Dude Wins National Bow Hunting Title Shooting Arrows With His Teeth

  • Rick Chandler

Michigan’s Joe Wiseman is armed to the teeth. After he lost the use of his right arm in an ATV accident 11 years ago, he explored ways to keep up with his favorite activity: bow hunting. Yep, this is what he came up with.

The Howard City man can draw a weight of 62 pounds with his teeth — and pumps it up to 72 pounds when he’s hunting.

Wiseman ties a 2-inch nylon cord to the string. He nocks the arrow, raises the bow, bites down on the string with his jaw then stretches out his left arm while pulling back with his teeth.

He’s become so good at it that he wins competitions: the most recent was Best Bow Hunter Freestyle Limited at the National Field Archery Indoor Championships earlier this month.

Drawing 62 pounds with your teeth? Having struggled even to string a bow this size, I can’t imagine.