USC Head Coach Steve Spurrier Gets Drunk, Goes On TV, Gives B.S. Reason Why He Asked Fox Sports To Take The Video Down

  • Jake O'Donnell

(Start from around the 16 minute mark)

Fox Sport’s South has pulled “The Steve Spurrier Show” from their website, and did not rerun it at the usual Tuesday 4:30PM time slot, citing, um, this load of bullshit:

[Via]South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier asked that his weekly televised “Steve Spurrier Show” be removed from the athletic department website because he felt he was “too negative” toward some coaches and his team’s performance during a 28-25 win over UCF, Spurrier told The State on Wednesday morning.

“I shouldn’t be so negative and I have to come back and say, ‘I shouldn’t have been so negative about our coaches and everything,’ ” Spurrier said.

Trouble is, once something goes up on the internet, it stays there. Forever. And pretty much everyone not named Prince Amukamara knows what it’s like to be drunk. So we’ll let you decide if you think he’s just being negative, or just embarrassed about knocking back a few before the cameras started rolling, and not taking responsibility for his actions.

When asked if he had been drinking after the game, Spurrier replied, “Whether or not I have a few beers after every game for the past 29 years I don’t think I need to get into all that. Most coaches that I know we probably do have a few beers after ballgames after building up all week and so forth. But that was a draining day and I got too negative. I don’t like being that negative after a victory.”

Either way, he’s earned the right to beg out of the show if he’s had a few too many. The fault isn’t so much his for drinking, as it is the producers for putting him in front of the camera.