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This Week’s Sports Illustrated Penn State Cover Will Be One For The Ages

I’ve got two copies of old New York Times front pages stories in my house: September 12, 2001 (the day after 9/11, obviously) and November 5, 2008. (when Obama won the election.) They’re historic events that we’ve lived through that will forever be remembered. And now this week’s copy of Sports Illustrated is going to be added to that pile:

I can’t tell you how completely blindsided I was by this cover, but in a good way. This perfectly sums up the situation at Penn State. And aesthetically, I don’t think SI could have done a much better job. The situation at Penn State is far from being over – there will still be civil suits filed against employees of the college, for one – but enough has happened already to warrant a cover like this. And the cover strikes such a chord of darkness and disappointment – it’s just eerily good.

  • Danielle

    I’m sorry but we, as Penn State, are and always will be PENN STATE.  We will not abandon our school nor our team in its time of need.  None of our current players will leave the penn state family, because we stick together.  I will forever bleed blue and white.

  • Barbk1951

    We ARE & will ALWAYS be Penn State!  One act from a pedophile does NOT define Penn State!  In my opinion, Sports Illustrated is going downhill for this cover!  Think of the victims that see this cover!  You people make me sick!

  • Jwwheelis

    It was not just one pedophile. It was a pedophile and people that lacked the moral compass to stop it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004140031773 John Merill


  • Pookie

    Your school is a disgrace. Stick together like moraly bankrupt lemmings.

  • Longball_eh

    unfortunately Danielle, MANY of your current players will leave the school. Professional sports careers depend on it. Penn State was a school you could go to to be seen by scouts. Youre looking at maybe 2 wins in the next 4 years.

  • gbearc

    The response of the Penn Staters here is the problem. A school of morons more concerned with the stupid football team than anything else. “WE ARE.PENN STATE!” Do you know how idiotic you sound? You’ll look back on this as adults and feel very very stupid. 

  • Ben Tyson

    Unfortunately in this situation multiple acts of child rape and a subsequent coverup for the purpose of monetary gain to the tune of $60 million a year will forever define Penn State. Corrupt, evil, trusted institution. I hope Paterno is remembered for more than his role in this, but the true blame falls on the chairman of the board, the AD, and the president of the university for making a conscious choice to not defend the safety of children. 

  • J.B. 2012 Graduate

    Those covers that were mentioned as the ones to keep in this article had nothing to do with sports. And neither does this. Sure, many have made the argument that the sports culture allowed this tragedy to occur. All of those involved have been removed from the university, and the current students are left to deal with the consequences. I graduated with all of this up in the air, and everything has just made me realize even more how much I love Penn State. We Still Are. 

  • J.B. 2012 Alumni

    You have no idea what you are talking about.”Lately, I’ve seen many outraged people claiming that because of this scandal, they will boycott Penn State and anything associated with it. In light of this, I’ve compiled a handy list of things to steer clear of if you want to avoid any trace of Penn State: - Don’t use Mac computers. The man who started the Macintosh project got his computer sciences degree at PSU. 
    -Don’t watch the Olympic Games if you hate Penn State – they’ve got 16 athletes and coaches competing in London this year.

    -Skip vaccinating against cervical cancer – the vaccine was developed with research by Penn State’s College of Medicine. 

    -No need to buy accurately-labeled foods, because the legislation demanding safe, labeled foods was based on PSU’s research. 

    -If you have a heart attack, refuse a heart pump. It was invented at Penn State. 

    -Don’t enjoy any ice cream treats. More people have learned to make ice cream at Penn State than anywhere else. No Ben & Jerry’s for you…They also took classes at Penn State

    -Demand the removal of the world’s most accurate clock, because Penn State physicists helped improve it. Sure, the clock is integral to global communications, satellite navigation and surveying, and computerized financial transactions worldwide, but you hate Penn State, right?

    -Refuse the funding of Thon’s beneficiary, The Four Diamonds Fund, that helps offset/or totally cover costs related to pediatric cancer, if God forbid, your child(ren) becomes sick with cancer. With over $88 million raised by PSU for patients & research, also be sure to avoid the cure, vaccine, or newest treatments for cancer if Penn State finds one.

    -Since Penn State has the world’s largest alumni association and over 700,000 graduates, be sure to avoid just about every business and product you come in contact with on a daily basis because somewhere it is more than likely that a Penn State graduate (or several) work for and contribute to the making of that product or idea.”

     If our school is a disgrace, what does that make you?

  • J.B. 2012 Graduate

    The response of the public has given us no choice. If you had been there last semester, constantly attacked for something terrible that happened when you were between 4 and 8 years old, you’d be upset too. 

  • Keylolo

    Try MULTIPLE acts over a 14 year period. One act my behind.

  • Aznog0013

    Excellent cover it nails it.

    12 years of a corrupt administration that look the other way and allow the systemic rape and sexual abuse of the most vulnerable the most needed put on a sacrifice altar so that the football program could continue their immoral glory, what a disgrace!

    And now the supporters of this disgrace institution come out to cry foul because their name is being trash?

    Shame on you Penn State

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=690597746 Jarrod Stanton

    Shame on all those “Holier than thou”s out there claiming they KNOW what they would have done, that complete BS.  You only are spouting what you HOPE you would have done.  Since NO ONE will EVER be in the same situation, you have ZERO bearing to be able to claim what you would have done.

  • Lauren D

    sports illustrated: THIS is what “WE ARE” means. we are the passion, and
    the pride, and the family. NOT the actual football game. we are the institution that raises millions for pediatric cancer every year, we are the world class
    research institution, we are the highest rate of graduating athletes in
    the country- some of whom are competing at the olympics this month. WE ARE willing to take the punishment and fight for what is right. WE
    STILL ARE PENN STATE. this close minded cover will
    only fuel us to be better and stronger, and have more passion about what
    WE ARE.

  • Mrsfanelli

    i was blown away by how much SI got it wrong!!  how would you know we were Penn State when you don’t even understand what WE ARE???

  • Meg

    I like the people who make jokes out of the situation. Last time I checked it was a serious thing. Not to mention the entire university nor the people of the happy valley community knew of these incidents. Shame on penn state? Shame on you for your ignorance and your willingness to be blindly led by the media and by the words of others. The men who were involved in this scandal and sadly joe pa is in that list are the ones who need to be held accountable. Penn state is a unit. We function as a family, those who did wrong were handled accordingly. I don’t know how people think critiquing the entire university including all students and staff is fair or just. As a current penn state student my heart has grown for the school. The students and faculty at that school are some of the best in the nation and we will prove you wrong. We are Penn State. And to be honest I wouldn’t want it any other way. Penn State proud.

  • Dawnmarie_003

    Let the non penn staters bad mouth us ,call us names,whatever they wish.WE,as in PSU fans all around,are a tight knit community that will stick together for our children that attend this University,support them 100%. The University that provides jobs for our locals and all surrounding counties and then some.We will not let one man’s actions,meaning SANDUSKY(the one who actually commited these crimes),bring down this whole community,university and Penn Staters pride!!!! For those,that bad mouth us, that do not live in this area,you have no freakin’ clue!!! So as Nittany Lion fans,parents,students,players,staff;we will turn our backs on the negativity and concentrate on the positive. For those that chose to put down every penn state supporter,grow up and get an education and have some morals! you have a right to your opinion and so do we.WE WILL RISE!!!!! and I will be there at the first football game to support the Nittany Lions-the team that had nothing to do with this scandal!!!

  • Dawnmarie_003

    well said.WE ARE-means we are one family,one unit together! supporting each other as a family does!

  • Nikki

    Are you kidding me? We Are Penn State has never been about football.  When I answer that chant I think about everything our school’s done.  The money we’ve raised in THON, the students who’ve worked their butts off in school, etc.  We feel terrible about what happened, just as much, if not more because we’re proud of being Penn Staters and we’ve had to bear this on our shoulders, when we have zero involvement in it whatsoever. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Earlson-Satine/9377969 Earlson Satine

    Only those who have never attended PSU; never experience life on campus; never talked to anyone in the community can say “We were Penn State”. That said, I’m sure SI will sell many issues with that front page title (There primary goal: Revenue”). 

  • Ds

     You wouldn’t understand gbearc.

  • Bridget

    They are Penn State.  Penn State is a lot more than football.   It’s one of the finest academic schools with highly respected professors and talented students.  And I am not even a PSU grad.  I think enough children have been hurt but this disgusting act of inhumanity.  And you just added to it.  You should be ashamed of yourself Sports Illustrated. 

  • Guest

    Are you serious? Go work for ESPN

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004140031773 John Merill

    The only people that should be ashamed are “Penn State Fans.” You continue to defend your child molesting school in the name of football and the location where you live.

    You are all no better than sandusky and joe. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004140031773 John Merill

     What “YOU ARE” is a community that supports a school that molest little boys in the shower.

    Have fun with that tight knit group.

  • http://twitter.com/alligatorBAM Ashley


  • http://twitter.com/alligatorBAM Ashley

    Does anyone else think reactions like this one from Penn Staters (I’ve read plenty today) sound a bit…cultish? And Lauren, it’s *closed-minded and *world-class.  You capitalize the first letter of a sentence, too.


    Are you kidding me EVAN SPORER? WHO ARE YOU to say “this perfectly sums up the situation at Penn State”? DO YOU even know what the situation at Penn State is like? Obviously NOT because you haven’t been to Penn State in the past months to experience ANYTHING the students, faculty, and staff have been dealing with. DO YOU even know the facts of the Sandusky scandal? DID YOU even read the Freeh report, in it’s entirety? I didn’t think so.

    WE are much greater than football & WE were not responsible for what has happened in the past, yet what have WE done?

    “WE responded. WE were 10,000 strong at Old Main that Thursday. WE traded our white shirts for our blue ones against Nebraska. WE wore ribbons for weeks, and cried because we wish we could have done more. WE donated over $500,000 to RAINN, and continue to advocate prevention and awareness. WE investigated ourselves in search of the truth, to make improvements, and to ensure this never happens again in any capacity. WE held the necessary people responsible, even when it hurt to do so.”

    WE have all grown closer and stronger because of the recent tragedy & WE ARE AND WILL FOREVER BE PENN STATE.

    This cover is bull- and it is a disgrace to any self-respecting company to print and sell these magazines. Oh wait… media is built on money, not any kind of respect or morals. Media is nothing more than pathetic ignorance.

  • Alyssatur

    Putting a magazine making fun of a Penn state chant on the same level as 9/11 when thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives and when the us elected the first black president is absurd and ignorant. I thought the focus was supposed to be with the victims? Haven’t head much about them in the past few weeks. Or why not talk about how college sports have become way too important and powerful? Oh wait, you wouldn’t sell as many magazines by trying to enlighten people and trying to use this horrible situation as an example of why things need to change.

  • Joe Mama

    Most of you guys didn’t even know PennState existed before this happened, but now you guys know everything!  Go back to your facebook account and find the next big thing to scream about.

  • Interested Bystander

    Saving the covers of 9/11, Obama’s election, and Penn St. football…..all three senseless tragedies.

  • tbox

    no true, still going to be on tv playing in front of 100k + fans.  if you are a good football player then scout will notice you.  you obviously do not understand how football works at the next level.  

  • tbox

    hey pookie, you have no idea what your talking about.  obviously whatever dump of a school you went to does not compare to the SCHOOL of penn state 

  • Anf2

    Ashley, I don’t believe it’s “cultish”. We simply consider ourselves a large family. It’s similar to when a loved one is lost it seems to almost bring the rest of the family together in support of one another. Not only did we loose someone we loved, but we also feel betrayed and all of those emotions swirling together make for some very moody and defensive people. So I apologize for any penn staters that may have been foul or unreasonably rude because that is not who our university is. We find our strength and our pride in each other and that is why it hurts so bad that our leaders could have done something like this, but it is also why we are still and always will be Penn State.

  • Guest

    Yes, I believe that was left out of the Freeh report. The entire student body secretly lures young boys into the shower and molests them. You definitely know your facts, sir. Thank you for your meaningful input on a situation you clearly understand completely.

  • JP <3

    John, I think you are a very closed minded person and refuse to try to undstand why we defend out school with such ferocity. When has any Penn Stater said that they were proud of what Sandusky or what any of our other leaders did? Probably never. We were hurt by people we trusted and then attacked by everyone else. You talk about the molestation of those boys but have you ever thought that negative and tasteless comments like your own could be hurtful to them too. This is we’re they live too. All this hate is not helping with all the publicity they already have to deal with. So if have anything more you want to express, I suggest anger management or stress relieving techniques. Perhaps some sleepy time tea or yoga may be a good outlet. Your clearly stressed about this whole ordeal even though you have nothing to do with it.

  • 1993

    If you paid attention you would realize that Penn Staters are trying to make the point that we are NOT all about football.  We are about a common love for our University and we are tired of being treated like pride in our school puts us in the same realm as Sandusky. That monster was NOT Penn State…WE ARE PENN STATE.

  • Madh108

    Well said!

  • Jscottnei

    Phenomenal ?! Really ?? The article connected to the cover is a whole two pages! It merely regurgitates everything we’ve already heard. The magazine is on life support and this is equivalent to a plane crash for CNN. Anything to sell magazines. It probably took Alex longer to come up with the cover (if he did at all) than write the whole article. “We Are Penn State” goes much deeper than this “trying to be clever “amateur has any idea (1948 Cotton Bowl). A few individuals made horrific mistakes and it has rocked the Penn State community to its core…, but the cover attributes the horrific acts of these individuals to the entire university. “We are Penn State” represents the unity of our students, faculty, and student-athletes and that will always be. We Are ….Penn State

    John Scott ’87

  • Anonymous

    So now this (annual bimbo edition) magazine is to be a moral compass?

  • Kait

    Disgusting… The boys who will be playing on the football field and their peers who will be supporting them in September have had nothing to do with this scandal. The people who did not do what they were supposed to do as Penn State officials can be included in the category under “We Were” but for the rest of us…….. We Are…

  • Stefsangels22

    Seriously?! We ARE Penn State!! How dare you do something like this?! Think about the victims!! This should NOT be on your cover!! You clearly must not be a Penn Stater because these words would NEVER come out of our mouth!!! Horrible!!!

  • J.B. 2012 Graduate

    Ashley, if you have been to Penn State and been a part of what it means you would understand. The day you arrive to the university you become a part of something much bigger than yourself. 
    All of the students came in as individuals, and left as individuals with a greater understanding of what it means to be accepted into something amazing.

  • andy

    Only to uneducated sports fans like you.  You overstate the importance of football to Penn State because you are a dope who gets his news from SI.  You obviously don’t follow academic research.  If you did you would know how fatuous the sports media’s angle on all of this is, how small football is compared to what Penn State really is all about.  But why would you follow academic reserach?  You’re just a big dumb idiot after all.  Have fun working as a janitor.   

  • Andy

    Systemic rape?  You are an idiot, practice your English skills and come back and see me. 

  • andy

    You also don’t walk around in public wearing a hat like that.  You look like a heroin addict who graduated from Fugly U Ashley.  You look like you’re in a cult, which is even worse than sounding like you’re in one. 

  • Anonymous

    “We?” I don’t think going to college should be likened to belonging to a “family” or club (unless you’re in a sorority or fraternity…or jr. Mafia).
     Where I went to school is inconsequential.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve observed that the visiting ’adult’ Penn State football fans are more obnoxious than the younger students.

  • http://twitter.com/alligatorBAM Ashley

    Photo wasn’t taken in public, you big silly goose. And I would much rather be a Fugly U grad than a Penn State one :)

  • We still are…

    Okay.  Let’s put it into perspective Aznog.  Penn Stater’s are simply implying that just because of one man’s disgusting mistakes, we are not all like him.  Just because of one messed up man everyone looks at us as if we touched the kids too.  I go to school here and I have lived in State College my whole life.  I’m disgusted with the cover up by the University’s superiors as well, but their mistakes don’t define the University that I have called my home for so long.  My Aunt was a leading member of the Second Mile and had no clue of what Sandusky was doing.  No one did besides the superiors who covered it up.  And the fact that everyone is labeling the whole town as criminals or a “cult” is what baffles me, you act like we all knew.  We are more hurt and disgusted than you are or others will even understand.  We are hurt by what Sandusky did to those children, and hurt that it all has been covered up for so long.  I can’t explain the amount of sorrow I have for the children who have been sexually abused by such an evil man.  We are coping as a community.  Just let us be and try to understand our pain.  My Aunt used to let her kids spend time with Jerry all of the time when they were younger.  She TRUSTED him.  Sandusky even offered to “crack one of their backs.”  If you read the Grand Jury report you’ll know exactly what Sandusky was attempting to do in that situation, and thank God he was never actually touched.  Yet, the attempt alone by Sandusky disgusts me, the thought of it makes me feel sick to my stomach.  You all think you are disgusted?  You have no idea what disgust is.  The amount of pain, confusion, and hurt I have felt in the past several months is unbelievable.  I grew up with a picture of myself and Sandusky on my dresser.  It sat there for ten years.  The second I found out about everything, I ran home and took the picture down in disgust.  Only my town understands the pain I’ve been through for the past few months.  It’s hit closer to home for me and my community than any of you not from around here can understand.  So please stop being ignorant, and respect us for sticking together and trying to cope with what has devastated us all.

  • Scott E Phillips

     Like, Victim 1′s guidance counselor and asst principal, who not only told the victim not to report it, but harassed him until he left the school when he did.  Like the Centre  County CYS and DA. who investigated but found no evidence of a crime.  Like the PA Dept of Public Welfare and Attorney General (who is now Governor) who also investigated and dragged his feet until after he was elected Governor. Like a janitor and his supervisor, who witnessed something but were afraid to report it.  Like the President of The Second Mile who when hearing of Sandusky’s behavior in 1998 declared it a “non-issue for us” and continued to provide access to more victims …
    Yes there were a lot of folk lacking the moral compass to do something.  Funny how we only crucified the one person who did ANYTHING.

  • Scott E Phillips

     And lest you forget Penn State graduates more engineers than any other school and 25% of the meteorologists in the country… consider that next time you get on an airplane or drive over a bridge… on want to know if you should bring an umbrella…

  • Scott E Phillips

     Cover is good, dramatic.  The article is crap, too bad… with such a good “hey Mabel” you’d hope someone would’ve tried a bit harder.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=693512716 Jason Nestlerode

    PSU is still and will always be one of the finest Universities on the planet. If you don’t believe, just go to any country and you won’t have to look far to find a member of one of the largest alumni networks in the world. As for the football program even a legend like JoePa can’t bring down a program with decades of honor and tradition. The NCAA threw the book at the PSU football program but this will only rally the fans, alumni, and community to provide even more support for the beloved Lions..WE ARE   …NITTY NATION !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=693512716 Jason Nestlerode

    The PA State Police, Attourney General, and current Governor were also involved in the cover up.  Are you going to boycott Pennsylvania too ..why not just shut down the whole United States !  Love the simpleton knee jerk mentality 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=693512716 Jason Nestlerode

    Wow impressive, you managed to stereotype more than 560,000 people 

  • Acorncharlie-anf

    Sorry, Sports Illustrated, but your cover is an unprecedented failure. … WE ARE!!!

  • All of PSU

    John Merill is an ignorant bystander. You say, “you child molesting school” ??? Really? As if Penn Staters and Penn State molests children??? You fool, John Merill, you fool. One monster committed that heinous crime and that’s why he is no longer Penn State and he is in jail forever. The A.D., Assistant A.D., and University President covered it up and that’s why they are no longer Penn State. And to put Paterno’s name in the same sentence as Sandusky shows you are just like the media dogs who only want to write about a celebrity and disregard the facts for the purpose of making money. Only you didn’t even make money for what you wrote. You’re just a gullible, puppet. So sad for John Merill.

  • BlueWhiteForever

    All that says is that you’re ignorant, too. Penn State has been, and continues to be, one of the finest academic universities in the nation.

  • WeStillAre

    See the latest cover? You going to frame that one too?

  • PSU2012

    Feel stupid yet?

  • Eugene Gallagher

    The current players that left in the end were not Penn State. Those who stayed ( won 6 games this year and counting) are Penn State. I wasn’t concentrating on wins this year. I attended the first game a loss to Ohio,but the players who endured what they did this year,worked hard and showed up will forever be winners. I am more proud of this team than any Penn State team in its’ history. It is the character of this team that will keep Penn Staters forever chanting with pride…..WE ARE.. ..PENN STATE!

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