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NCAA Football

Trayvon Martin’s Father Named Honorary Captain Of Florida A&M Football Team

The Trayvon Martin story, once white-hot and controversial, seems to have pretty much burned out upon entering Earth’s atmosphere. But the coaches at Florida A&M University would like to help, in their own way, ensure that it’s not forgotten.

On Sunday FAMU head football coach Earl Holmes named Tracy Martin — Trayvon’s father — as the team’s honorary captain. Holmes invited Tracy Martin to address his players at practice, and Martin will also participate in the pregame coin toss at FAMU’s opener on Sept. 1.

“At the end of the day, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent, a parent lost a child. He can live through us and we’re going to push on for him,” Holmes said. “That was very, very powerful meeting and a powerful message he gave to the kids. You could see it . . . the guys’ eyes just lit up.”

  • Anonymous

    If I were on the team, I’d turn in my jersey. There is nothing about Tracy Martin that makes him a role model. His kid was completely out of control and was already a burden on society – drugs, theft, violence, multiple suspensions from school, the police had to tell him to get out of town or he’d be arrested. Embarrassing. Maybe OJ Simpson can be the honorary captain for homecoming.

  • Chas Ellsworth

    Trayvon Martin thought it was okay to call white people “crackers” or “crakas”.

    Where do you suppose he learned that?

    Tracy Martin should not be influencing ANY children.

    Read (and look at pictures) about the real Trayvon family here:


  • SMHredneck

    Well I scanned your dogshit conservative blog.

    Tracy looks boss.

    Suit him up!

    Oh and fuck you for seriously subscribing to some hate article about some family that is in the national spotlight because of their dead son.

    Simply shameful.

    Now go fuck your sister.

  • Guest

    I would not stoop so low as to read anything that an American conservative organization wrote. Most believe that America is only for whites who came over and stole someone else’s land. You have no credibility until you deal with that!

  • fedup

    wait let me see…so now continually capitalizing on his new found notiriety mr. martin is now an “honorary captain” of the FAMU football team…well i agree with sunset, i would turn in my uniform becasue tracy martin is not the epitome of a stron black man, he is the test book example of what has destroyed the black community. 1) he walked out on sabrina when trayvon was 3yrs old…reason: ANOTHER WOMAN he was having an affair with; 2) he then got her pregnant and she had to get file charges to get him to pay child support; 3) he marries is now 2nd wife and she may or may not have children by him, but he walks out on her and makes baby# 3 with another woman; 4) he then leaves her and gets with is current girlfriend (and based on his facebook posts she is now expecting-baby#4) and oh BTW he has still not divorced his 2nd wife….yet so please someone tell me why this man should be elevated to a respected status??? when his actions tell anyone (not on welfare/foo stamps or waiting for a gov’t handout) willing to think for themselves and open a book and read that this man is no good..oh i am sure i will get a nasty reply but i know it will come from the ignorant and uninformed who get their information from reality talk shows, judge mathias, judy or the others, having very little education and very many children out of wedlock from a man just like tracy martin. so before you send the message i have enclosed the link where you can see for yourself or if you can’t read or comprehend have someone read it to you


  • Dapandico

    Should make him honorary drum major for the marching band.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Dead thug.

  • Anonymous

    Why the father and not the mother? I guess they can be sexist and that is OK, right?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the GOP racists have been out in force ever since the verdict. They think it is open season to be racist and to kill black children.

  • V. P.

    Nothing Fedup said is untrue – is the truth racist? Have you seen the video of Jamal Jackson, the 17 year old child that rode his little bicycle up to a 71 year old white man as he was getting INTO his car and shot him dead. http://www.re-newsit.com/2013/09/rod-vereen-defends-17-year-old-teen-who.html This white man is so insignificant he barely made the news. Trayvon was no more special than this man, so why should his death be treated as if he were?

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