap from behind Rainey as the ball comes down? It clearly hits the Auburn player on the chest/left shoulder before it gets to Rainey. You could see his jersey move as the ball passed it. So it either hit him, or was close enough to graze the jersey. Either way, it’s Florida’s ball. 

    Also, there is no required time to call a fair catch, as long as it’s before the ball gets there. Even if there is no fair catch call, the player still gets an opportunity to make the catch before he can be hit. So, even if the fair catch wasn’t called, McCaleb was way too close to him when that ball got there.

  • ZebrasMissedAnotherOne

    Hard to field a punt when the ball is bounces off the Auburn player’s chest before the Florida player can even field it… Re-watch the video… it looks like the ball hit the Auburn player first…  Interesting…

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