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NCAA FootballVideo

Toledo Loses Game Because Of Referee — And Replay Official — Blunder

Syracuse overcame a scrappy Toledo team in overtime thanks to a blown extra point call — one that replay officials didn’t overturn.

This extra point — which video clearly shows went wide left — left a three-point advantage which Toledo erased with a game-tying field goal on the last play of regulation — a field goal which, were the Syracuse XP properly declared no good, would have won the game for the Rockets.

Instead, the game headed to overtime where Syracuse won on an actually-good field goal.

Video from Big East Network.

UPDATE: The Big East put out a press release apologizing for the mistake.

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  • zibby

    Syracuse fan here.  Yes, that XP was no good.

    I could be petulant and demand you show everyone a clip of the Toledo DB knocking down Alec Lemon in the end zone, but I’ll just say the game wasn’t determined by this one play.

  • Dumbster

    When you play the ball, it’s not pass interference.

  • zibby

    Correct.  But when you knock down the receiver without even looking back at the ball, it’s pass interference.  If that drive ends in 7 instead of 3, this missed XP doesn’t matter.

  • too bad

    toledo got hosed

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Denny-Esford/1360443664 Denny Esford

    Really? … and it turns out the replay official is from the Big East. Figures.

  • Joe

    First the Pinstripe Bowl, now this…wow…

  • not surprised

    ok Zibby, let’s talk about the phantom block in the back call that negated our 90 some kickoff return for a touchdown.  I agree we got away with a pi there but it didn’t directly affect the score, a phantom call took a touchdown off the board for us and then they literally give you a xp that was missed.  

  • zibby

    Yeah, because the Big East is really thrilled with Syracuse right now.  Mike Tranghese has been ripping on SU and Pitt to every media outlet that will give him an interview.

    He won’t even see the situation from SU and Pitt’s point of view for even a second.  Would it really kill you, Mikey, to say “mistakes were made…” or “we could have done things differently…” ?

    After 32 years, all we get from Tranghese and the BE-lovin’ media is what a bunch of greedy pricks we are.

  • Xorthos

    That official should be drawn and quartered for that mistake.  To make a bad call is one thing…to miss an extra point or field goal call is another.   Referees stand under the goalposts for a reason…they knew what they were doing.

  • HappyHazard

    Why doesn’t the video show the kick from the other angle shown on TV? You know, the one that showed the ball behind the upright?

  • President Carter

    Regardless of the angle…….the kick was NO GOOD. PERIOD. Toledo deserves the win but that will never happen. It’s a shame that the officials missed it and even worse that replay with clear video evidence missed it. What will they have to do to correct this? Make some sort of solid fill between the uprights so that if a ball hits anywhere between the uprights and bounces back we know its good. This is a complete embarrassment.

  • guest

    if “phantom” means shoving, i guess we’re on the same page. graham was clearly blocked on the numbers – even if he may not have made the play. it sure looks like a blown call — which happens all the time, to all teams. to say that that xp call, as bad as it seems cost toledo the game is ridiculous simply because it happened at the end. su overcame the pi call and toledo could have overcome the xp call although other angles it appears good. And joe mentioning the pinstripe bowl is even crazier. su overcame 4 game-altering penalties (that lead to kstate points or ended su drives). albeit the salute was a bad call to flag, there was no guarantee that kstate would have gotten the conversion or the su would not have driven right back down the field and won outright. i mean, its not like delone and sales were being stopped at all. but such is life in sports. toledo and kstate, in these 2 cases, can whine about blown calls – even somewhat rightfully, and su can’t enjoy victories they likely would have had if infallible robots called the games (that is assuming the correct calls are made for the entire game, not just in the last 2 minutes).

  • Geirgo

    That call could have been made against at least four Toledo players – watch the replay.

  • Geirgo

    Yeah, the official blew it, and he was standing right under the post looking straight up!  Just another reason to be glad we’re leaving the Big East. As for you Toledo fans, great game and good luck the rest of the way – you’ve got an excellent team.

  • Ddabsa

    This is a real live version of a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial.  The “White Hat” is talking to the bartender. 

  • HappyHazard

    Again, the other angle showed the ball going behind the near post on the side it supposedly went wide from. I thought the ball missed with the straight angle too, but the side angle showed it behind the post.

    Ref standing under the goal post and one angle showing a legit XP vs. one angle that makes it look like it misses is pretty much inconclusive proof. If the person posting the video showed the whole review, this wouldn’t be an issue. 

  • Anonymous


  • Jargnonuse

    Seriously – is this like the magic bullet theory?.  It was good from one angle but not from another?  How does that happen?  You have to be the only person that cannot see the ball clearly pass in front of the goalpost.  Even the BE referees admit they blew the call – but of course that’s only because they are also pi$$ed because the CUSE is heading to the ACC.   Repeat after me - there is no angle that would show it as being good.  It missed wide right.  It’s ok to admit it.  They will not award the game to Toledo.

  • Phrantic009

    There is no guarantee that the outcome of the game remains the same even if the PAT call is reversed. Change one factor and everything changes. If the PAT is no good for all we know Cuse ends up with a 2 point lead, Toledo goes 3 and out and the game is over. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/michaelantoniolive Michaelantonio Luckette


    The other angle CLEARLY shows the ball going through the goalpost. Don’t ask me exactly how that is possible, but the video evidence is there. Two different cameras showing DIFFERENT results… This means you can’t overturn the point.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michaelantoniolive Michaelantonio Luckette

    If they overturn the call, Syracuse must stage an agressive defense to stop Toledo from getting within FG range. This could backfire, allowing the Rockets to score a Touchdown, but often, it doesn’t.

    So, Toledo would have more than likely lost the game in regulation anyway….

  • Afklajsd

    You fucking whiny losers. Foul calls are discretionary. A field goal is black-and-white. What the fuck.

  • Stblmchl

    That is why not only collge ,but the NFL should be fining these cheating referees. They think more of their pride then being honest. I would say start fining them at least 5 grand a call even the replay official. Let’s see if they keep on cheating then.

  • Timmyg

    maybe if syracuse cameras werent booty

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=726101137 Amy Mullins

    The part that killed me was the cocky look on the field ref’s face when he got the call from the booth like “I knew it”.  Um, wrong.

  • just saying

    Brain food: what if a called like this determined the national championship? What kind of actions would be taken, or would they just brush it off like this game. And even this loss has significance to the Rockets (1-3) if not for officiating there is a POSSIBILITY of (3-1). Rockets play Temple, Miami, WMU all tough games that they are going into on a low note. They drop those three and maybe another team sneaks a win in, they are potentially out of bowl eligibility. Butterfly affect would have it that less media attention is proportional to recruiting ETC. So Toledo misses a bowl recruiting is down and they fall into this cycle of losing and poor recruiting it compounds. Beckman instead of going to a big school to head coach, is now at some D1aa and what have you.  Just a scenario.

  • Dckasprzak

    Simple have  Syracuse forefit the game if they are a honorable school 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7TAFU4CRJHN2JIJHZ5NQQZZ634 SJL

    I’m a Big East, Mountaineer fan.  Syracuse should concede the game to Toledo who played their butts off.  Since the refs obviously knew the call was wrong, they should not just be fined, but removed and fired from their jobs.  Toledo should be awarded the win and Syracuse the loss.  Syracuse has little integrity anyway – haven’t for years – good riddance.  If they don’t want to be in the Big East we certainly don’t want or need them or any other school who wants to leave.  There will be something good happen to the remaining teams as they’re all quality programs. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L4EF27JA2KAOD46ESUD7DXSPLI MarcellusWallace

    Yes- & if Nebraska was an “honorable” school they’d give back that 5th Down vs Mizzou, & the National Championship they won later for going “undefeated”!
    And Ohio State needs to give back their NC as well, because of that phantom pass-interference call against Miami!
    Then Syracuse can give up this extra-point win.
    Yup, that sounds like a great idea……..lets do it!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L4EF27JA2KAOD46ESUD7DXSPLI MarcellusWallace

    Oh….go burn another couch, Jethro!
    WVU wanted to bolt the BE in the worst way- problem is…NO ONE WANTED YOU!!!

    Stop yer’ whining,  hillbilly!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rodfarthing Rod Farthing

    OK. Give it up!

  • Football Fan

    The only way Syraexcuse can win a game …. by officials blunder. PI’s, blocks, and all those opinion calls do not compare to the obvious error that was made, and then reviewed from 4 angles. They still got it wrong, and it was obvious, not subjective.

    If they didn’t want the OBVIOUS correct call, then why review it? 

    Get a grip you lame Eastern Democrats ….. you lost. Toledo won …. PERIOD!

  • Football Fan

    *chuckle* I understand why you like the Syraexcuse call … you can’t see. 

    You embarrass yourself.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L4EF27JA2KAOD46ESUD7DXSPLI MarcellusWallace

    Yes, because that’s what this is really all about…..Eastern Democrats!!!!

    And Toledo DID win…they did…they did……(holds breath until you agree)!!!!


  • Yiker

    It was Colorado who who benefited from the fifth down against Missouri. Modern values place winning above sportsmanship, it’s the money. In earlier days (1940) Cornell forfeited a game to Dartmouth when Cornell was mistakenly awarded a fifth down during the winning touchdown drive. So what you say, the Ivy League? Cornell was the preseason #1 team and was #2 in the polls at the time of the forfeit. I guess modern society has advanced to accept “victory” no matter how it arrives. The SU victory is certainly one to be proud of, as long as SU becomes bowl eligible and gets the money.

  • Yiker

    It was Colorado who who benefited from the fifth down against Missouri. Modern values place winning above sportsmanship, it’s the money. In earlier days (1940) Cornell forfeited a game to Dartmouth when Cornell was mistakenly awarded a fifth down during the winning touchdown drive. So what you say, the Ivy League? Cornell was the preseason #1 team and was #2 in the polls at the time of the forfeit. I guess modern society has advanced to accept “victory” no matter how it arrives. The SU victory is certainly one to be proud of, as long as SU becomes bowl eligible and gets the money.

  • Bob

    You know, some calls though a game get missed. Blocks in the back, holds, pass interference. Sometimes the official is looking someplace else and doesn’t see it. Or, in the officials opinion, it wasn’t bad enough to warrant a flag. But something like this is intollerable. You have an official basically under the upright who’s only concern at that moment is making sure the ball went through. He completely blew it and should be suspended. In fact, that whole officiating crew should be looked at.

  • Anonymous


  • Jimbrown8872

    Typical Syracuse fan-
    Suggesting that a bad call earlier in the game is just as impactful as an aggregious, game-deciding call in the final seconds. Its the Pinstripe Bowl all over again.

  • Normanpodrazik

    With the technology that is available today with lazers, they could use them to spot the football for first downs and field goals, but if they did that then they wouldnt be able to cheat as easy, but then again we see a field goal missed and they even see it on video and still call it good, that tells me they will do anything to cheat. lets face it one holding call can change how the game turns out and when the refs have the power  to change the outcome of a game you will alway’s have cheating. Its unbeliveable that they can and will still cheat and steel money from bettors even with video, lets face it if not for gambling who would even care about football unless you went to that school.

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