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20-Year-Old: Arian Foster Got Me Pregnant And Tried To Threaten Me Into Abortion

Brittany Norwood

For now, this is just a rumor. But unlike the Aaron Rodgers gay rumor, there is something here. Legal documents. So, this isn’t complete bullshit. But it does originate from TMZ, so take everything with a grain of salt.

Reportedly, Arian Foster, who is married, had an affair with a 20-year-old University of Houston student named Brittany Norwood. He got her pregnant. Then, the story goes, he tried to force her into an abortion, threatening her when she refused. His brother also joined in on the threats, allegedly.

TMZ Sports has obtained legal docs, filed in Texas, in which a woman named Brittany claims the Houston Texans running back knocked her up several months ago. FYI — Foster is married to another woman…

Brittany claims the child is due in June — and she has already obtained a DNA test showing there’s a 99.9% probability that Arian is her baby daddy.

The woman is going after Arian for child support and a restraining order to force him to stop applying abortion pressure. She also wants damages for emotional distress.

Arian (unsurprisingly) freaked out when first approached about the story.

Arian filed a legal response, claiming the woman is a fame whore who’s trying to exploit the pregnancy for a reality show.

I doubt he used those words, but still, a reasonable premise in today’s fucked-up world.

His case does sound plausible, especially when you consider that the girl literally dressed up as a gold digger for Halloween (PHOTO). And she’s previously been linked to Chase Budinger of the Houston Rockets.

Finally, the last update: Arian’s legal response called Norwood a “blondashian,” claiming that she tweeted about filming a reality show. Norwood says she was indeed in talks for a reality show, but it fell apart, and it had nothing to do with Foster.

Brittany says the show is supposed to be about hot moms with hot daughters — and she would star in the show with her mother.

Oh. OK.

Of course, Arian Foster has been portrayed as one of the most thoughtful, eloquent athletes in all of sports, so this is quite a shock. But, again, nothing is confirmed as of now. But, something happened. And regardless of the specifics, it’s an unfortunate situation. We’ll keep you posted.


  • Lew

    There goes his stock–literally.

  • Anonymous

    So you should have kept your f’n legs shut or used protection.

  • wheebill

    Gee, does anybody out there think she purposely got pregnant? She couldn’t possibly have given thought to having the financial gravy train pulling up outside her house every month with a child support check of $10,000 + ? Give me a break, lady you’re no different than any of these other groupies who get knocked up by athletes. They’re morons of the first degree for falling for you two bit whores. You’ll be crying all the way to the bank with your attorney. Boo-effing-hoo.

  • Anonymous

    This is the typical woman seeking a few dollars because she has no intention of ever working a day in her entire life. Another jock sniffer. And there are a lot of them out there. She’s got more makeup on her face than Joan Rivers.

    And as far as Arian Foster is concerned, in the words of Judge Judy, “you picked her!” you moron.

  • Peter G

    It’s really sad that a 20-year-old woman would have so much plastic surgery that she already looks like a monster.

  • خالد الجمال
  • Anonymous

    Have to be pretty crazy and no-class to admit to that!

  • yoyo

    Ok I have read some of these comments and he is and adult as well as this young female we all know what it takes to make a baby if he did’nt want it he should have kept his stick in his pants. We are living in a world of a lot of things that PCN cant cure so. He is married with kids he new what he was doing it takes two to tango. Don’t get it twisted she new what she was doing with drama but please do not give him a walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Texas35x

    Atleast she’s pretty………Dude take care of your fucing kid, you’re making black men look bad

  • Texas35x

    Your boy Arian Foster likes to fuc* MONSTERS ?? Is that what you’re saying ?

  • Texas35x

    And he was a typical black guy who wanted to sleep with a white woman while cheating on his wife

  • Texas35x

    The married man shouldn’t have been cheating on his wife….I like how u idiots totally give the MARRIED man a fucing pass

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