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Olympic Sports

If A Gay Athlete Gets Arrested At The Olympics, Shit Is Going To Hit The Fan

Vladimir Putin Gay Ban OlympicsAs we’ve told you before, the new anti-gay bill in Russia could be an issue at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. NBC doesn’t seem to care yet, which is troubling, but the IOC came out (no pun intended!) and promised “hat athletes and visitors will not be affected by the ban on “homosexual propaganda.”

So, things seemed good-ish. Russia is fucking up, but their fuck-ups seemed limited to Russians.

‘Til now:

A Russian official said gay athletes and visitors attending the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics will be subject to arrest.

This happened a few days after the IOC said the opposite, that they’ve “received assurances from the highest level of government in Russia that the legislation will not affect those attending or taking part in the Games.”

Well, that’s awkward. Clearly, there’s some miscommunication here, and we’re not sure why Russia would challenge the IOC. That would be bad for everyone. Right now, it’s not clear exactly what would get an athlete arrested, since this is a new law.

Hopefully, Russia gets it together before the Games, because if a gay athlete (or spectator) gets arrested, shit truly will hit the fan, internationally. There’s time, but this isn’t a good look for Russia. Stick to the fur hats.

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[Opposing Views]

  • Observer

    Why is it that liberals can’t do enough to respect and accommodate the religious beliefs of other cultures unless they happen to be Christian?

  • TeamRik

    it actually is a law that has zero to do with religion and they are literally beating and killing people..
    And we dont have time.. there are 3,000 athletes headed to Russia now for the IAAF World Athletic Championships the largest sporting event of the year with 5 Billion viewers…
    Also the IOC has made no demaands and Russia never promised that so technically they havent challenged the IOC

  • Jiggles

    See religion is fine until it starts dictating who can and cannot live their lives freely. It’s not a liberal thing it’s a reasonable people all across the world thing. Christianity is not an extra-egregious offender, it just happens to be the belief system of some of the most narrow minded people in the USA specifically.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Russia wants other countries (like the US) to back out and then THEY can actually beat people in the medal count like the good old days;)

  • Ted

    Funny ..not !! that they think hiding all signs of a gay community equals less ../ no gays.
    Hello Ive had decades surounded by straight everything .
    and hmm made no diff
    you are or you arnt and thats it.
    No amount of fear will change it .. might delay it hide it for a while and more suicides prob what they want.

  • Crystal Nelson

    Help Boycott the 2014 Olympics! Watch this video, sign the peitions, and share this video like wild fire!


  • Mista Cade

    Praise Allah. I’m glad to see that all European Countries aint SODOMITES!!!

  • Nelson Akpese

    Correct thing to catch is at hand to arrest but on Theory,to get Putin and his people over gay acceptance or not. Whetther gay correct or gay reason wrong or correct people can be got:. that is sex correct issue. Sex is not of Creation nor love but love in beings of things as of photons in theory or material than human or life is of creation and known but Human and living things are not created but made flesh for by creation and in creation: and that is of gods: Not Human gods: But God Almighty and others by Research. Satan was not good in that research though good [in others] that is why he envies God and Jesus to destroy theirs

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