WATCH: Does Brett Favre Get A Pass Because He’s White?

  • Dan Fogarty

Brett Favre gets away with a lot. From skipping training camp, to having his own private locker room, to sending pictures of little #4 to sideline reporters, The Gunslinger is afforded a certain amount of breathing room by the media. But is he given a pass because he’s white?

Jason Whitlock recently proclaimed that “Brett Favre is football’s Charles Barkley,” and that there was no double-standard for the quarterback. ESPN’s Rob Parker disagrees.

Parker and Skip Bayless debated the topic on “First Take” this morning, and for those of you who shudder at the thought of a racially-charged debate featuring Bayless, you can breathe (somewhat) easily: the conversation was actually quite gripping, as the show ventured into some surprisingly brave territory.

Among the questions discussed: whether Favre is seen by some sort of “savior” by white people in a league that is 72% black, whether his good old boy image hits a nerve with some black people, and whether a black quarterback would ever be afforded the same special treatment that Favre gets.

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