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NCAA Football

Sue Paterno Asked To Leave Penn State Pool

There were so many shocking, sickening allegations made against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky in the grand jury’s presentment of findings against him, it’s hard for one thing to stand out. But the alleged instances of Sandusky molesting boys in showers on Penn State property – including years after he’d already stepped down from his coaching position? Those stood out. And so did the fact that Penn State didn’t do more than tell Sandusky not to bring boys to their facilities anymore, and take away his locker room keys.

And now, the questions about usage of Penn State facilities by the coaches involved in this scandal are only getting murkier. First, Sara Ganim of The Patriot-News reported that Sue Paterno, the wife of former head coach Joe Paterno, was denied access on Wednesday to a Penn State pool she frequently uses. No reason was given at the time (Joe Paterno, of course, was fired after the story broke, amid allegations he – along with several Penn State officials – acted insufficiently to stop Sandusky). Now, though, it seems that maybe Joe Paterno’s firing won’t lead to his wife being barred from Penn State facilities:

Now, the Paternos are talking with Intercollegiate Athletics about their ability to continue using the pool and other facilities in the Lasch football building, Mahon said. Discussions are underway to work out those details.

It’s worth pointing out that in addition to being the wife of the former head coach, Sue Paterno is also the mother of a current Penn State assistant (quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno), so she still has ties to the current program. But this just looks like one more mess for a school that has more than enough of those to deal with right now. The Paternos using Penn State facilities is much different from Sandusky using them, obviously – only Sandusky stands accused of actually doing these horrible things. Still, it’s just one of many questions Penn State has to deal with about the Paternos’ ongoing involvement with the school, even in the wake of one of the worst scandals imaginable.

There was already a stir over how lucrative Joe Paterno’s pension could reportedly be, and this new debate – even if relatively small – doesn’t help matters. Should Penn State cut all ties to Joe Paterno? Would it be too complicated legally to even try? All tough questions, especially in light of the good Paterno’s done for Penn State over the years. But the Sandusky scandal, as it should, trumps all. And as long as people who are involved in any way stick around, Penn State can’t move on in full.

AP photo, by Gene J. Puskar, via

  • Anonymous

    Penn State is being attacked mercilessly by the “better than thou” do gooders.
    The “DEVIL” is Sandusky not some coaches or university officials too full of themselves to protect the innocent children.
    If we are to put all those intellectually sexually, grimy, POLITICIANS in the same category, Bill Clinton, Barnie Frank, and Anthony Weiner would have to be part of the HORROR landscape. All of you who voted for those perverts would become voting accomplices.
    All of the liberal, progressive, democrat theorists that want freedom of sex in what EVER flavor, better line up with the Sandusky variety, and his kind,  and set him free.

  • Just to incite

    I have read GMF’s comment over and over just to try and make sense of it and all I can really figure out is he hates Republicans …..and Sandusky

  • Anonymous

    Sadly GMF is like most people who bring in politics to a situation that doesn’t call for its inclusion.  This is really about children.  Kids.   Period.  And there should be no politics brought in to this.  Period.  Bill Clinton, Barnie Frank and Anthony Weiner are adults.  And they did their thing with adults.  Not children. 

    Oh and um, don’t forget GMF the long list of Republican pols that get caught reaching in to the other stall in public restrooms.  There’s grime.  True grime.  

  • NC

    You DO understand that Clinton’s sex life was CONSENSUAL with an ADULT, don’t you?  In fact, if you read Lewinsky’s book, you will find that SHE came on to him (asking him if he liked her thong underwear)….

    It’s not a Democrat or Republican thing –it is a conspiracy to coverup CHILD ABUSE of a sexual nature.


    I don’t think that anybody blames Penn State as a whole – they blame the people in power there that let it go on for decades…..and made excuses for it.  If and when they clean house- it will all be forgotten.  If people keep making excuses, it will continue.

  • Anonymous

    You DO understand that Ms. Lewinsky was only ONE of Billy’s victims. His wife Hillary and others suffered too if you remember.
    We’re talking about the WIFE of the football coach in this article . . . . what and how has she conspired with Sandusky?
    Let’s be clear it IS child abuse, by a self admitted homosexual male pedophile and there are many others.

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