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NCAA FootballWeird But True

What Does This Pro-Paterno Billboard Even Mean?

It’s been one step forward, two steps back for Penn State students and State College residents in terms of getting the rest of the country to not find them insufferably annoying. Consider this grammatically ambiguous billboard your two steps back of the day.

The sign erected in State College reads “You can’t cover up 61 years of success with honor”. Forget the fact that still, to this day, the State College crazies still feel like they have some god-sent duty to protect the legacy of Czar Joe. I want to know who copy edited this here billboard. It sounds like they’re saying “honor” is the thing you can’t use to cover up success. Ironically, that makes sense, because 61 years of success was not covered up by honor. In fact it wasn’t covered up at all, but obliterated by Joe’s role in allowing Jerry Sandusky to serially rape young boys.

What I think they were trying to say is that Joe Paterno had 61 years of honorable success, and you can’t cover that up. Again, no, you can’t cover that up, because a great deal of his success was very, very dishonorable, and nobody’s trying to cover that up. Also, what went behind the decision to present “cover up” in yellow? Makes y’all sound whiny and pouty (even more whinier and poutier than before).

Anyway, all this demigod worshiping of JoePa is exhausting. Weren’t we done with this?

[h/t Onward State via BuzzFeed]

  • http://www.facebook.com/los.gatto Chris Long

    “Success with Honor” was Joe Paterno’s Grand Experiment. He wanted to have a winning program that still graduated it’s players and recruited legally blah blah blah. If you didn’t know that, this billboard makes even less sense. Only Penn Staters would stand up for a man who knew about child rape and did nothing. Sorry, I forgot we’re done with this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.fowler.754 Elizabeth Fowler

    Considering that Mike McQueary is lying/exaggerating about what he saw in the shower to save his personal life, Pennsylvania child reporting laws would not have allowed Paterno to be involved in the investigation for either 1998 or 2001, and the older brother of Penn State Board of Trustees Vice-Chair John Surma wanted Paterno disgraced for simply not playing his average talent son more when Junior was on the football team, it IS disgraceful that any man’s reputation and honor has been destroyed and then intentionally erased from every corner of Penn State. Oh wait, you didn’t bother to do any of your investigative reporting in the first place…my bad. Never mind…just continue recycling that misinformation and name-calling rather than investigating why Corbett didn’t agressively investigate Sandusky when he was Attorney General.

  • JFK in Wiconisco PA

    A witness comes to you with a vague description of a disturbing event by a longtime former co-worker. You report it to your superiors, as required by state law and the rules of your employer. Your superiors then interview the witness that came to you and make a determination that the event was not criminal. It does however require notifying the offending individual to cease his activities. The individual’s present employer is also notified that he is engaged in activities of a potentially questionable nature. This information is related to you, so you accept your superior’s judgment and go back to doing your job. Much later it is discovered that that former co-worker was committing criminal acts. You now testify to what you know about the incident in question and are called a good and helpful witness by the investigating authorities. Upon hearing more about the offending individual’s actions, you express regret in not doing more than you were required to. Someone explain to me how this scenario eventually leads to the loss of your job, the destruction of the good reputation you spent 61 years establishing and nationwide vilification of your good name without any specific evidence of wrongdoing on your part? That is what those of us who continue defend Joe Paterno want to know…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Berton/100002814677581 Tim Berton

    I can’t think of another case where a man not charged with a crime has been vilified so much by media hysteria.

    Freeh had a very poor record as FBI director. His bad decisions and poor management cost lives and ruined lives with wrongful convictions or accusations. Yet he was not vilified anywhere close to what Paterno has been.

    Bill Tilden is still listed as a 7-time U.S. Tennis Open champion on their official website despite being a convicted pedophile, yet Paterno had 111 wins wiped out, had his name removed from several awards and had his statue removed all for following PA law and reporting a vague story to his superiors.

  • Irony

    Hilariously, your article is written poorly. So funny!

  • babmainst

    You want better proof of Paterno’s complicity &
    error in judgment? He was an old man. He was asleep at the wheel. He was
    getting trampled on constantly by his own players. For the last ten years it
    was a standard concern of all Penn
    State football players,
    they all feared only one thing, …. that they would be the next player to
    trample their decrepit, aging, frail head coach, Joe Paterno. He was coaching
    from the press box soon to be held upright in a hospital gurney complete with
    intravenous tubes & bottles. It was embarrassing & very pathetic. The
    day was supposed to be about a spirited football game not a dramatic scene of a
    wasting away elderly person. And yet, Paterno had the power and influence to
    demand anything he wanted in State College, Penn State & Happy
    Valley. When the top Penn State
    officials came shriveling to his home to beg him to retire Paterno abruptly
    told them to go to Hell! He could have stopped Sandusky with a simple quiet word to a few
    key people. Joe ruled Happy
    Valley. Joe Paterno could
    have stopped the Sandusky
    thing in an instant. But he did not. To error is human. It takes a man to admit
    that he made a mistake. Joe said that he wished he had done more. Do you need
    him to diagram it for you with X’s & O’s. You can not handle the truth! We
    could have a color video showing the three Penn State administrators conferring
    with Joe Paterno on how to cover things up, complete with voice subtitles,
    detailed zoom shots, with instant replay and you would still have some immature
    reason to deny the truth. Joe was great! … now go light another candle at his
    alter. If you insist on worshiping Joe Paterno forever, …. let’s just leave
    it there, …. extreme denial & idol worship.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carl.anderson.7121 Carl Anderson

    Thank you for bringing more attention to it (despite your claim of being exhausted by the situation)!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=645690699 Rachel Holierhoek

    So there is honor in covering up and ignoring child rape? People have a pretty skewed idea of honor when it comes to their sports heroes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=645690699 Rachel Holierhoek

    Joe was completely clueless about his complicity in these ongoing crimes. When McQueary reported to Joe, Joe decided that he would go to Sandusky’s superior. But not right now. Not right this minute, hours after a boy had been raped. No. Why? Well, Sandusky’s superior was home from work for the weekend, with his family. He didn’t want to disturb the man’s weekend, Joe said. Let tht sink in for a minute. A boy was just raped in the showers by a big, old man and Poppa Joe didn’t want to DISTURB THE WEEKEND of the man who supervised Sandusky. Wonder how DISTURBING the weekend was for that little boy.

    There is NO HONOR in a man who does not even consider, not even fleetingly consider, the welfare of a child over the peaceful weekend of a man who also did nothing to stop Sandusky. This is institutionalized child rape. None of those people who could have done something (and I don’t give a damn how vague the report was — naked man and naked child in shower is enough to set off alarm bells for any NORMAL human being who isn’t trying intentionally to ignore the fact that his assistant was a big, fat, baby raper) to protect more children from being raped ever considered the children. They only considered the reputation of the program.

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