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NCAA Football

Urban Meyer Is Such A Loser For Sending This To An Ohio State Recruit

I have not been shy about my extreme dislike for Urban Meyer, the man responsible for all infuriating sports news. The following news is not infuriating, but it proves that Urban Meyer is a loser.

Urban sent this to top tight-end recruit, Mike Gesicki.

Urban Meyer Puzzle Mike Gesicki

This was Gesicki’s reaction on Instagram:

Just got this in the mail from Ohio State haha.

Haha is right. Haha, Urban Meyer is a loser, and if this actually works, then there’s no hope for this kid.

[Prep Rally]

  • Anonymous

    You seem like a pretty pathetic person.

  • Anonymous

    “things aren’t always what they seem” – Confucius

  • Ted Tidwell

    Yeah, other than winning two national championships at Florida and taking the Buckeyes to a 12-0, #2 BCS ranking, while being banned from appearing in a bowl, and being on 3 yrs of NCAA probation…the guy is a total loser. Who takes responsibility for you Rudnitsky?

  • Anonymous

    i like the name tidwell, and i like your initials

  • alemli

    Not surprised for a Michigan alum!!!

  • Ted Tidwell

    Thanks for the compliment. I feel the sincerity

  • Rudouchebag

    You have to be one of the shittiest writers I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Do you get paid for this or is it a hobby? Either way, it’s clear that the only loser here is you. Have you ever actually met Urban Meyer? Is Urban Meyer a bad football coach? Is he bad at what he gets paid to do? No, but you are. You are absolutely horrendous. If I was your editor… Well, I wouldn’t be your editor because I would NEVER have hired someone with so much to say and so little talent. Please don’t bother to try to reply to this post with something similarly witty like you did before because I don’t want to make you look any more ignorant than you already have yourself. Spare yourself further embarrassment. Since you like quotes, here’s one for you.. “If the shoe fits, wear it” Daniel Defoe… Like my name too???

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i meant it but hey whatever

  • Anonymous

    name isn’t bad, honestly

  • Buccomatic

    “whaaaaaah! whaaaah! whaaaaaah!” – mattrud

  • Binskier

    Of course you have proof that this came from Urban Meyer. I think most high school players would feel pretty good to be recruited by tOSU, whether or not they want to attend or not. Good move to try to humiliate Urban in a public forum. Should play well to the rest of the college football world. Let’s see where he winds up.

  • What’s My Name?

    Kind of like how one might think someone employed as a writer had writing skills?

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