WATCH: Last-Second Field Goal Gives Auburn National Title

  • Glenn Davis

As far as last-second field goals to win the national title go, this one was pretty anticlimactic. Auburn senior kicker Wes Byrum closed out his college career in style, nailing a 19-yard chip shot to give Auburn a 22-19 win over Oregon and the BCS national title.

The shootout many expected never materialized for most of the game – with the exception of the second quarter, when 27 of the game’s 41 total points were scored. Cam Newton wasn’t unstoppable, but got the job done, accounting for 330 total yards and generally living up to the magnitude of the moment.

If all this sounds a bit run-of-the-mill, it’s because this game didn’t offer a whole lot out of the ordinary – save for one run on Auburn’s final drive by Auburn freshman running back Michael Dyer (more on it in a bit), in which he appeared to go down but never actually did until he’d gained 37 yards, and that was the key play that resulted in Auburn’s field goal attempt for the national championship (that essentially amounted to an extra point). Byrum hit it. Congrats to Auburn. Video below.

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