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NCAA Football

This Transgender Basketball Player Plays On A Women’s College Team

This is Mission College center Gabrielle Ludwig, formerly known as Robert Ludwig. Ludwig is 6-6, 230 pounds, and transgender, meaning she’s taking female hormones but hasn’t fully transitioned to being a woman. USA Today’s Eric Prisbell has a terrific piece on Ludwig — you can check it out here — that highlights her journey to self-acceptance, the often-ugly things she hears from opposing fans and players (“What the (expletive) is that thing?”), and the moral implications of allowing her to play women’s college basketball. None of the questions posed in the piece have an easy answer. Go read it now.

Photo via USA Today.

  • stephanie

    Frankly Im sick of them getting special treatment because they decided to change their gender & now schools & employers have to pussy foot around & kiss their ass for fear of being sued! Can you just keep your Fucking private life PRIVATE please? Because Im sick & tired of having it crammed down my throat.

  • Leah

    So, what they would love is for you to treat their gender identity and/or transition like it is private and for you to ignore that part of who they are and treat them like any other human being. WTF do you expect them to do, euthanize themselves to spare you from the discomfort of sharing a small part of the world with them? Why don’t you stop shoving your straight femaleness down everyone’s throat by making sure you portray an androgynous asexual at all times outside of your home. Reasonable trade?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000679994251 Rell Twentyfour

    Irony being that no one forced you to look at this article in the first place, so anything crammed down your throat in this case would’ve been strictly consensual. Further more you can’t even keep your feelings private so why should someone have to live under a rock simply because lames like you can’t practice tolerance…? Judging by your post it’s safe to say that you’re a little “special” in your own right…special indeed!

  • whatever


  • The VoiceofReason

    Stephanie, you ignorant slut.

  • The VoiceofReason

    Stephanie, you ignorant slut.

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