How To Watch The BCS National Championship Online

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Tonight, the two most important college football programs in the history of everything will be lining up and hitting each other in the mouth, and as a public service, we figured we’d provide you with the best (legal!) way to watch Notre Dame vs. Alabama. It’s the BCS National Championship game, and it’s live. On your computer screen.

The easiest way to watch a live stream of tonight’s orgy of tradition will be through WatchESPN. There are other, murkier avenues with which you can gain access to the Discover National Championship, but for the sake of not getting sued, let’s just focus on the ones ESPN shelled out a lot of money for: the aforementioned WatchESPN.

Something a little alarming, though, is the blackout map WatchESPN has for the game. According to said map, most of the country won’t be able to to watch on Notre Dame/Alabama on ESPN3 (the network’s online-only lacrosse-and-pony show) and, instead, will have to watch on ESPN. Whether that means you can stream the game on WatchESPN remains to be seen, but it would be pretty rude (and a little weird) of ESPN to black out their own streaming service.

Their explanation is pretty vague. (Also, we’re losing track of all of the ESPNs.)

As always, you’re going to have to be an actual cable-subscribing, God-fearing American to use WatchESPN. They ask you for your cable company sign-in info up front.

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