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NCAA Football

Texas WR Delivers Absurd Cheapshot, Tweets About How Hard He Goes

With the whole Ole Miss gay slur incident, college football players haven’t exactly been showcasing their intelligence lately. Neither is Texas wide receiver Mike Davis.

This looks like a really bad cheap shot. Hey, watch your ACL, bro. Think fast!

Texas WR Cheap Shot Iowa State



He did sort of save face with an argument that I think might sort of make sense. Maybe.

Alright, he could have handled it much worse. Still, that looked really dirty.


  • Whatever

    Yeah Mike, the other WR was blocking up at the shoulder pads. It was a dirty cheap shot that you would be screaming about if someone did it to you.

  • soccerbob

    whatever, that was a cheap shot.
    MoneyMagic…. really?

  • spunkski

    He is right, check the tape. GIF is right above.
    One WR throws a legal block, to the chest/shoulders (not MD).
    One throws a cheapshot at the knees, (MD).
    I am glad he will not address it again.
    He’s just a liar now.
    To say anything else would make him stupid also.

  • CasualViewer

    they are both blocking defenders – in the end zone …. Bad situational awareness in addition to bad judgment.

  • Anonymous


  • David Currey

    Yeah, right. And I suppose the ref threw the flag only because he was “taught to” in that situation. Sorry, clean players don’t try to maim opponents with illegal blocks. Looking at it from the “beyond the rules” viewpoint, the Iowa State player had clearly given up on the play, and then Mike Davis hits him at the knees. It doesn’t get any dirtier than that. And just for the record, I’m a Longhorn fan and alumni, but this type of play disgusts me to no end.

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