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“I Need Some P*ssy Tonight Man”: How A Hotshot High School Athlete Got Himself Expelled Via Twitter

Don Bosco Prep (N.J.) football is big. It’s one of the top programs in the entire country. They didn’t lose a game this season. They didn’t lose a game last season, either. They’ve got two of Rivals’ top 100 prospects in the high school class of 2012. Its coach, Greg Toal, is a Jersey legend. Don Bosco football is so big that many are uneasy about its impact. But it’s not big enough to overcome Twitter.

Yuri Wright, one of those two Rivals 100 Bosco stars, was expelled from school on Wednesday. The reason: a bunch of profane/graphic posts to his Twitter account. The account (which no longer exists, of course) was protected, but enough people followed him that word got around, and once they became widely-known public knowledge, apparently Bosco couldn’t take the bad publicity – perhaps especially in the wake of pieces like the above-linked New Yorker story and this one at The Classical.

So what was Wright saying, exactly? Many of the offending tweets can be seen here. A choice (and, admittedly, hilarious) few:

In addition to getting expelled from school, rumors swirled that the tweets were why Michigan stopped recruiting Wright. (In the comments here, that quickly turned into, “Oh, Michigan didn’t have a shot at him anyway, this is just an excuse!” college fan trash talk.) The Star-Ledger (N.J.) reported that Rutgers might back off hosting Wright on an official visit this weekend. Wright’s good enough that some school – a BCS conference school, we’d guess – will take him, but this is an awful lot of backlash.

We get that schools wouldn’t be bullish on taking Wright now that his poor judgment has made him the butt of jokes everywhere. Still, it would be too bad if the kid’s chance to play big-time college football went up in smoke (which, again, we still don’t think is going to happen) thanks to some postings that aren’t unlike what a whole lot of kids post on Twitter all the time. But most of those kids aren’t top 100 national recruits. As Wright’s defensive coordinator at Bosco, Danny Marangi, put it:

“It’s unfortunate. Kids don’t realize that everything they say can be heard everywhere these days. They have to realize that they’re held to a higher standard, not the like the average student.”

Be careful on Twitter, kids. (And adults, too.)

Photo via nj.com

  • http://twitter.com/ThunderTreats DiLo

    All he had to say was “Someone hacked my Twitter”…isnt that what everyone says?

    On a more serious note, how can a school EXPEL a child for what he says outside of school on a social network?  That is like expelling a child because he talked about p*ssy at the mall with his friends, people over heard it, and word spread.

    I think the school is setting a dangerous precedent.  If Yuri’s parents patrol right, I am sure they can dig up many posts from the boys at that school and start submitting them for expulsion.

    Let the kid be a kid.

  • houdini

    Hopefully he uses this time to find out how to give his girls better “organisms.”

  • DocC

    Private School dude

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BOVGSJTBPYXEE5CBYYD2OJS6FI Jon

    The people at Sports Grid have the greatest job in the world. 

  • ironsman

    Enraged early 90′s graduate here. I am an ashamed Ironman.


    This individual is a disgrace to Don Bosco- a school that
    has sold its integrity for nationwide football exposure.


    When I went there, we believed that we were at one of the
    best college preparatory high schools in northern NJ- a place with solid academic
    opportunities (I was an honors/AP student) and an environment that tried to
    develop us into young men of character within a Catholic framework of morality.
    98% of my class went right to college, and our class of about 150 has since
    produced MD’s, attorneys, engineers, accountants, published writers, brokers
    and more. Many of us hold advanced degrees.


    It was a different time, with a different administration,
    both in the front office and the Athletic Director’s office. At that point, Don
    Bosco did not recruit with a focus on sports first, academics second, although
    it was rumored that St. Joseph Regional in Montvale did that to some degree.
    They won 1 state divisional football championship (Parochial A North, I think
    it was called then) during my time, in 1990. But now, national exposure, MSG
    Varsity every week, ESPN sometimes. Almost like they sold their soul.


    For a number of years, Don Bosco Prep has actively solicited
    its alumni for financial support, especially for a “capital improvements
    program” that purportedly will renovate and modernize its tired academic
    buildings, one of them over 150 years old. Despite the campaign, not a nail has
    been driven, or a shovel put in the ground. Why? Because most of the free
    resources of money, time and effort have gone to build the football program.


    Also makes me wonder what else they are covering up, what
    are the future Pacman Joneses, Tank Johnsons, Lawrence Taylors and Ben Roethlisbergers
    doing that they are not facing disciplinary action for? Wait until the season
    is over before booting him, despite warnings about his behavior? Really?  What will it take for the administration to
    wake up and clip the wings of the football program- college and NFL type
    problems with drugs, violence, sexual abuse?


    Wright’s tweets were disgusting and a grave embarrassment to
    the Don Bosco name and reputation. But fault also lies with the school, for
    admitting him, and others with questionable character- and allowing them to
    stay, and to benefit from the goodwill of the institution.


    This situation begs the question of who they are trying to
    attract to the school. It is supposed to be a selective institution- it is not
    an inclusive public school that has to take anyone in its district, good, bad
    or otherwise. That is why my classmates and I sought admission, because we
    believed that challenging opportunities existed at Don Bosco that were not as readily
    available in a public education setting. Letting people in who do not meet
    these same high standards serves to cheapen our accomplishments and degrades
    our diplomas.  


    I am proud of what I have accomplished, and of the
    achievements of my friends and other classmates. But it still hurts to see the
    goodwill and integrity of that once special Don Bosco Prep family sullied in
    the name of a program that truly benefits a select few, while diverting
    resources from its core mission of academic growth and personal development.


    The Latin motto that appears on our traditional seal is “Crescere Scientia et Gratia” meaning “To Increase in Knowledge and


    I wonder if
    that is still a priority. 

  • Anonymous

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  • Mezeus

    Maybe he can get a academic scholarship and major in English. Hell, who knows, in four more years of formal education someone may be able to teach him what a period, comma and capitol letter is. )-:.  
    In all reality I can’t imagine how a high school could, in good faith, allow this idiot to graduate. 
    I have to wonder how many mothers and fathers out there would welcome this ‘nut’ as a son-in-law?
    Is this what they mean when they say ‘our children are our future leaders’? God help us!  

    But then you have to understand that he just be what he be. 

  • Mezeus

     Someone enlighten me. Who is or was Don Bosco ?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RQWB6DLFMD2ZLVESFK5666WHCI Andrew Locher

    This kid is just like a lot of us teenage boys. We all say stuff like this (maybe a little more eloquently and with better grammar) but putting it out there for the world to see is just stupid. It was a private account though so i don’t know what the protocol should be for schools to intervene but i think expulsion was a little harsh but these college programs are justified in preserving their reputations of honor and character

  • BigPapa96

    private school so what..all boys school for that matter. this would never happen at avon old farms, the king of all boys schools

  • the other white meat

    you really need something to do in your life

  • Jmhokey

    I lived in Bergen County for 15 years.  I am not Catholic, but we had a lot of pride in Don Bosco.  I was raised in Cincinnati, home to quite a few outstanding Catholic schools.  These schools not only produce fine athletes, they strive to create outstanding citizens and their records confirm their sucesses.   Wright knew the rules when he went to Don Bosco.  This is just another athlete acting badly, with no hope of ever reforming.   Thank goodness there are still scools that hold their students to high standards.   If he would have been in the public school system, no action would have been taken and another foul-mouthed, arrogant, inconsiderate jerk would entered a college and embarrassed the alumni, faculty, and student body.  Many thanks and congratulations to Don Bosco. 

  • Anonymous

    No hope of ever reforming? He’s a high schooler. Little early to say that, no?

  • Chipula@757

    LOL@organism….LOL they expelled him and schools stopped recruiting him because he can’t spell…not because he is a horny young man….we are all horny!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002415452126 Vicktorisabelliannia Chow

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