Cricket Fan Catches Ball In Stands To Win $83,000, Proceeds To Talk Cricket Gibberish

  • Rick Chandler

Not since Barry Bonds’ steroid-stained 756th home run has a ball hit into the stands fetched so much lettuce for the guy who caught it. Michael Morton of New Zealand was relaxing at the cricket ground with his dad, watching New Zealand vs. The West Indies, when someone blasted a drive into what they call “the stands” over there. His one-handed catch won him $100,000 New Zealand dollars, or $82,780 in the U.S.

Here’s an explanation, followed by a paragraph of pure gibberish for you cricket fans.

The lucky spectator pocketed the big prize in the Tui Catch a Million competition, where crowd members were challenged to catch a six with one hand while wearing a promotional orange T-shirt and lanyard.

Morton was sat on the banks when the opportunity came to catch a sweet slog into cow corner from Windies left-hander Powell.